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So long Loft Studio

Lauren Aston
22 February 2017

I’m beginning to sounds like a broken record lately but yet again I’m struggling for time what with all the packing for the house move but I’m pleased to report it all went through eventually and we move on Friday! It’s been a crazy week of packing our lives into boxes, about 20 trips to the charity shop and tip (how do we accumulate so much shit?!) and attempting to finish and send orders around the mountains of boxes… you know how it is!

But the other night I packed up everything from the loft ‘studio’ and for the first time I forgot the stress and the excitement of moving and I had a moment of pure sadness and gratitude for my little loft studio. The attic space where it all started. It was the little haven I tucked myself away in, the place I sat until the earlier hours agonising over how to find suppliers, what size needles to use, how to price everything and generally what the bloody hell I was doing. It was new and exciting and it felt like the beginning.

We transformed a dingy, empty and dark loft in a two bed house into an extra room where I could escape up a ladder, pin things to the wall, and make as much mess and I wanted. Thanks to the loft I started this amazing journey that soon outgrew it’s small space, I took over the spare bedroom and Christmas took over the entire house, which was amazing for me at work but really was difficult for us ‘at home’ since our house is so small. It was everywhere and everything without escape and that’s when we decided it couldn’t carry on. So here we are a few months later, doubling our living space so that I can continue to work from home and frankly, live the bloody dream, and it all started in that little loft.

Although I won’t miss lugging 10kg bumps of wool up the ladder I will miss the secret space and the memories it provides me with. Despite the hideous packing schedule we are now on until Friday, I felt I owed it at least 10 minutes for a blog post. So I grabbed my cuppa and laptop and here I am up the ladder to work in it one last time, enjoying it’s magical ‘hidden’ feeling like a child in a den. Although we’re moving onto pastures new and exciting and I can’t wait to see where it takes up, I really will miss it, so I guess this post is genuinely dedicated to a room and all that’s left to say is – “Thanks loft, you’ve been a dream”.*

*if this was a movie this is the part where I climb down the ladder and turn off the light and it would pan to the logo that I left on the wall… that’s totally what’s happening in my head; let’s not mention how much i’m overthinking it.

I’ll hopefully speak to you in a weeks time before I jet off to Cuba on our belated honeymoon to explore and then exist horizontally. Until then, have a great week!

L x

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