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Reality Star x Lauren Aston Designs

Hello friends

I want to be honest with you from the get go and tell you that I have agonised over todays post and whether or not I should write it. As you can see I decided to address the matter in the end but it was a tough decision as I’m nervous about appearing unprofessional or ungrateful with this topic.

full disclosure:

Because of this I’d like to make it clear from the offset that I get on very well with a lot of bloggers and completely understand that working with bloggers and celebrities can be a very successful marketing strategy for both parties. I also understand that bloggers are people too just like you and I and they work hard doing what they do and they too need to earn a living.

What I’m discussing today is a very specific circumstance that I think is unacceptable and I hope that comes across rather than seemingly scorning every blogger and celebrity who does collaborations – that is NOT my intention!

So onto the issue at hand;

 In the interest of keeping it as professional as possible I’ve decided not to name names, this isn’t a witch hunt against one person it’s simply me, on my own website, sharing a story that shocked me. What I will reveal, as I think it’s relevant is that the celebrity in question, (I’m going to call her ‘Janet’ from now on) is famous for being on the “structured reality television series”  Made in Chelsea, and to hone my point further, this show “chronicles the lives of affluent young people in the West London areas” (according to Wikipedia) aka it’s a show about rich people being rich and all the dram’s that comes with.

Let me set the scene:

Just over a week ago I was working away when an email pinged in. The subject of said email was ‘Janet x Lauren Aston Designs’ (remember: not really ‘Janet’, thats the pseudonym I’ve christened her) I’ll paraphrase so as not to bore you, but the email went something along the lines of “Hi Lauren, Janet is a big fan of your chunky knits and I wondered if you’d be interested in gifting her one of your blankets in return for 1x IG story” – now if I may, I’d like to quickly focus on 2 things;

  1.  I’m almost 100% certain that in fact Janet has never heard of me, seen my particular blankets or referenced me specifically in her life. Nonetheless I am of course honoured that her agency has chosen to email me. Regardless of what happened next, in a market that is becoming saturated with chunky knit businesses popping up on a daily basis (…that’s a rant for another day!) they’d somehow found and chosen to email me and that really is flattering.
  2. For anyone unfamiliar with Instagram, an “IG story” is a picture that sit’s ‘behind the scenes’ of your Instagram feed. People can see it but have to make a conscious effort to click on it, so they get considerably less views** (as a VERY GENERAL example, less than 9% of my Instagram followers view my stories) and vitally, they only last 24hrs then they’re gone forever. Now it is important to say that Janet has over 1 Million followers so even if her story stats are better than my 9% that’s still an awful lot of people. Leading me to ask the question – what is this worth in terms of a marketing budget? If i’m giving away a blanket that costs me a lot of money and time… would that money and time be worth it for the 24hours slot on janet’s Stories?

**please note that this was written in 2017 when IG stories were relatively new – stories can now generate a lot of engagement but at the time were far less relevant.

Having considered the points above and a number of other factors I decided that, since my blankets retail between £200-£500 and a huge chunk of that costs me in wool, I would need more. I thanked the agent for her email, said how happy I was to hear that Janet liked my work and explained that it seemed like good timing as I am just beginning to consider working with bloggers and collaborators as a form of marketing. To try and put it in perspective I went on to explain that as a small business and practically a one-girl-band the wool is my greatest expense and as I’m on such a tight budget myself, when working with collaborators and gifting them blankets, I will be asking for a number of things in return, such as blog posts and up to 6 images across all social media platforms so that I, as a small business, can justify the expense. I then clarified that, as Janet has such a large following and isn’t in fact a blogger that I wouldn’t expect all of that from her but asked if there was any negotiation on the 1x IG story. I said that if she was able to post a picture of the blanket on her main feed and tag me in it, as well as the Instagram story, then that would be very much appreciated.

and here’s the clincher…

The agent got back to me in under 10 minutes, “Dear Laura” (…already not a great start, if she can’t get my name right, what hope do we have for Janet?!) she stated that she totally understood my situation and went on to say, that it sounded great to her, she then concluded that the collaboration would now include:

1x  Instagram Post, 1x Instagram Story and £2k

I’m not even joking I nearly fell off my chair. If this was an episode of Miranda I’d have comedy-spat my tea out at the screen and flopped to the ground in shock.

