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New Beginner Knit Kit

Lauren Aston
2 May 2018

Ello Ello

How are you pals? This week brings another new knit kit (YAS!) . I just love knitting…the problem comes when I have to type out the patterns and send them off to the printers, that’s less fun but I’m doing my best! This week I finished a cushion kit so wanted to introduce you AND take a quick look at some colours that work well together. It’s my first pattern where you get to choose 2 colours and sometimes it’s hard to imagine which ones will work together well without seeing them in front of you so I thought I’d take a few snaps and we could have a gander.


The Cushion Kit 

First lets have a chat about the new cushion kit – The Classic Duet Cushion (sounds Fancy, I know!) using the amazing Super Chunky Yarn that I’m now obsessed with. I’ve been bowled over by how the beginners scarf kits have gone down so wanted to focus on another beginners knit but this time one for the home. For this reason I kept it very simple with really basic stitches and the option of a nice blanket stitch edge (which can always be sacked off for a normal stitch if it’s too much to handle) but simple doesn’t mean dull, the strong block colours (hopefully) keep it fun and interesting! 

What’s in the box?

It uses 2 different colours and 2 different stitches (of course if you wanted it all in one colour or one stitch you could easily do that too) In the kit you get:

  1. ‘how to knit’ instructions
  2. The pattern
  3. Tapestry needle to sew it together
  4. 2 hanks of yarn (in your choice of colour/s) 
  5. Optional: 10mm knitting needles  
  6. Optional:15″ cushion pad.

Once you’ve finished the knitting and have sewn it together there should be plenty of yarn left to make pompoms or tassels for the corners too so this cushion really can be as subtle or splendid as you like! 

(*sidenote – there is a how to knit flyer in the box for beginners and if you’re new to knitting or want a preview of how it’s done then don’t forget the ever-growing Knitting Knowledge page here on my website. I’m working on plenty of videos to help it make more sense, they should be up sooooon!)

Personally I opted for light grey on one side and mustard yellow on the other. I love grey and mustard together and thought that each side added something different so I could change which way it sits depending on the room it’s in. I also love seeing a flash of the other colour pop through so tend to leave it slightly askew. 

Let’s talk COLOUR!

As I always say ‘choosing your colour is the hardest part’ and I’m not lying, it’s so difficult to narrow it down! This time you get to choose 2… I don’t know if that makes it easier or harder! So I’ve put together some examples of pairs that work together really well hopefully for some inspiration. If you every have questions or doubts about the colours feel free to drop me an email and I can take a picture of them together to show you. 



If you’re just after a neutral cushion but still want the mix of two colours then Mink Blush and Pewter Brown go beautifully together. They are the same tone which helps to bring out the best in each other, a really classic and warm mix that would sit well with beiges, tans and creams. Other nice neutral mixes would be different shades of grey (and combination of light grey, mid grey or granite) and black and white is always a classic. 

 Mink Blush and Pewter Brown  Mink Blush and Pewter Brown

Brighten it up

I wanted to just give an example of how to liven up a neutral pallet so used the Mink Blush from above but put it with the fabulous bright pink. In a neutral room this would still work so well by displaying the Mink Blush side of the cushion with a flash of the pink coming through. The pink somehow livens up the Mink Blush and these colours together also look really nice with cream and white. 

 Mink Blush and Bright Pink  Mink Blush and Bright Pink

All In

This time I’ve taken the pink from above but wanted to really set it off, not with a neutral but with another wonderfully vibrant colour, the Forest Green and Bright Pink work AMAZINGLY together. There’s no ‘safe’ colour here they are both showstoppers. Cushions are brilliant for adding wild accent colours, they’re a chance to liven up an interior – I tend to go quite neutral with the larger decor pieces like walls and sofas and then go mental on cushion colours because it’s a quick and easy way to bring colour in without the worry of ‘what if I change my mind in a year’…because unlike wallpaper, you can just throw a cushion into another room.  These two colours look amazing together, they’re vibrant, loud and almost tropical – which is very cool at the moment – but not too ‘trendy’ that they’d be gross in a years time and you’d want to burn the cushion. I just keep thinking how brilliant this cushion would look on a sofa packed with loads of other brightly coloured cushions (*runs off to start knitting it immediately*)

 Forest Green and Bright Pink  Forest Green and Bright Pink

Colour Pop

Just to highlight (after my enthusiasm for the last combo) that there’s nothing wrong with one neutral & one bright side – This mix of Mid Grey and Aquamarine does just that. The ‘safer’ grey side can be really set off by the beautiful Aquamarine, adding a wonderful colour pop. Ideal for a flash of colour without being overbearing. This would work beautifully in a bedroom as a duo of cushions on the bed and would just need a hint of the aquamarine elsewhere to tie it in. Colour pops are so easy to tie in, simply choose your ‘pop’ whether it be aqua, mustard, pink, purple, red and then choose the neutral that would work best with your room and compliment the pop. If I went for Crimson for instance, I’d either put it with Light Grey or Mink Blush depending on what suited my decor most as both would look beautiful with Crimson. 

Scrummy Mix

I couldn’t not put this duo in as they were just so delicious together. This combo is a lovely colourful mix without being too ‘much’. The colours compliment each other and really bring out the best in each other. The Lilac looks soft and subtle but still fun and the Mustard just seems to shine, they are both such happy colours they just seem to feel upbeat. Another combo i’d put together that would mix beautifully would be forest green and mink blush, they wouldn’t necessarily feel the same but they’d bring out the best in each other without being too bright or overwhelming. 

Next week: gold grout

So there you have it. The new Cushion kit and some colourful ideas I’m pushing on you! I hope you like the cushion, next up, I’m working on a big cardigan (and attempting to finally finish my kitchen makeover which with any luck will be next weeks blog ….don’t leave me though, it won’t be all tile cutters and sealant. I’m going to talk gold grout and put lots of before and after pictures in) 

Take care team,

L x

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