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Love UK Handmade Takeover

Lauren Aston
5 July 2017

Happy Wednesday

Hope you’re having a lovely week and the sun has been shining wherever you are. My week so far has been a busy one, packed full of new discoveries, friendly people and amazing products – all handmade in the UK. Basically, a total dream.

The reason for this is that I’m currently taking over Love UK Handmade’s Instagram account!

 I'm only on Day 3, Bear with me! ...There's loads of IG stories too :D 

I’m only on Day 3, Bear with me! …There’s loads of IG stories too 😀

Let me explain…

About Love UK handmade:

I’ve had a few question since I first mentioned in on my own account at the beginning of the week so thought i’d break it down in case you’ve no idea what I’m talking about:

Love UK Handmade is a site and Instagram account dedicated to beautiful products handmade in the UK. It’s a wonderful account that helps to promote small UK businesses and form a community of likeminded crafty individuals, particularly business owners making their own awesome things.

They created a hashtag #LUKH so when someone in the UK posts a picture of anything they’ve made, they can use the tag #LUKH and then Love UK Handmade can find and (if they’re lucky!) share the image.

About my takeover:

For a week, (Monday 3rd – Sunday 8th July) I have taken over their Instagram for their first EVER takeover! I am logging on, checking the hashtag, posting on the main feed every evening (a mix of my work and some of my favourite UK makers) and sharing loads of IG stories of my top UK businesses and wonderful new finds!

So all round, a blinkin’ great time for all!

Fancy getting involved?

I’d LOVE to see you over there, you know how much I like a chat! So here’s how you can get involved:

If you’re a UK business: post beautiful images of your products on your Instagram and use the Hashtag so I can find and hopefully share your images. (there’s some tips below on how to be featured)

If you’re a person who loves quality handmade products: It couldn’t be simpler, follow both little old me and @LoveUKhandmade on instagram and enjoy the chunky knit pics (from me) and alllll the handmade love (from LUKH) You can of course also peruse the hashtag and see what you can find.

If you’re both or either of the above:  One important thing: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE chip into the conversation! – it’s so wonderful to meet likeminded people. All you need to do is say “I like that!” and you’re off! I can’t always reply straight away but I do try to respond to everyone as quickly as possible 🙂

A few How-to’s

(for the businesses amongst us)

So a few tips on ‘How To be featured’ and ‘How To do your own takeover’ on LUKH

How-To be featured:

Love UK Handmade is a free platform so you won’t be asked to pay a fee to be shared, you just need to tick the right boxes to be considered, all they want to do is share the love.

Here’s some tips:

  • Obviously you need to use the hashtag so you can be found in the first place.
  • Another obvious one – you need to be based in the UK and hand making/finishing your products.
  • A really important thing to consider is that the LUKH feed has a certain look and feel – it’s quite light, bright, airy and fun – so if you want your images to sit well on it then they’re probably more likely to be selected if they have a similar feel. – Thats certainly not to say they’re the only pictures that will ever be selected but it stands you in good stead if your image would ‘fit in’.
  • Think product quality – The page is about promoting well made products not just any old tat (which we know you’d never sell anyway!) but it’s important that the pictures reflect that. Show the detail and what makes your products special. Let your styling and surroundings also demonstrate what you’re about.
  • Image quality is also really important, if an image is really grainy then it’ll look bad in comparison to all the others and is less likely to get selected in the first place, things like natural lighting should also help this….
  • So Natural lighting all the way. Unless you have a fancy photography and lighting set up I always recommend natural lighting. It’s so much better than artificial lights which can completely change the colour and quality of your image (but remember not to use direct sunlight as the light and shade is too strong… next to a window is perfect)
  • Although it may not seem important, it really is vital to get involved, how can any of us expect to be noticed on the big bad internet these days without at the very least giving a wave and saying hello? Yes, a hashtag is a brilliant start but also an introduction or just a comment about what you like about a picture goes such a long way – I’ve made sure to take the time to look at the feed of everyone who has commented on my images this week and if I see something I love, I save it to share or shoutout later. It draws attention to you and also gives you a connection as human beings. Don’t underestimate the power of a comment.

 A sneak peek of some of my saved images to try and share this week! 

A sneak peek of some of my saved images to try and share this week!

How to takeover lUKH

Takeovers are currently by invitation only but you can apply to be considered using the ‘Apply to takeover’ box on their website.

You need to be willing to put a bit of work in as it does take time, but I promise it’s so much fun and you feel like a whole other world has just opened the door. I can’t stop exploring!

Anyone for some further reading?

Social Media Today on Hosting an Instagram Takeover

The Verge on Instagram Stories

More on instagram by me – The Shadow Ban , Instagram for Business & other Social media posts

I’ll leave you there to hopefully go and discover lots of amazing businesses and products! I hope you enjoy it as much I am 😀

Speak soon,

L x

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