It took me half an hour to respond, the Lauren in me wanted to be rude I admit, but the Lauren Aston Designs in me said to keep it as professional as possible whilst making a point.

So here’s what I said …

“Dear (Agent) Thank you for your email.

As I mentioned, I’m just a very small business working from home doing the best I can on a very limited budget. That fee is MASSIVELY out of my price range. When you got in touch I was assuming that (Janet) was looking for a chunky knit blanket and was willing to help promote a small UK business in exchange for one, which I was happy to consider. My blankets cost up to £500 which I was assuming was, in itself, the fee.

If she would like to help promote my small business in exchange for a blanket please do let me know as I’d be happy to discuss it further, however I don’t have the money to pay her, in addition to the cost of the blanket.”

Let’s get real:

If I’m brutally honest I felt quite disgusted. The worst part isn’t even that someone who’s famous for being rich has people approaching small businesses to get free products on the basis of a 24 hour slot on their least viewed platform, I get that that’s life now. But that when the small business asks for a little bit more in return, they are requested to pay actual thousands of pounds. At the risk of becoming repetitive I think it’s worth hammering the point – This isn’t me asking someone for promotion/advertisement, where I would understand and expect a fee… this is someone coming to me because they want something for free and then charging ON TOP of the cost of the free gift…for 1 photo. *insert gobsmacked face*

I’ve gone back and forth on this so much (I think it’s to do with the fact that I was born guilty and slightly insecure) I’ve ended up doubting myself and telling myself that I don’t know the full story and it’s unfair to judge Janet, she may not even know about the money, maybe I shouldn’t put it out there on the internet, what if everyone else thinks that’s a valid request? what if she has secret ‘famous’ powers and can ruin my business? I really have tried to consider it from all angles, but actually, I realise that I’m allowed to feel saddened by it. I also find it a mixture of distressing; that this is acceptable behaviour in todays social media society and hilarious that anyone would think that’s going to happen with my ‘budget’.

I know we all work hard and I’m not trying to put small business owners on any kind of ‘hardest workers pedestal’ by any means, but I can’t get over how insulting it is when something like this happens. Because of those numerous sleepless nights worrying about how we’re going to pay the mortgage, if we’re in too deep or what happens is nobody ever buys from us again, we try our hardest to be imaginative and to set ourselves aside from everyone else doing the same thing. We can spend a fortune giving things away in the blind hope someone ‘good’ will share a picture and introduce new customers to our brand and the excitement of when it actually pays off is just wonderful.

In this regard Celebrities have the opportunity to help both themselves and a small business, one picture in exchange for a lovely product that they then get to keep and enjoy for years to come. And in this particular case when that 1 product could cost £500, is that not worth enough? Do you really need an additional £2000 on top of that? *Cough* despite the fact you’re already rich and constantly flaunting all your diamonds and holidays? *Cough*and yes I know, the rich and famous work hard to get where they are today and they also need to earn money but I don’t think this is an appropriate form of income if I’m honest. On the other hand I also don’t think it’s their ‘duty’ to promote anything they don’t want to …but if you ask for something for free because you like it, then don’t you at least owe that much?

To me, it’s basically a slap in the face and I mean that in the grander scheme – the principle of it, in regards to all small businesses who have ever been put in that position where they then feel like they owe someone just because they have more followers, even though the other person wanted that product in the first place (but isn’t willing to pay for it) it’s as if, despite all your efforts, you and your products are unworthy.

Another disclaimer

I really don’t mean to tarnish all bloggers/celebrities/collaborators with the same brush – SO SO many are honest, fair and willing to purchase products and even when it’s gifted, as long as it’s fair it’s so generous and empowering. I LOVE those kinds of collaborations. Olivia from Lust Living for example, purchased her blanket from me and then took me with her on her incredible journey … for which I’m beyond grateful. It’s fair and it’s mutually respectful. She worked just as hard helping to promote my business as she would have done if I’d have gifted her the blanket. And even with ‘gifting’ I know that when it’s a good match it can work wonders. Not everyone can afford to purchase my products and I totally understand that but in my opinion, those who can, yet decide to take advantage of their position by constantly demanding more sets a bad example.

