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To Everyone else

Todays post was really hard for me to write and I want to be honest with you and admit that I really did agonise over whether or not to publish it. The decision was complicated further when I received an email from the party in question, threatening legal action (of which they have no grounds.) A rule follower through and through, I never want to do anything incorrectly and I’m not out to ‘ruin’ anyone’s business or point fingers, that’s just not how I roll… I am here to tell my side of a story, on my own website, on my own blog and I simply refuse to be silenced by threats. I will not be controlled by anyone trying to bully me into submission through fear that they’ll be exposed.

I share quite a lot on the internet, but in general I hope that I find the line between what’s appropriate and what’s not. Some things are personal and they belong to me, my family and friends, other things may seem unprofessional and although every small business is a personal journey (there’s no escaping that) there’s always a line you try not to cross. I believe that this post is sitting close to that line as it is so personal but I hope you see why I’ve chosen to write it  – it’s not about competition, it’s about decency. 

Copyright and intellectual property are huge issues for many small businesses, maybe not in these exact circumstances but there are always similar stories out there. Some people don’t realise the damage they do when they copy and I hope that this might help enlighten them (I mean that in the least patronising way possible although granted, it sounds really twatty). Last year I wrote a post called ‘Why I won’t help you copy my business’ and today’s post feels like the second part to that… but a lot more personal.

  1. I said from the beginning that I wouldn’t ‘name and shame’ and I meant it. The names in this blog have been changed because I’d like to give this person one more chance to do the right thing. I know she reads my blogs because she uses them for ‘inspiration’ too. From now on she will be referred to as Janet. (A different Janet to last time, apparently I just like to call people Janet)
  2. When I feel passionately about something – I swear….I felt VERY PASSIONATE about this post, particularly at the end.

To you

This one’s for every business who has been damaged due to copy cats. This one’s for me because you wouldn’t let me look you in the eye and tell you how much it hurt. But today, this one’s for you, because you need to be held accountable.


My letter to you

To Janet

I don’t normally do this Janet, I don’t normally waste my own time writing and focusing on someone who has betrayed my trust and ripped me off. I have plenty of people copying my work on a regular basis and I reason with myself that they are not worth it. I get my head down and I work harder to be better. What makes this worse is that I’d done that with you. I’d filed you in the “Rude But Fuck Them” folder and was getting on with it under the confident assumption that you’d never darken my inbox again.

But when you made the decision to come to an event I was speaking at, to sit there and look me in the eye when I spoke about copying, to listen to my talk but refuse to talk to me. To suggest in front of other people at an event where I was being paid to speak, that I was somehow in the wrong by not having “anything nice to say” to you. When you decided to do that after everything else, you dared me to step up and in that regard Janet, you’ve won. This time, I simply cannot ignore you, because you refuse to be ignored. This time I will not ignore you, because this time you’ve properly taken the piss.

Hiding from someone you’ve deceived and keeping your head down is one thing but sitting brazenly in front of them so they can give you even more advice is a whole other ball game and Janet, you should know that that is not OK.

Too many small businesses are destroyed because of people with no morals. I may not ‘name and shame’ you as I don’t believe bullying is ever the answer, although if the shoe was on the other foot I’ve no doubt you’d do it to me – a point that was emphasised when you got a family member to email me 2 hours before this post was originally due to be published, threatening to sue both my company and myself as a soletrader if I posted it. Trying to bully me out of sharing my side of this story – when I was never going to name names, your actions speak volumes.

Let’s journey back

You may not remember but we corresponded 35 times in total. That was 35 opportunities for you to admit what you were doing. 35 opportunities that instead, you took to manipulate answers from me and start a business behind my back with everything you could learn from me under the guise of being a customer. (I’ve included details about every communication we had that I’m aware of, sorry if it’s a little long winded, I just wanted to be thorough in my account)

21st November 2017

Subject: Home kits

You emailed to ask which (Giant Blanket) knit kit colours I had in stock – you finish your email with “PS: I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your hard work. Congratulations on all your success.”

I replied with lists of colours and the very next day you placed an order for a Blanket knit kit and my knitting book. 

24th November 2017 

Subject: Missing Items

You emailed because we’d forgotten to put the instructions in your kit. 

Gah our bad! I apologised and sent them out (They certainly WILL be important to you won’t they?)

25th November 2017

Subject: Yarn Question

You emailed “Hi Lauren, Is the wool you sent ready to knit straight away or do you recommend unraveling to hand felt first? Cheers!”

