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Knit Your Own Tree Topper

Lauren Aston
15 November 2017

Hey Good Lookin’

Wednesday again, aren’t the weeks just flying by? I can’t quite believe it’s blog day again. It’s been an odd week I must admit, a bit emotional with lots of solicitor emails following on from last weeks events. Having said that, I’m so thrilled that last weeks blog went down well, I’m touched that so many of you are outranged on my behalf and relieved that it seems to be a help so some people so at least my experience was helpful in some way.

The Really Exciting Bit

This week, I’m pleased to report, I’m writing with much nicer news! It’s going to be a bit short and sweet (for once) as I’m just dropping in to direct you elsewhere and give you a knitting update on everything you can get involved with (should you want to).

I’m about to start doing some workshops with some new friends, you might have heard of them, they’re called Joules. Y’know, that small company that sell a few wellies (*freaking out beyond belief*)

Tomorrow I am doing my first (of 3) workshops with Joules, in their Cribs Causeway, Bristol store, a small group of us will be knitting little Santa Hat tree toppers/bottle cosies whilst consuming a lot of tea and biscuits (I’m assuming!)

Let’s Workshop

I was asked a few months ago if I would put together a knitting workshop for the lovely Joules, and then one turned into 3! As I said, tomorrow I’m heading up the motorway to be running one at Bristol Cribbs Causeway store (There’s still a few spaces left, if you can make it then you can book here) and then on the 23rd November I’m in their Exeter store (YAY!!) you can find details and book for that one here. Finally on the 7th December (who knows what state I’ll be in then hahaha) I’m back in Bristol Cribbs Causeway which you can book on here. There’s some spaces left in all of them and I’d bloody LOVE to meet you so if you can make it please book away and come along, I promise I’m rather friendly!

What we’ll be doing

Everything you need to make your own lovely little Santa Hat toppers will be included, we’ll be working with the jumbo needles and I’ll be bringing along plenty of scrummy Merino wool so you can knit and knit and come away with some gorgeous little hats for your tree’s and bottles as well as some pompom garlands (for those speedy knitters!) I’m so excited, but also extremely nervous, as you might have seen on my IG stories meltdown this week. I’ll let you know how it all goes tomorrow and will try to remember to take pictures.

How to knit blog

Alongside the workshops, I was also asked to do a ‘how to knit’ post for Joules, which I shared on my social but I’ve not had a chance to share with you here. If you’d like to learn, do have a read and maybe it will tempt you to have a go at some chunky knitting yourself?! You can find their blog here. (I’m also working on a copy to put in my knit kits so they’ll be perfect for beginners too)

Speaking of which

I’ve been working on lots of options for you to get knitting more this Christmas. If you want to make a Santa hat but can’t get to one of my workshops, I’ve JUST (this evening) launched the pattern for the Mini Santa Hats so you can whip up your own – tree toppers/bottle cosies/pet hats/whatever you can fit them on- Santa hats. I’m also working on a kit for them so watch this space.

If it’s Christmas knitting you’re after, I have the popular pattern for my people sized Santa Hats online too! I launched them with my Christmas range and they’ve gone down a treat – I’m LOVING seeing your versions and thrilled that everyones enjoying knitting them so far! (if anyone fancies doing 300 more for me this month i’d be grateful :p)

There’s also a kit for the Santa Hat’s if you’d like the pattern, wool and pompom, and option to add needles too!

My two minds

I’ve always had a lot of requests to sell the hat patterns and to be honest, I was in two minds whether to put them out there or not (you might have noticed that I’ve had some copies recently..!!) but I thought, if it’s going to be done, I may as well be in control of it! Seeing as I created the absolute original pattern for the Chunky Knit Santa Hat (yes, I’m going there and claiming that title…) there’s so many copies now but when I made mine on Christmas Eve 2 years ago I was chuffed, so I’m pleased to share The Original patterns with my favourite knitting friends.

And just to clarify, the pattern is for personal use only so you can whip some up for your family and friends and all get festive in your fabulous hats… my aim isn’t to assist people to set up competitive businesses with my own pattern (Obvious to many I’m sure, but it’s happened *face palm, major face palm*)

An Early Christmas Gift

As a little ‘thanks for sticking with me while every bugger is ripping me off’ gesture I’m offering the Santa Hat pattern at a reduced rate until 21st November if you add the code ‘Christmas’ at checkout – yippee!

If, after all that you’d rather buy a ready made hat (we all have different strengths, it’s OK if knitting isn’t yours – well, better than OK as it means I still have a job!) lead times are still 2-3 weeks, sorry it’s taking me so long but we are getting somewhere and as it stands, you will have it well before Christmas.

Brow Time

Right, I’m off to do my eyebrows and decide what I’m wearing for Joules tomorrow – did I mention that I’m going to Joules??!!!!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S soz, turns out it wasn’t that short after all! My bad!

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