 Lust Living's Scandinavian inspired Bedroom 

Lust Living’s Scandinavian inspired Bedroom

So to conclude …

For some bizarre reason I felt like I shouldn’t share this because to begin with I felt embarrassed. I felt slightly ashamed and naive that I hadn’t seen it coming, worried that I was the poor fool and scared of seeming unprofessional for discussing it in public. That was to begin with; now I’ve given it some thought I know that’s not right. I’m not the one that should feel embarrassed. Again, this isn’t a witch hunt and I’m not looking to publicly shame anyone, but to draw attention to the fact that this type of behaviour isn’t OK. Just because you’re famous or work for famous people doesn’t mean you can abuse that platform and take advantage of small businesses trying to gain promotion. In what world is a £500 blanket not enough when that is the ‘thing’ you wanted in the first place? Please let’s try to work together to help each other rather than using our privilege to only help ourselves. (yup, I just got well deep!)

So now I’ve got that off my chest I hope we’re all still friends and I haven’t offended anybody…Do I need a third disclaimer?? haha. I really am looking forward to working with bloggers in a fair way that works for us both. And on that note – If you are or know anyone who’s a cracking good lifestyle or interiors blogger (and isn’t now afraid I’ll scorn them on the internet!) please do let me know. I’ll be honest and say I am looking for people with a decent and engaged following (I’d say 30K+) and crucially, they need to have the right audience as it’s a big deal for me to give things away.

Bye for now,

Thank you so much for reading, hopefully see you next week on a happier note!

L x

P.S It was so hard trying to find pictures that fit this post as it’s not exactly a visual one so forgive the totally random pics!

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31 thoughts on “Reality Star x Lauren Aston Designs”

  1. Sounds rather cheeky but honestly don’t let it bother you so much. I don’t think it warranted a blog post, they’re just trying their luck and probably won’t get anywhere with anyone (and certainly won’t end up with a lovely chunky knit blanket!).

    1. Thanks for you comment Kirsty, I do understand where your coming from but as I write my blog weekly about all sorts of things, it was an issue that was playing on my mind (and I can assure you that in terms of warranting a blog post I’ve wittered on about far less relevant things than this haha!) I also know a fair amount of other small businesses read my blogs and so wanted to share it with them as it can be quite a lonely and confusing place. I don’t spend sleepless nights worrying about it but personally I did think it was worth sharing, if only to help a few people and I’ve had some really lovely responses and emails so I appreciate it’s not important to you (hopefully next week will be :D)… but I am glad I wrote it. Thanks 😀 L

  2. Mrs Pauyline Lofkin

    Lauren, [it Is lauren isn’t it……..] You know how good you are. That’s enough reason to not get wound up about this. BUT you do need to be a bit cynical about the big world out there. It is an awful thing. I’m disgusted with your story. Not because you wrote it but because you were subjected to this. I’ve followed you and in my normal, ‘old-lady’ way I’ve shared you around since I first discovered you [if you see what I mean] because I thought you were brilliant! And still do. so please, when you get this sort of thing, say no! Tell them you don’t take offers like this. That you only deal with celebrities you choose, not those who choose you! Is there no-one you can get advice from like a business ‘club’ or something? I only wish I wasn’t one of those who can’t afford your pieces, they look so adorably cosy. I keep trying to save up but you know what it’s like! Every good wish that you get your business stretched even more and out there because it’s great. Love your work, Lauren. Good Luck!!

    1. Thank you for your support Pauline, don’t worry I’m not loosing sleep over it but wanted to share for the sake of other small businesses – it seems to have been interesting to some people but I know it won’t be everyones cup of tea. Thank you again for your lovely support, it is very much appreciated 😀

  3. To add to what Pauline says about you responding stating that you yourself choose which celebrity endorsement you would like… its also pertinent to respond to them that you’re "careful" which celebrity endorsement you choose.
    Celebrity endorsement sounds great …but ….you have no control over their behaviour…the day after they "endorse" you, they could be "papped" doing a line of coke (oops nearly wrote cake!)/ picking a fight with a toilet attendant/being found with something that’s difficult to explain on their computer…
    No-one wants to be associated with that behaviour…
    That said, it was worth a blog post…raises awareness, and I for one wouldn’t have stumbled upon your amazing work

    1. Hi Jackie, lovely to ‘meet’ you and thanks for your comment. It’s a very important point – when choosing collaborators I will be making sure that they are a good ‘fit’ with me and my business. Sadly we don’t know what anyone is capable of though do we – catch any of us on a bad day and it could be us picking a fight with a toilet attendant! :p Thanks again for your thoughts 😀