I replied with my advice

1st December 2017

Subject: Step 6 Question

You emailed again asking for more information about step 6 of the instructions,

I replied with my advice.

4th December 2017

Subject: Step 7

You emailed yet again asking for more information about the step 7 on the instructions.

By this stage I’d never had anyone ask so many questions about their knit kit – All the information they need should be included so I began to feel as though I’d done it a disservice by not including enough information. In hindsight of course, I imagine that you needed more information because you weren’t just thinking about how to make 1 blanket, you were working out your own production and step 6 and 7 are a little long winded so of course you want to figure out how to make them quicker. Less effort, more money and all that… but that’s just what I imagine.

9th January 2018 

Subject: Turn around? 

Oh the fun we had this night, with 13 emails back and forth because you wanted to spend your Christmas money on a blanket made by me. You wanted to know turn around time and what colours I had in stock.

I assume that by this point you’d decided you couldn’t be bothered with steps 6 and 7, after all I’ve always said that the knitting is the quickest part, it’s what comes after that that’s time consuming (but vital)… so I guess you thought you’d order one of mine to compare and see if it actually makes any difference…SPOILER: It does. In the end you ordered an aubergine blanket from me which I later saw you post on your Instagram implying you’d made.

19th January 2018 

This is one of my favourite interactions now I look back Janet! You commented on one of my blog posts where I shared some pictures of my studio. You said: 

“Just love seeing your “behind the scenes.” I see you also use super long needles, longer than the 1m ones that you sell. How do you use these needles? Have a fab weekend and thanks again for your fantastic service.”

(I’ve since deleted this comment so that you don’t ‘sue me for libel’) 

LOL not only were you trying to find out EVEN MORE information but a few months later you posted a picture of your workspace. In this picture you had the same desk as me, the same stepstool, similar shelving, the same cotton lights as me, the same wool from the same supplier as me, the needles I sold you in the knit kit and the cherry on the top was a cushion from my knitting book – another pattern which is protected by law, Janet. AND I’m not even joking and can’t believe I’m writing this but in the same album you posted a picture of your desk space where you had my calendar, the instructions from the knit kit that I sold you and the information I later emailed telling you how to work out how many stitches to cast on…all pinned up above your desk. If you’d like to see screenshots I have them all here hun.

22nd January 2018 

Subject: Quick Question

“Hi ya Lauren, 
Absolutely love my blanket thank you so much. It looks lush in my bedroom. 
Quick question if you don’t mind me asking, as I’m still learning all about chunky knit;
I noticed the stitches seem large or loose, is this due to loose arm tension when kitting or as a result of the stretching done in post production?
Thank you!”

I explained that I just knit a little looser and asked if it was a problem or if you didn’t like it?

“Oh no I love it as it is, I just want to try and emulate what you’ve done when I tackle my next project. Was this made using the same needle gauge I purchased from you with your DIY kit, or a bigger needle? “

OHHHHH you want to emulate it ….gottchya.

23rd January 2018

Same thread as above you now ask, and this is where I really am ashamed of myself for telling you, you totally pulled the wool over my eyes *pun intended* and I was a fool not to see it, I know…

“One last question, please don’t feel you must answer if it reveals too many LAD secrets 😉 but how do you determine how many stitches to cast on with?! If I wanted to make a 30×50 for example, how do I calculate the stitches for cast on? I’m wracking my brain and trying to find the equation online but am running up empty. Thank you as ever! Xx”

Well played Janet, telling me I don’t have to give away my secrets makes you seem so very unassuming, I of course told you the basis of the equation which you now have pinned above your desk.

23rd January 2018

Same thread as above you now ask, and this is where I really am ashamed of myself for telling you, you totally pulled the wool over my eyes *pun intended* and I was a fool not to see it, I know…

“One last question, please don’t feel you must answer if it reveals too many LAD secrets 😉 but how do you determine how many stitches to cast on with?! If I wanted to make a 30×50 for example, how do I calculate the stitches for cast on? I’m wracking my brain and trying to find the equation online but am running up empty. Thank you as ever! Xx”

Well played Janet, telling me I don’t have to give away my secrets makes you seem so very unassuming, I of course told you the basis of the equation which you now have pinned above your desk.

I went a while without hearing anything from you (busy behind the scenes I imagine!) And then one day mid February I had a kind message from a company I tag quite often on Instagram because I use their products a lot. They said a knitting business had been tagging them a lot in images and “we couldn’t help but think ‘copycat’…as one small business to another, we thought you should know”. I had a gander and low and behold there you were. I hope you can image the shock and hurt that that caused.

