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The LAD’s Answer your Q’s

Lauren Aston
24 November 2021

Hello lovelies!

This week for the blog it’s Q & A time… You may remember Lauren asked on stories to see if anyone had any burning questions for us here at LAD – well, in case you’re interested 😝 – we’ve finally got round to answering them! 

Q: Who makes the best cuppa?

Lauren: The bar isn’t very high so we’ll take any cup of tea in any form. Although Helen reckons it’s her.

Helen: It is me. 😝

Any hidden talents, party tricks?

Helen: hmmmm…..I sneeze a lot.

Claire: I’m hyper mobile – is that a party trick?!

Lauren: I can smell waffles from miles away…

Fave thing to knit?

Sally: Button (kn)it up cardigan in Lilac… I actually started it as a test knit for that pattern, which was launched about 3 years ago now… I’ll let you know if there’s any problems with the pattern 😂

Claire: Anything in Ocean (the limited edition colour from the last Seasonal Subscription box)

Helen: The Boatneck Jumper, purely because I love wearing it.

Lauren: Anything that’s new and not a priority apparently.

Chloe: The Roll up Knit down Jumper because there is no sewing up!

What's on your needles atm?

Sally: A 3 year old Button (kn)it up cardigan… I’m nearly done!

Helen: I have a Dreamy Oversized Cardigan in Ocean on mine

Claire: The Super Chunky Christmas Sacks in Natural White

Lauren: A new Christmas knit that will be a free pattern 🤫

Chloe: The Drama Vest by Spektakelstrik in super chunky merino in Lilac

Favourite part of the job?

Claire: Coming in and being together 😍

Sally: Last year when we worked separately due to covid, I’d watch Lauren’s stories in the morning to find out what was going on and there was a day she said there was 700 orders to do. I hope it happens again (the orders bit, not the covid bit)

Helen: Mondays, when there’s 4 of us in the studio, when Chloe comes in too it’s THE BEST

Lauren: Christmas is my favourite part of the job for a number of reasons, I love fairy lights (which we have up in the studio) and there’s a buzz when the studio is busy. We all get to work together, tripping over each other and literal heaps of yarn and we eat a lot of biscuits. 

Chloe: Feeling part of a supportive, fun, creative team where you feel like you are contributing to an exciting growing business.

Least favourite part of the job?

Claire: Wool in my mouth!

Helen: As the person who does the emails…difficult customers & abusive emails.

Sally: Personalising the Jumbo Santa Sacks – I love the finished products but they’re slow to do so it doesn’t feel productive.

Lauren: Any and all admin. I feel really grateful that Helen does so much of the admin now but I really struggle with emails as I take things personally and when people are rude it takes everything I’ve got to not to reply like a petulant child. I also hate doing anything accounting.

Chloe: the house is constantly covered in a fine layer of yarn dust..!


If you could only knit in one colour for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Claire: Ocean

Helen: Olive

Sally: (I probably will be at this rate so) Lilac

Lauren: Salmon

Chloe: Bubble

You can only choose one: Scarf, hat or gloves?

Claire: Hat

Helen: Scarf

Sally: Scarf

Lauren: Scarf

Chloe: Hat

What role do you think Livi will have at LAD in 20 years?

Sally replied (without hesitation) ‘CEO’ then Claire said ‘won’t take her 20’

I think she’ll upgrade from her current role of Top Model and Head Wool Chewer to anything that doesn’t involve knitting because her mother does it.

Chloe, where did you learn how to take such beautiful pictures?

I went to uni in Bristol to study photography, but if I am honest I didn’t really start learning until I got into the real world and started working for small businesses! Every client has a technical challenge to throw at me, but I think I have the LAD photography style down to a T now 🤞🏼


Did you love knitting before you worked at LAD?

Claire:  I enjoyed knitting but wasn’t very confident so when things went wrong I just undid the whole thing

Helen: No, I liked Crochet and didn’t know how to knit

Sally: I loved knitting and all handicrafts from a young age but I don’t make enough time for it these days

Lauren: No, I didn’t 😆

Chloe: Nooo, I tried a couple of times before I worked at LAD but I never finished anything. LAD inspired me to persist and I absolutely love it now! I like to see results fast so the super chunky patterns are perfect.

Halo Headband Mini Mohair knitting kit by Lauren Aston Designs in Mustard Yellow

I expect we enjoyed answering the questions more than how interesting it is to read the answers 🙈🙈😆

But hopefully it will give a little more insight into the LAD team and how much we enjoy hanging out together and packing all your orders!

See you next time loves!!

Helen xx

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