  4. Wow! What a complete cheek to ask you for your time, effort and stunning work for free! No one who is a someone would ever dream of asking for something like this. You create stunning blankets and deserve all the publicity in the world – for free! If you have any connection to Winchester I will be only too glad to write about you in my magazine (winchester magazine) and there’s absolutely no cost involved. I’d be only too happy to share your work with my readers xx

    1. Thank you so much Liz, I’ve really enjoyed hearing everyones responses and totally agree with you! The cheek of it! I don’t even mind that they want it for free but to ask me for so much money as well just seemed rude! that’s so funny – I went to Uni and studied knitwear at Winchester School of Art, if you’d have said anywhere else I wouldn’t have stood a chance but Winchester is very dear to me! So kind of you to offer, please don’t feel obliged but if you ever need to fill a space I’d be honoured! 😀 x

  5. Hi Lauren
    From a fellow blogger, what you have written was really worth writing – otherwise, I wouldn’t have sat and read it through when I have an arm’s length list of things to do. I feel that it reflects what is not a good thing in our society(being restrained there!) – the culture of the celebrity, especially the celebrities who are such for simply being a celebrity – and the way that such people are put on a pedestal. You were much more restrained than I would have been. Well done you – and I love your blankets!

    1. Hi Dee!
      Thank you so much for saying that, it really means the world to me that you’d take the time to read and comment on it. I completely agree with you and think it’s really sad that this is the way things are these days in our social media bubble. I really just want to go online and find pictures of pretty things, sell some stuff and drink tea but it all seems so complicated now doesn’t it haha!
      Thank you again and haha …are you just after a blanket and a couple of grand ;P
      P.s Please let me know your blog URL when you get a minute 😀

  6. Hello Lauren
    Thank you so much for this post.
    It is something that has needed to be said for a long time, as an owner of a small creative business I can completely relate to this practice. Each time I have been asked for one of our products I have had to think, will this really give us exposure? Unfortunately it often does not, so it hasn’t been worth it.
    We were asked last year to gift a hot water bottle and cover to a judge on ‘The Voice’ we did so happily, hoping that perhaps there might be an Instagram picture of her with the hot water bottle or even a thank you, of course we heard nothing.
    The fact that you were asked to contribute financially shocked me and has made me think twice about gifting. Our products are much less valuable than your lovely blankets but we still have to think about the numbers and as a small business we can’t just give things away.
    Thank you Lauren,
    Chi-Chi Moi

    1. Hi Jan,
      Thank you so much for your comment, I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experiences too 🙁 I know that there’s good one’s out there we just need to find them haha (and get a clear agreement about what they will post in exchange – I learnt that when I gifted a blanket in the early days and didn’t clarify the terms properly)
      I’m also honestly pleased to hear that it’s shocked a lot of people because it did shock me. I don’t think it’s acceptable and although I understand it’s the way of the world sometimes, that doesn’t mean we have to just accept that does it?
      Finally, It doesn’t matter if your products are £5 or £500, they are still items that you’ve worked hard to produce and have a value, if you give them away then absolutely it should benefit us otherwise what’s the point? We are businesses after all!
      Thank you so much! 😀
      L x

  7. It’s called market forces Lauren. If that’s what people pay her then that’s the price. You winge on about paying the mortgage and being a small business many large businesses were small once. As for unfair. Then maybe you should admit that the reason you were shadow banned is because you bought at least 12000 followers. You also buy likes. You present yourself as an innocent hard worker when you yourself cheat. Seen though!

    1. Dear Janet,

      We’re not going to agree on this so i’ll keep it short and sweet.

      I think it’s a shame you chose to personally attack me rather than trying to see the point of my post or why this might be upsetting for small businesses, (which are very different to large companies with big budgets) I’m always happy to stand up for small businesses doing it well, and like to do what I can to try and change the inequality in business for the better. The support I’ve received since posting gives me hope that we’re doing just that.

      I feel confident that I was right to share my personal option – on my own blog – and I’m thrilled that by doing so it might have helped some fellow small businesses.

      As for the followers and likes that you claim I’ve purchased I will only say this – I work incredibly hard on my account and images, and have been both fortunate and determined enough to gain an organic following. Buying likes and followers would be counter productive to my goals.

      Any future false claims or comments will simply be deleted.