I’d been naive enough to give you far too much advice – because I’m British and when someone asks a question we like to answer it politely. You invaded my privacy and asked too much of me, but because you were a customer I felt I had a responsibility to respond helpfully. I believe you manipulated every situation with your false compliments and meaningless niceties and I stupidly bought it. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in myself. 

I did occasionally wonder if maybe you had no idea the damage you were doing. I really wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, I wondered if maybe, you honestly just didn’t realise it was wrong and your compliments were in earnest. 

But if that was the case then SURELY you would have realised when I next emailed you? I linked to my copying blog post and asked you to please read it so that you’d understand. What happened afterwards convinced me that you either knew but didn’t care, or that you actually managed to convince yourself that what you’d done was different.

My email to you

You didn’t reply

When you didn’t reply I hoped you maybe understood and that instead of facing up to it you might just quietly stop. Instead you blocked me on Instagram so I couldn’t see what you were doing. You did however continue to watch my Instagram stories and still do to this day…a bit odd and intrusive no? Was there not a point where you considered my feelings at all? Did you not think that after I’d found out what you’d done you should leave me alone and stop abusing my trust? 

So there I was thinking you’d quietly bow out. How very silly of me. How could I think that someone so brazen would do something so reasonable? 

After all that you still came to a show I did in March, hiding behind the anonymity that the internet provides. Did you have a good look? Did we speak? Did you ask more questions? I can’t remember. 


At the event

Then finally last week and I’m still shocked that this happened – you turned up to another event I was involved with – this time one where I was speaking. I was there to try and help other small businesses build their brands on Instagram, I would question if you knew I’d be there….but my name was in the title.  

I imagine that you thought you’d just be one of the crowd again and that I wouldn’t notice – you were nearly right. I didn’t notice for a while. I sat there smiling at you while you positioned yourself at the front of the room, I smiled right up until that moment when you were asked to introduce yourself. Having taken your name tag off (to try and hide?), I imagine that came as a bit of a shock.

You told everyone in the room your name and said that you were ‘a knitter’ and that’s when the penny dropped for me, Janet.

Shocked is an understatement, perhaps astounded is a better fit – I honestly couldn’t believe that you would have the audacity to sit in front of me and listen to me talk even more about how I run my business, after everything you’d done.

It took me a little while to comprehend that anyone would be so ruthless as to do that. Behaviour like that shocks me, it’s so rude and uncaring and selfish. So damaging, unkind and brazen. I still can’t get my head around it.

The thing that got me the most is that you would put me in that position. Knowing I was there in a professional capacity and had to keep it together despite the shock. Yet again I overestimated you and assumed that you must, SURELY, be willing to finally explain yourself and apologise when you were seemingly there to take even more from me? 

You should have left, Janet.

You should have made your excuses at lunch and not taken advantage of the situation. I was being paid to speak, you knew I couldn’t cause a fuss and that I had to get on with it, here was yet another opportunity for you to step up and do just one thing right in this situation, but yet again, you didn’t.


Nothing more to say to you

I kept my shit together all day, I gave my talk knowing you were there and accepted that you could take even more from me. I looked you in the eye when I spoke about copying and I felt your discomfort.

You must know exactly what you have done? Then at the end of the day I asked for “a moment of your time” to give you another opportunity to explain yourself, you chose not to take that opportunity and so now I’m taking it. 

Do you remember on Love Island when Adam undermined Rosie after he’d clearly screwed her over? He Gaslighted* her and tried to make her feel like she was the one in the wrong.

When you held your hand up to me last week and said “Actually Lauren, unless you’ve got anything nice to say to me, I’m not going to speak to you” I recognised that. For a split second I felt the shame you intended, I felt the embarrassment because the people around would believe that I was the one in the wrong. But just for a split second. Because it turns out that you cannot do that to me. You have no right to do that to me and I will not let that be how this is finished. 




Manipulate (someone) by psychological means into doubting their own sanity”

Source: Oxford English Dictionary Online


You stood there and you tried to insinuate that it was me who should feel ashamed and embarrassed. If it’s me who’s in the wrong Janet, why was it you who ran away? 

I tried to give you the opportunity to discuss it reasonably, I didn’t cause a scene, I wasn’t aggressive in any way, and you didn’t even have the decency to do that, instead you manipulated the situation and played the victim, making me out to be the bully in front of my colleagues and fellow small businesses. It took everything I had to stay composed and polite and you threw it in my face before you quite literally ran away. 

