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Meet Team LAD – Introducing Charlotte

Charlotte Froud
6 April 2022

Hi Gang!

We hope you’re having a fab week so far.

At the end of our Pattern Makeover blog post we hinted that we may have a new team member here at LAD which is very exciting. She started working for us on a very casual basis at the end of the last year updating and reformatting our patterns but the longer she has stuck around the more we have given her! So alongside working her way through the updates she is also now planning a series of blog posts for us and also working on some of our social media platforms. 

So we would love to introduce our newbie Charlotte, to you lovely lot!

Meet Charlotte


How did you start working for LAD? 

I already knew Chloe from working with her previously and she mentioned that LAD were looking for some extra help formatting patterns so I thought I would give it a go! I met Lauren and Helen a number of years ago when I was selling Pom Pom headbands at a Christmas Market so I already knew that the team were lovely.

What do you remember from that time?

I work remotely so I remember lots of back and fourth on Slack at strange times of the day explaining all about how the knitting patterns work. I could tell instantly it was going to be lots of fun working for LAD. 

I’m currently juggling a few different jobs and I’m also in the middle of retraining to be a teacher so being able to work for LAD outside of the 9-5 is ideal!

What do you love the most about LAD? 

I properly met the team at the LAD Christmas party and I can confirm they are great. I also love working with all the beautiful LAD imagery, so many amazing patterns to work with! 

What’s been the biggest challenge? 

I can’t say there have been too many challenges so far, time has really flown though. I have already been working here for 7 months! Some of the knitting lingo takes a bit of getting used to but it’s started to make a lot more sense now, ‘Hank’ seemed to be mentioned a lot in the very early discussions!?

Favourite IG account?

@iamlaurajackson – I love Laura Jacksons home and style!

@loefflerrandall – Scrolling through amazing shoes I will never be able to afford.

@bauwerkcolour – The most beautiful interior inspo. 

Favourite LAD knit? 

I’m very much a knitting novice but hope I can knit the Shake Ya Pompoms Jumper one day! 


Favourite LAD yarn?

I love the mini mohair, it feels very sophisticated. 

What podcast or book are you reading/listening to right now? 

I love the podcast Table Manners. I’m currently teaching A Level Fashion Textiles so I’m brushing up on my skills with various textbooks at the moment, nothing too exciting. 

What would you like LAD to design next? 

I am hoping LAD can whip me up a whole knitted loungewear set!

What are you looking to the most about the future of LAD?  

Just excited to see where my role within LAD leads really. I have already moved from pattern formatting to blogging and working on Pinterest so who knows where I will be this time next year…

 When Charlotte isn’t teaching and working at LAD she runs her own Freelance Styling business so you can find more of her work here!

Speak Soon x

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