  8. Absolutely crazy. Completely understand where you’re coming from. To ask someone for money and a freebie is just cheeky. Yes I understand they have big followers and people do probably pay them for such exposure, but on the other hand they need to realise that you’re a small business and they should support small businesses, not take advantage

    1. Thank you so much Terry, I’m really pleased you agree.

      You make a really valid point – the questions here isn’t whether or not anyone actually pays it (which I’m sure they do) but whether or not that’s right to expect from a small business trying to negotiate 1 extra picture.

      Anyway! I could go on for hours haha!

  9. I absolutely know why you needed to write this post. It’s so easy when you are at home with your business and your blog to feel very vulnerable and alone when someone tries to manipulate you this way. I think it’s shameful. Putting it into words and getting support from other people who know where you are coming from is such a help. I’ve done it myself. Onwards and upwards, your work is beautiful. X Oh, and I found you via Blogtacular, one of the tribe!

  10. It’s the way of the world! I personally don’t think it was cheeky. They offered you something then you negotiated and they negotiated back. And plenty of big companies would have that budget. It’s just the way these types of celebrity endorsements work and by and large they won’t be suitable for small businesses.

    Your blankets are gorgeous but I very much doubt the exposure you would have had through this reality starlet would have materialised in many sales. Even if it is big exposure would it be to the right people who could afford your blankets? So you probably had a lucky escape really 🙂 I hope you get better experiences in the future!

  11. That person Janet or her PR are taking the utter P, and I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do. There’s a vast difference between asking for a fee from a huge brand that has a budget for bloggers/reviews and a small business owner. I have worked with both. You probably had a near miss, frankly, because I doubt you’d have got that much promotion or that they’d have cared really to work properly with you. One Instagram photo and a story isn’t that much for what your product is worth. Please know not all bloggers are tacky and grabby like this "celeb" (I think I know who it is, and frankly, meh, is all I can say!)

  12. Thank you for bringing this to light. You should not be embarrassed at all, and I am incensed on your behalf as I too am so over the grabby entitled culture that seems to be dressed up as "content marketing" in all blanket scenarios. They approached you, not vice versa, and they were lucky to get a response from you. Your blankets are worth every penny of anyone’s hard earned cash and I really hope to have one this year xxx

  13. I agree with everything you’ve written with the exception of "the rich and famous work hard to get where they are today" – the "celebrities" on Made in Chelsea were born into wealth and have been handed a golden opportunity to make even more wealth based on this fact. I utterly despise the culture of asking for freebies because of fame – it happened to a local business to me recently where the X Factor were trying to scrounge a freebie off a small local cake maker, and I myself have had very well funded events ask me for "freebies" which would cost me thousands of pounds to produce just so I can have the privilege of saying I did their stationery. As if! Presumably these Agents are quite happy to work for free, just so they can put it on the resume?? Well done for standing up for yourself Lauren.

  14. As a blogger in one guise and a small business owner in another, this saddens me but unfortunately doesn’t surprise me. As a blogger, I do reviews/social media posts etc with the product as ‘payment’ and I think that’s absolutely fair given the work I put into making the posts appealing to my audience and hopefully boost the company’s sales. As a small business owner, I work with a select few brand ambassadors who totally ‘get’ me, and understand that I truly value their time and influence, but that I can only afford to send them X amount of product. As you said, the whole thing needs to be mutually beneficial and it’s a shame that some ‘celebs’ (and indeed bloggers) can’t appreciate that xx

  15. Thanks for writing this Lauren. We also get an increasingly high number of requests for products in return for ‘exposure’, and to be honest it often feels like they are trying to take advantage a little bit. Unfortunately rent and wages aren’t paid with exposure. Many of the companies are very large and perfectly capable of paying for things like everyone else! However saying that, we’ve worked out some lovely product swaps with some companies which have benefited us both. X

  16. Hi Lauren, sorry to hear you’ve had such a crappy experience. I’m a blogger myself and even I’m shocked by this. I can totally understand that influencers (celebrities or not) are able to charge huge fees for their posts. And rightly so in many cases. It takes a huge amount of time, effort and engagement to build those followings. So when a company approaches these mega influencers looking to benefit from their influence of course these influencers want to receive their fee. However, in your case, they approached you. They wanted something from you so I can totally understand why you were so shocked to later be quoted £2k. I often approach companies for products. But I never see them as freebies as I work really hard to make sure that I provide the company with enough exposure to cover the cost of the product. There have been a lot of articles recently about the rise of micro influencers and how it may in fact be more beneficial to work with influencers who have a smaller following. Their figures may not be as impressive, but their fans are often more loyal, more engaged and more likely to act on their advice and recommendations. Micro influencers also tend not to have the same sense of entitlement as some if the bigger social stars.
    Your products are beautiful and I’m sure there are many, many bloggers and influencers out there for you to work with who would give you a much better experience and offer a much fairer exchange.