Your manipulating words from last week were still ringing in my ears when I read what you’d written online about how dignified and graceful you thought you were “in the face of adversity”. I wonder who you thought was undignified? 

You went on to discuss how we, as woman should support each other even if our businesses are ‘similar’. It saddens me that you still don’t understand my point Janet, you don’t understand that this isn’t about competition, it’s about decency and humanity. You’re right, other women in business are absolutely our biggest allies. I’m a woman who’s built her business through manners, morals, hard work and relationships. What have you built yours on?


What I want you to know now

I’m quite sure you know what you’ve done, the threatening email yesterday certainly implied that you don’t want people to know it was you, because you know how bad it is… but I hope you know just how outrageous it is.

I hope that you feel worse than I do right now because I feel sick looking back at this and considering how you’ve acted, and it’s not me who should feel uncomfortable or ashamed. I feel so frustrated that I’ve wasted any of my time dealing with someone who hasn’t even got the decency to stand in front of me and admit what she’s done but instead gets family members to make baseless threats and try to bully me into submission.  

Not only are your actions rude and brazen, the damage goes further than that. It’s hurtful to me as a person – as another individual who you claim to ‘admire’, it hurts me that you would take everything I’ve learnt and developed and figured out and use it so shamelessly to your own advantage.

The damage that is done to someone when their intellectual property is compromised is horrible and it’s so important for that to be realised. You can’t always see it – it’s sleepless nights and tears, it’s confusion, worry and doubt, it’s pushing someone to the edge of their tolerance until they think that they should just give up. “If I give up then who will they have to copy?” Although maybe you’ve learnt all you need to now, after all you have my instructions taped to your desk. Maybe you’d just carry on, uncaring.

It takes something from me every time someone copies my work and sometimes it makes me want to give up. But then I think; ‘FUCK YOU’. Fuck you for thinking you can take this from me. This is everything I’ve built. I moved to Devon and I didn’t know anyone or anything. I was depressed and lonely and I built this business to pick myself up, give myself meaning and passion and to create something that I loved. This business whether right or wrong, defines me. It has brought me the greatest friends, the most incredible opportunities and so much pride. You can’t have that from me, and you can’t make a carbon copy for yourself because it will never be truly real.

So fuck you for thinking you can. 


You can’t have any more

You could have taken the opportunity to discuss this reasonably Janet, face to face, when you decided to put me in that position last week, and you chose not to. You decided to do all these things and you may hide behind your keyboard and remove your name tag and tell your friends that you’re the victim but you’re only a victim of your own decisions Janet.

You can claim that I’m undignified and don’t have any grace and tell yourself that I’m mad because I don’t like the competition but you and I both know, this is not about competition. This is about exploitation.

You’ve had so many chances to make the right decision and it’s been exhausting to witness you make the poor choice, time and again. But this time, just because you decide you don’t want to talk to me doesn’t mean that I won’t talk.

This does not need to go on any further, I’ve said what I needed to say and I will not waste any more of my time on you because you are not worth it.  


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118 thoughts on “This One Is For You”

  1. Firstly Lauren, this is so well written and I know it would have taken a lot to sit and put this all together. Secondly, fuck you Janet. Thirdly, don’t waste another second on that faker – cream ALWAYS rises to the top. She can copy the knitting, but she’ll never be LAD. S x

  2. Good on you Lauren, as another small business owner, there are far too many Janet’s and not enough Lauren’s. I confess to having been screwed over by someone I trained and trusted, twice. It is horrible and says far more about them and things do work out, I laugh now as I earn double as much for a tenth of the effort poor Janet is making! I would only get your stuff, why buy an imitation. That’s just not classy. Good on you for speaking out! Gas lighters need to realise they won’t win in the long run.

  3. Lauren, I’ve ordered from you and follow you and have nothing but terrific things to say about you and your work. I support you, this woman sounds like an amoral jerk. I’m sorry, and you have every right to say what you did. Thank you for sharing.,

  4. Lauren – there is nobody else like you!
    Sorry to hear you are going through this and it’s very frustrating to hear that yet another small business is being ripped off – it’s just a huge shame that it’s another ‘small business’ – people will always come to you when they want the premium option and that’s always a positive!! 💕

  5. Lauren, I’m so sorry that humans can do things like this so easily. What I can imagine is particularly difficult for you to comprehend is that whilst yes her actions are a clear lack of respect towards you, it’s the simple fact she doesn’t even want to understand your side. To invalidate and ignore how this impacts you is simply disappointing. What she is doing goes further than harming your business, this affects you personally, and the absence of basic level of human empathy and consideration is frankly astounding.

