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LAD Gift Guide 2019

Lauren Aston
11 December 2019

Hello my loves!

I hope you’re well and enjoying all the fairy lights, festivities and mulled wine! We’re in full swing here and surprisingly up to date with orders so they’re flying out! We’re super organised this year thanks to the studio, the team and the post collection (It makes such a huge difference not having to pile all the bags in the car and drive down to the post office each day!) It’s so different to previous years having a huge backlog of order, this time we’re priding ourselves on how quickly we can send everything out, it’s like a challenge and I’m an only child so I’m super competitive!

Ding ding ding: last orders!

Having said that, it is time to ring the ‘last orders bell’ on a few things. Today is the last day to order the following items (You can of course order them after today but we can’t promise they’ll arrive in time for Christmas – we’ll always do our best but to avoid disappointment please get any orders for the following in tonight!)

Later this week we’ll add some categories to the website for ‘in time for Christmas’ with everything we can still send you in time to make it as easy as possible. We have a colourful selection of Cushions and footstools ready to go, all our Christmas products and basically all our Super Chunky Knit Kits are ready!

Gift Guide

So let’s get down to the gift guide! There’s links at the bottom to gift guide posts from previous years with a selection from other wonderful makers and I also have a highlight on Instagram called ‘Shop Small’ which showcases some of my favourite small businesses – I’m going to be adding more imminently too so keep an eye on it if you want some inspiration for gifts. But for now, let’s break it down; we’ll go by price brackets and look at both ready made and DIY…

£20 & Under


Ready Made:

From Decorations to headbands we have fun, fabulous and fluffy stocking fillers


This category is full of essentials for our DIY fans with patterns, tools & storage

£35 & UNDER


Ready Made:

Stock up on Christmas must-haves that you’ll get to enjoy year after year


The perfect selection for new knitters to gain skills and stashes (…of yarn)

£55 & Under


Ready Made:

Keep both necks and bottles cosy, then adorn the walls with woolly goodness!


Let them show off their knitting skills with some colour work and/or giant knits

£100 & UNDER


Ready Made:

Why not present their presents in a stocking of Santa sack? Or if you want something less festive we have cushions and scarfs for chilly days year round…


These two are our most popular knit kits or if you’re not sure what colour to choose, our gift subscription is the gift that keeps on giving…


Ready Made:

If you’re splashing out this Christmas then a Blanket is the ultimate gift, you have until tonight to get your orders in and make their day! And we have a few footstools still in stock (before we discontinue them forever…!)


If you want to make their year then give them the yarn stash of all yarn stashes. With this huge stash they could easily make over 20 projects if not more…. or gift them a project bundle and we’ll deliver them different projects every month!

Is that enough?

I’m guessing that’s enough for now so I’ll leave it there, but if you want more ideas, here’s a few links to past gift guides which might help inspire your shopping:

28 Etsy Finds

2018 Gift Guide

Chunky Knit Gifts

2017 Gift Guide

Speak to you next week team,

Take Care,

L x

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