  17. I am both a blogger and a small business owner, and I think she was perfectly within her rights to ask for payment.
    She was asking for a freebie in exchange for 24 hours of exposure. You were asking for exposure for as long as her Instagram is around, for the extra effort that is required for a main feed post, in exchange for a free product. Free products do not pay the bills.
    It doesn’t matter whether she already has lots of money or not, if she accepted free product for a social media post that would have to be planned, styled, shot, shared and pushed to other channels she would be underpaying herself for her time, expertise and following, and she would be undervaluing not just her marketing power, but that of anyone else at her level too.
    I regularly get asked for free products and I politely decline because I cannot afford it, and offer a discount code, the fact that my business cannot afford the going rate for someone with over one million followers, and a bunch of very well off friends who wouldn’t think twice about spending £500 on a blanket, is something I accept because I cannot take that risk yet. I wouldn’t think badly of the person negotiating a fee which is actually quite fair compared to what some bloggers who aren’t even on the television charge.
    I suppose at the end of the day I think it doesn’t matter if were small businesses or not, that wouldn’t get you free space in a magazine so it shouldn’t get you free space in someone’s feed.

  18. Another blogger here who is astounded by the cheek of this approach and request and I thought I’d seen everything from PRs and SEOs!!

    I’d love to offer you a (free 😆 natch) guest post on my lifestyle blog if it will help with promotion as I blog about craft stuff occasionally. Get in touch ([email protected]) x

  19. Why did you get shadow banned though? I’ve read it’s because of bots? Maybe Janet has a point because so many Instagram accounts go up and down in followers that it makes sense? I’m a small time instagramsr and I get big names like yourself following and unfollowing me, liking my pictures and all for? It’s just so shallow.

  20. Hi Lauren, I totally get why you wrote this blog post and also why you felt nervous doing so as you then feel exposed and potentially opening yourself up to trolling and negativity BUT I am hoping the benefits of posting it have outweighed the negativity. I am also a small business owner and it resonated with me massively. The power of social media and celebrity status is constantly gaining strength and it feels scary and daunting to know how to successfully operate in this environment.
    I’ve been lucky enough to have some of my new cushion collection photographed with one of your gorgeous blankets (via the photographers I used) so I will make sure I tag and credit you when I use the images. Us small business need to stick together and help each other along. Keep doing what you’re doing and forget about Janet!

  21. Ouch Janet –

    What an utterly nasty arrogant attempt to put down this bright young rising star!
    I am suspicious as to who you really are and what interest you really have!
    I suspect that Lauren has inadvertently touched on the tip of a very nasty iceberg that has a team of predators sitting at the top ( maybe headed by you dear ‘Janet’ ) ?
    However, your supercilious attack only adds strength to Lauren’s overwhelming instinct of spotting what is right and what is wrong in this greedy competitive industry.

    Remember Lauren, that something is only ever worth – what the buyer is prepared to pay! … these guys don’t want to pay they want a tub of freebies for their Xmas party.
    Another adage to remember is that turnover is vanity, while profit is samity.
    My advice is to give these predators nothing.

  22. Hi Lauren I’ve read your post with great sadness and frustration for you. I’m not a blogger (& wouldn’t know where to start blogging!) but I am a follower of your work and a customer. I adore your designs and quality of products and only can’t purchase due to being made redundant. I would never ask for such freebies nor disrespect any crafters that I know, as a fellow crafter, the effort that has to be expelled to make every project! Isn’t it always the way that those with lots of money are the tightest and often on the cadge for a freebie!!
    As they say "KEEP CALM & CARRY ON". You’re doing brilliantly and rest assured I’m now boycotting MIC on your behalf!! TOFFy nosed ponses!!’ Hugs 😘

  23. I just read an almost identical post about a ‘celebrity’ requesting a free cake from a fantastic cake maker. It’s just about that sense of entitlement that some of these people expect. They think they are doing you a favour. Ridiculous attitude.

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