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Not Another Black Friday Post

Lauren Aston
27 November 2019

Hiya Team!

Bluuuugh, OK I know we’re all SUPER fed up of it already but I need to do the obligatory Black Friday post so bear with me for about 10 minutes, I’m going to have a bit of a rant then give you a breakdown of what stuff we’re discounting and why so by the end, we should all be happy….

LAD + Black Friday

You may be aware that in previous years I’ve done a big sale where I discount a selection of blankets. I’ve done this as a way of saying thank you and to give customers who want a blanket – but maybe couldn’t afford one normally – the chance to grab one with a large discount. This year however, because Black Friday is so grim, it feels so overdone, consumeristic and damaging to businesses on the whole (I spoke about it a lot in last years post if you want to hear more) I decided not to do it that way. I still ALWAYS want to find ways to thank you and promise I’ll continue to come up with fun ways of doing so, but this week, there won’t be any blankets, well – not ones made by me….

What Will there Be?

Well, if I’m honest, I’ve been very torn this year between not wanting to do anything at all (which is what I’d planned all year) and suddenly needing to clear some space in the studio. So basically what I’m saying is… I’ve got some sh*t I need to get rid of so I’m going to offer you a discount and see if you’ll take it off my hands 😉 (I’m kind of joking….it’s not shit, but I do need it out of my way…)

Friday – Giant Blanket Knit Kits

We have a huge order of Giant Knitting Needles due in December and absolutely don’t have space for them so this seemed like the perfect compromise. Our Giant Knit Blanket Kits will be 30% off for the day from 7am until (well, to be honest I have to turn the sale on and off manually so probably until 7am the next morning when I remember to take it off). They will be sent out mid December once the needles have arrived so should be with you in good time for Christmas (please bear in mind that I do not control the post – there’s always someone who seems confused by this but I can only get it packed nicely and out the door, the rest is up to the couriers and I do not guarantee ANYTHING at this time of year because who knows what their deal is?!). Unlike the ready made blankets that I’ve offered previously, these kits won’t sell out, they’ll be unlimited for the day and you can order 1kg-10kg of yarn with them (all the info for how much yarn you’ll need to make which sized blanket is on the listing.) They’re a really fun gift (to yourself or someone else) so I hope that they’ll be enjoyable and useful for you as well as clearing some space for us.

Weekend – Knitting Patterns

As a ‘Goodbye Black Friday’ gift I thought I’d offer something else over the weekend

Since it’s our busiest time of year anyway, there’s absolutely no way we want to be adding to our workload and making pence by discounting loads of products but one thing I can offer is a discount on all our knitting patterns since they’re instant downloads and therefore it won’t require loads of time on our part.

The cost of my knitting patterns covers the intellectual property for each piece plus the time and effort it took me to design, test, photograph and produce each pattern as well as the cost of having them tested by other knitters and to produce the ongoing work involved (knitting knowledge pages etc.) My patterns are priced competitively and for all those reasons I think they’re priced fairly year round HOWEVER I really mean it when I say I want to find ways to thank you and so this is one of those ways. All patterns will be £2 off this weekend (Saturday 30th November & Sunday 1st December) – the discount will automatically apply at the checkout so all you need to do is stock up and get knitting!


Happy knitting

I hope you understand my stance this year and please know how grateful we are that you invest in us with your time, friendship and money – It continues to blow my mind every single day that I get to go to work and send you woolly treats. I promise we’ll still do some fun sales and things, I just don’t want them to be on this strange day. Shall we make a date in the spring? We’ll have a Pink Wednesday (yes, it’s a Mean Girls reference) and it’ll be bloody marvellous,

For now, enjoy the festivities and remember that Which? just announced that only 1 in 20 ‘Black Friday’ deals are actually legit according to the research they conducted…. Spend wisely LADS!

L x

In The Mean Time

Here are some fabulous products we sell that are fairly priced all year round 😀


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