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Lend me a hand?

Lauren Aston
8 August 2018

Well, I’m an idiot

If we’re IG pals you might already know that *facepalm* I fell off my bike last week and broke my arm. I’m a little gutted because I was enjoying being a cyclist so much, not only that but of course it affects an awful lot for 6 weeks including my ability to knit.

As typing is also a little tedious (I’m yet to figure out the dictation situation on my computer) for once I really am going to keep it short but sweet.


I’m lucky enough to have an amazing team of knitters and helpers so I’m hoping to keep delivery times as short as possible. We’ll do our best to get everything out as quickly as possible and of course the quality will be the same high standard as usual. Ready Made products might take a few weeks if made from scratch (we do have some stock – mainly cushions) but DIY knit kits etc should still be pretty speedy!

(Internal monologue: please don’t stop ordering, I still have bills to pay…and online shopping is all I have now!) 

It is a bit of a change to normal and does depend on other people’s availability, for instance Alex (my husband) will be doing the post office runs (as well as helping me eat and get dressed haha) around his full time job. I promise we will do our best but please do bear with us. If you have any questions about an order or need it for a certain date feel free to email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you

I’ve had so many well wishes and kind offers of help I just wanted to take a moment to thank everybody who’s commented, emailed, messaged, called or stopped by. There’s been so much kindness and I’m quite sure I can feel all the ‘positive healing vibes’ many of you have told me you’re sending my way :p. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such a caring community.

I’m also feeling very lucky, not just because of the gorgeous, kind & helpful people around me but also because it could have been so much worse – it was my left arm rather than my right (I’m right handed) so that’s a huge relief and if it had to happen at least it happened now rather than at Christmas when it would have really affected the business. Worse things happen at sea, as they say, and once the pain eases, which hopefully won’t be too much longer I can move about and entertain myself (I swear, It’ll be the boredom that kills me, not the arm!)

Bear with Me

All I really want to ask is that you’ll please bear with me, I promise ‘the team’ are smashing it so far and will continue to do so – I’m currently struggling to keep my concentration and finding it a bit tricky to think straight which is super frustrating but I guess my body is busy trying to fix itself so it doesn’t care so much about my spelling and whether or not I finish a sentence (fair enough)

I’m trying to get through emails, messages and comments but …well I had 3 naps whilst writing this so you can imagine its pretty slow going :p I am reading and flagging though so send it through and I’ll reply asap.

…well, I’ve lost the will to live typing all this out, so god only knows how you must feel. Sorry it’s such a dull one this week, maybe next week i’ll figure out the dictation and we’ll be back in business!?

Take Care

and don’t forget to wear a helmet <3

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