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Our Knit Kit Makeover!

Lauren Aston
4 September 2019

Hiya pals!

I’m WHIZZING in this week as I’m off in Manchester for Creatival tomorrow (I can’t wait!) let me know if you’re coming to this one or the Devon one in a few weeks, you know I love a chat!! So this week I wanted to quickly drop in and show you our Knit Kit’s new look!

Eco Friendly…

We’re trying to go as eco friendly as possible across the board so cutting out as much plastic as possible and the first big step was to get rid of the courier bags we use to send knit kits. Although we all loved the way our kits were packaged before – we put it all in a box, applied a million stickers and then finished each kit by tying it closed with a woollen bow in the same colour as the kit. These then had to be put into something to post them and a courier bag always seemed the most practical. I’ve always hated the look of the courier bags and although we now use eco friendly, recycled bags it never quiet felt right putting our lovingly packaged kits into plastic bags.



Bag it Up…

So we decided a nice organic cotton bag was the way forward, that way we could just pack them in a cardboard box and spare the plastic. Better for the environment and better looking! When our new kid on the block Chloe started, one of her first jobs was to ‘sort out the bags’ and come up with some fun designs to work with LAD, she then designed the tags we put on them, these have all the details of what’s in each bag, the ability level and approximate time it takes to make the project etc…. she’s mega stylish (click on her name to see her portfolio and you’ll see what I mean!) so she smashed it out the park. The bags and tags arrived this week and we’ve already been sending orders out in them!

We have two different sizes, each with a different design – so the knit kits with up to 2 hanks of yarn will go in the smaller bags and any kits with 3 hanks or more will get a large bag. We’re hoping that the bags will be useful for storing your knitting project in whilst you’re working on it and then they might be good for other storage uses. I’ve brought a small one with me to Creatival to put my undies in! Also, we don’t want them to create more waste so if you get to a stage where you have enough bags just let us know in the notes section of your order and we can leave the bag out.

A Few other bits…

Pricing: The new packaging does mean that we’ll have a small price increase on our knit kits but rest assured our kits will remain very competitively priced. We really should have done it already but were too excited so it’ll probably happen over the next few weeks.

Wholesale: Now that they look so good and package so easily, we’re slowly working on trying to get them in shops as a Sale or Return range so that shops can stock certain LAD knit kits so if you have a (physical) shop and are interested in stocking LAD kits do fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get back to you at some point once we’ve figured out all the details.

I’m going to leave it there and show you some pictures because everyone prefers pictures anyway!! Sorry it’s been so short and sweet this week!


If you’re interested in stocking LAD knit kits head over to our ‘work with us’ page.

Thank you

Thank you as always for dropping by!

Take Care,

L x

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