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NEW Animal Print Knit Kits

Lauren Aston
5 June 2019

Well Hello

So this is in fact the third week in a row that I’m talking about leopard print… I think I might be an addict. But I’m desperate to introduce you to the new knit kits so I didn’t want to wait any longer!

Born to be Wild

I’m going to get stuck in straight away because I’m about to burst… So after we painted the leopard print wall I was looking at it one day like ‘wouldn’t it be amazing to mix my two favourite things; leopard print and knit’….then because Helen and I get overexcited easily, we started designing it then and there (ignoring all the emails and admin we were supposed to be doing…I apologise!) We were talking a hundred words a minute, blurting out animal print puns and other patterns we could do. We decided to name the range ‘Born to be Wild’ and because I have no sense of priority – I carried on with it, ignoring everything else in my life until about a week later when the first one was ready to go….

Wild Child

The first one to be released was the ‘Wild Child’ Leopard Print Cushion kit. It’s available as a Knit Kit from £35 or a pattern for £7. It’s a Square (40x40cm) Cushion cover with the pattern on one side and a simple envelope back. It’s a bold print that you can go wild with as the colour options are endless!…

(I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…choosing the colours is the hardest part!) We‘ve done some swatches of loads of colours to show you how the colours go together (Images can be found on the listing), because even when you narrow it down to the 3 you want to use, you then need to decide which colours to go where. I hope that the swatches will help you decide on placement (even if you don’t opt for the same colours we’ve used.) From doing this, we’ve noticed that the print stands out best with colour ways that have the biggest tonal difference, so using Black for the background, Bright Pink for the spots and white for the edges for instance would stand out a lot more than Lilac, Mink and Mustard for example. Our advice would be to go for the boldest/lightest colour for the background and then as far opposite it for the spot ‘edges’…having said that one of our customers (@itsourhoose) used Forest with Mustard and black and it looks INCREDIBLE so as always, feel free to prove me wrong!!

Colourwork is Easy

If you’ve got this far but you’re worried your colour work skills may not be up to scratch I’d just like to assure you – it’s easier than it looks. It’s just like normal knitting but you’ve got a few more colours and you just need to keep your tension even. I’ve written the patterns so that you can follow them row by row (ie ‘Row 1: k3b, k4a, k2b’- the ‘a’ and ‘b’ dictating which colours to knit those stitches in) OR I’ve done a grid that you can follow for each pattern. The grid is included on the pattern and there is also a link and password to a secret page you can access on the website which has different versions of the grid, printable versions and instructions on how to use it. If that isn’t enough there’s loads more info and instructions on the Knitting Knowledge page plus I’ve also done a video here to show to knit colour work. The grid I use in the video is below in case you want to have a bash. *…and breathe*

If you’ve never knit colour work before, I would start by washing the video then head to the knitting knowledge page if you need more info…

Have you Herd?

Now that we’ve cleared that up lets move onto the second – and most recent release….

The ‘Have You Herd?’ cushion (possibly my favourite product name ever) this cushion is an oblong, Zebra Print Knit with an envelope back. It uses two colours (so easier to choose and slightly easier to knit) and sure does stand out from the crowd. Whether you go for classic Black and white or mix it up with bold and bright colours, it will look epic. (I’m really tempted to do a rainbow one, changing all the stripe colours as I go.) It’s available as a kit from £40 or a pattern for £7…

Bullet Points

I thought I’d shake this bit up with some bullet points about the kits to break up my incessant typing…

  • Free UK Shipping

  • Roarsome designs

  • As colourful or classic as you like

  • Intermediate level

  • Beautiful, gift ready packaging (for the kits)

  • Instructions in a grid as well as row by row

  • Access to our friendly & supportive Facebook Knitting Club (when you buy a LAD pattern or kit)

  • Loads of advice on the Knitting Knowledge page

  • Delightful gift as a kit or finished piece

  • Knitting is BRILLIANT for mental health


    Here’s the Listings…

    In case you’d like further information or to purchase either of these wild designs, here are all the links you need…

That’s all for now

I’m going to leave you with some more pictures because I’m worried I’ve not spammed you enough with KNITTED ANIMAL PRINT. I really hope you LOVE them, I’m working on a few more and trying to translate the designs to other items (not just cushions) Thanks for your time lovers!

L x

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