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How are you friends? I hope your January is going well. Mine has been wonderful other than the dire lack of sunlight which is making photography a nightmare. Today however was a beautiful day here in Devon and since I currently have a reasonably tidy studio (for about an hour) I thought I’d take some quick snaps and show you round since I’ve never done that before!

It’s not the neatest, tidiest, biggest, most fabulously decorated space you’ve ever seen but it is practical, sort of organised and full of the things I enjoy so I’m happy to spend my days here.

Let me show you round…

I have 2 desks and generally try to keep the one on the left clear as it’s now known as ‘Helen’s Desk’ when she comes on a Monday and helps me with admin and organisation. When she’s not here it usual ends up being a bit of a knitting station where I stack up all the yarn I need in preparation for orders. My desk is where I spend most of my time. It has my laptop, printer, postcards, receipt storage and hundreds of pens. It’s where I print the orders and address labels, write the Thank You cards for each order, reply to emails, edit the website and write the blog. It’s also where I put Netflix on my laptop and angle myself towards whilst knitting. I normally have a cup of tea, a hidden stash of ‘treats’ (some for me, some for Harry) and my calendar to check constantly to see what I’ve forgotten today.

To the right of my desk I have a huge ikea shelving unit which is used to store- stationery, the Super Chunky Yarn stock, copies of my book, filing *yawn*, my camera & accessories, fairy lights for the wreaths, magazines, and other books I like to use or reference.

There’s always stashes of yarn, products I’m working on and blankets I use for pictures piled around the place. Although technically they would fall into the category of ‘mess’ I’ve never been bothered by them so long as the colours look nice. I see them more as props.

And of course, it’s not just me – I have many helpers. Some more helpful than others.

I store all the labels and branding in here so I can keep an eye on stock levels. Around August I start making long lists of what I need in time for the Christmas orders to begin. It’s so important we don’t suddenly run out of stickers or postcards as I don’t want to waste time in November re-ordering.

My favourite cubbies are the ones packed full of yarn. I spent HOURS figuring out what to put on which shelves originally, they’re all a touch messy now but I really enjoy the pops of colour the yarn brings.

So that’s pretty much it, this is where I work. We also use a second room for all the packaging and storing stock – I’d show you in there but since Christmas it’s pretty much just empty shelves, an assortment of cardboard boxes and some tissue paper so not even as thrilling (yes I’m going with thrilling) as this one.

Thanks for stopping by lovers. For more behind the scenes action do join me on Instagram, You’ll also get to see the mess then too :p

 Take care,

L x

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2 thoughts on “LAD Studio Tour”

  1. Loved looking round Lauren. That was sooooo interesting and I can now envisage where you will be sitting to knit my blanket very soon!

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