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LAD x Pandemic Update

Lauren Aston
27 May 2020

Hello lovelies

How are you? I hope you’re keeping well and enjoying the sunshine. 

Helen suggested I do an update blog this week which I imagine means she’s getting a lot of people asking the same questions on emails so here’s what’s going on in the studio…

Update: May 27th

It’s been an absolute honour to play a small part in bringing you some lockdown joy and distractions with our knit kits and we are so grateful to you for keeping us busy. we’re still working our hardest & safest to get your orders out to you as quickly as possible. Here are some quick updates and more details below.

Despatch Times

Due to the circumstances some orders are leaving us  a little slower than usual. Our current despatch time is approximately 1-3 working days with a few exceptions – it depends on so many things (supply chain, stock, how many coffee’s we drink 😉 etc) Any order that take us over 5 working days to get out will get a free pattern (+ an extra pattern per day after that)

Please note that these are our despatch times in the studio and we then rely on Royal Mail to get your orders to you and they are under an enormous amount of pressure. We’re seeing that some orders are arriving within 24 hours as usual whereas others are taking over a week. They are also not updating much tracking information – I imagine to save time – and so currently tracking information only updates when the delivery has been made/attempted so I’m afraid we don’t have any further information on where your parcel might be until it arrives. I know you want it quickly and we’re so pleased you’re excited but please be patient as they’re doing the best they can. 

Where’s my Order

Please check the ‘low in stock’ list below to see if your order may be affected by any of those which may be the reason it’s slow to leave.

We totally understand you want your order quickly but please note that we can’t really answer ‘where’s my order’ email with much solid information – Most of the team are working from home so do not have any order info and when one of us is in the studio we are concentrating wholly on getting orders out. In short, I know it’s mean of me to ask but pretty please if you can, avoid emailing and give us some time we’d be very grateful. We are working around the clock to get orders out and I hate making you wait but please know we’re doing absolutely all we can. 

Please note and I cannot stress this enough: that this is only in reference to ‘when will it arrive’ ‘where is it’ emails (as nice as some of them are!)  If you have a question or want to add something or change your order, if you have a query about a pattern or want to know what colour something is…we are HERE and open for all other emails and enquiries! You’re more than welcome to get in touch we just can’t really do any more than we are on that one topic…I hope you understand! 

Low in Stock:

Stock levels have been the hardest part to keep track of over the last few months. Our suppliers like all of us are struggling with the situation and a lot of factories were closed down for safety. This has mean that stock levels have been fluctuating incredibly quickly. 

I’m trying to stay on top of it but it’s a constantly evolving situation that is changing daily. For instance one week I was expecting a delivery of 150 x 12mm knitting needles and only 6 pairs arrived! Here’s what we’re currently struggling with (please note this really does change daily)

👉🏼   Knitting Needles – I’m ordering different brands of needles (of the same quality) to build up our stocks. Our main priority is fulfilling existing orders and we will be in touch as early as possible if there’s a problem with your order. Most listings state that needles are out of stock – in some cases this is just a precaution and we do actually them in stock but I’m planning on leaving this notice up until I have a steady supply. We are struggling for 10mm Short and 10mm DPN in particular right now. A quick search on Ebay or Amazon show up plenty of 12mm long & 10mm circular needles, so it may be that you’d like to order your kit from us without needles so you get it quicker, and order your needles elsewhere.

👉🏼   Mink Blush Super Chunky Yarn- I wasn’t in the studio today but believe some arrived. We’ve had a note up on all listings that the Mink is currently out of stock, as with the needles, I’ll update this when we have a steady supply.

Yarn Balling

We have also paused our Balling option for yarn as it’s too time consuming for us at the moment. It will be back soon when we’re on steadier ground. I’m sorry for any inconvenience and so grateful for your understanding! 

Thank you SO MUCH

Thank you for your understanding!

We’ll continue to go as fast as we can to get you knitting ASAP thank you for bearing with us. Stay safe & stay home friends! x

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