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The Santa Hat You’ve Been Asking For

Lauren Aston
13 November 2019

Hello Friends!

How on earth are you? I hope you’re wrapped up warm now the weather’s turned chilly! Luckily we have a few knits to keep us cosy in the studio, speaking of which, I’ll get straight to the point of today’s post because I feel bad making you wait longer than you already have…

Hello Santa (hat)

When I launched the Santa Hat in 2016, it was just available as a ready made product (I say ‘ready made’ I made 10 thinking that was a lot of stock, sold out on the first night then had to stop taking orders before the end of November because the amount of orders we had meant that we couldn’t knit fast enough to guarantee them for Christmas delivery… but y’know what I mean by ‘ready made’ they aren’t necessarily already made but we make them here, so you don’t have to… WOW I digress) As soon as they were out people asked ‘do you sell the pattern?’ I was still clinging onto my patterns for dear life back then so we sent many replies turning people away, then in 2017 we launched the pattern for our Santa Hat and watched you making it yourself <3 as soon as that was out, people asked ‘do you sell them for Children?’ …now, you may have noticed that I don’t do anything for men, children or animals because frankly – they all allude me. I’ve never understood what size a child’s head is (other than the obvious…that my head is ‘child size’ – it’s kind of annoying but also, my bike helmet was super cheap!) But this year I decided to get over it and figure it out which means that I can finally offer you a children’s size Santa Hat Pattern! *TA DA* (How was that for an intro?!) To clarify…we’re calling them ‘Small’ and the original size ‘Large’. Small is ideal for Children, Pets and Pea Heads (like me) and Large is adults with a ‘regular’ sized head.

 As you can see, we’re all super happy about it. As you can see, we’re all super happy about it.

What about the Ready Made?

At the moment we have the pattern available for instant download so you can knit to your hearts content (more on that below) and I’ve also created a listing for a Ready Made Small Santa Hat – I’m hoping to get at least a small batch of them out in time for this Christmas – but as I’m not certain when or how many we’ll be able to make, it currently says ‘out of stock’ until we have some ready to go. If we get time to make them I’ll add them into stock on the listing and if you want to be the first to know when there are some in you can sign up on the waiting list. Just head to the listing and pop your email address in the box, then we’ll send you an email as soon as they come in stock (this is now a thing you can do on any products that are out of stock and it’ll tell us what you want so we can prioritise.) You can click the button below to take you to the listing and below that, I’ve used all my technical know-how to draw a (beautiful) arrow on a screenshot to show you what to do to join the waiting list…

Talk to me about these patterns

If you want to knit one yourself you’re good to go immediately as all our patterns are instant downloads and we have the following options available:

Small’ – the new children’s size (or fellow pea-heads)

Large’ – the original pattern, perfect for grown ups with ‘regular’ sized heads

Bundle – includes both patterns so you can knit up different sizes….

The patterns are all for beginners, using basic knit and purl stitches and we have loads of knitting help on our Knitting Knowledge page that can help you learn.

Last Min Ladmin

That’s about all for today as I need to go and finish getting everything ready for the Open Studio on Friday – Hope to see you here! 🙂 I just wanted to cover a few bits (forgive me for treating the blog as a notice board!…)

Commission Cardigans: We’re going to be removing the commission Cardigans & Jumpers from the ready made page very soon as they’re so time consuming to make it’s too busy now, so if you want one in time for Christmas please order ASAP.

Open Day Discount: Anyone who wears a LAD knitted crown to the open day gets a 10% discount on the day (only people who come to the studio – it is not applicable online or to any pre-booked workshops)

Open Day Goodie bags: If you’re visiting us for the open day keep an eye on my IG stories as I’ll announce the ‘secret code word’ – the first people to visit the studio and say the codeword to a member of Team LAD on the day get goodie bags – until we run out.

Next week Newness: Next week I’ll be launching a new knit kit that I am BUZZING about. It’ll be available at the open day and basically, I can’t wait for you to see it! Hint: It’s Harry’s Favourite (another Hint: It’s not a dog pattern)

Santa Hats are on the Move: Just as a minor warning, we’ve got lots of stock for the Original (‘Large’) Santa Hats and Tree Toppers but they are already starting to fly out (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!) As always, if you want one this year please try to order soon to ensure you get one and it arrives in time for Christmas. Here are the links just in case…



Take care, L x

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