    What you are building and achieving is inspirational, and seeing your continued success brings me legit joy. Bravo to you. I cannot wait to see you next month, we’ll make sure to have an extra toast for the Janets. x

  6. OMG! Bloody hell Lauren what a total nightmare 😐 but you are OOAK so never forget it…maybe get some pro advice as she seems a bit of a stalker as well as a copycat.xx

  7. Well said, Lauren. They may have copied your business but they certainly won’t have your passion or actual knowledge. They also clearly have no integrity. You seem like a fantastic person and you make me laugh daily with your Instagram stories. Keep your head held high because you are the originator and they will never have that. Xx

  8. Janet sounds like a real fuckwit! Well done for not naming her. What a total twat. I hope she now understands why she should fell like a fucking twat and why everyone else thinks she is one! Hold you head high Lauren. Go you!

    Ps. I think you should offer support on how to express yourself so well! What talent you have x

  9. So eloquently put Lauren! I’m just hoping somewhere there is a realisation that she’s essentially stealing! But by the sounds of things probably not. Shame on her xx

  10. I don’t know you, I am not a customer, I just love your stuff and stories on Instagram but after reading this I had to comment! Huge well done to you for being a successful entrepreneur and for writing this. What has happened you is awful but what you have done here is powerful and it will give strength to others. Hopefully "Janet’s fucks off now and you will keep bringing true and real happiness to people through your beautiful work and your wonderful Instagram account also.

  11. Well done Lauren for getting this out there, sorry you’ve had to go through it 🙁 I think you summed it up perfectly in the Fuck You paragraph, she can never steal all of the lessons you’ve learnt and pride you’ve gained over the years from starting at the bottom and working hard to build up. Lots of love xx

  12. What a complete and utter scum bag she must not have one ounce of decency in her. I only hope that people realise what she is doing and don’t buy from her. The real thing will always be far better. Keep your chin up love. Xxx

  13. Holy shit balls. How you’ve not named and shamed this absolute arsehole I do not know. Just shows what an amazing woman you are really are. Karma is a bitch and ‘janet’ will get hers at some point I’m sure. Keep your chin up. You’re an amazing woman and your business is so inspiring to other small business owners like me. (I don’t knit so don’t panic!!)

  14. Oh my days Lauren, Janet does not sound like a nice person! You are absolutely one of a kind! And I can’t wait to purchase from you xx

  15. Hi Lauren, I absolutely applaud you for this post. It was a very brave thing to do. However, I honestly feel that you really ought to be having a serious conversation with your solicitor about commencing legal action on grounds of copyright infringement and possible defamation against you as a person and your business. The threat posed by this individual is very real and you have worked too damn hard to get your fantastic business were it is today. Trying to be nice, respectful, reasonable and trying to keep a line of communication open with this individual just didn’t work for you. You need to step up & fight to protect what is rightfully yours. I sincerely hope you give this individual the ‘legal-boot up the arse’ that so deserve. For what it’s worth…I’m rooting for ya 😊

  16. Well said, well written, I’ll bet ‘janet’ couldn’t have put this together. There is no kit for what you have created in LAD.
    You are definitely one of a kind, your passion shines through, YOUR customers can see and feel the pride and talent in your creations. That’s the bit that can’t be copied, that is all yours.
    Keep keeping on x

  17. So beautifully written and important as well! Good on you and I wish you so much luck for the future. Don’t let this poison your view of people, thankfully the Janet’s are the minority! That said, she totally deserves that resounding ‘fuck you’!

  18. I feel angry for you! It’s disgusting that ppl are so heartless. I think your products and page are wonderful. They bring me great joy reading them. You keep going my lovely because the ideas that you first had to start your designs off and develop your patterns came from within you. Which means there are still plenty in there to be developed. Xxxx

  19. I bet “Janet’s” blankets are horribly scratchy and fall apart immediately! There’s no way anything knitted with absolutely not love could ever compare to a product of care, integrity and originality.

  20. You’re lovely, funny and intelligent, a joy to watch grow and read your words.

    And Janet is an ass hat.

    A cowardly ass hat.

    People can smell a cowardly ass hat from a mile off and she won’t get close to the success and achievements that you are bound to see in your future. But even more importantly than that, she won’t have the friendships, respect and loyalty because she’s a sneaky, sneaky ass hat.

    Lauren, you’re a very special gal, I imagine this whole episode has been painful and stressful. But we all think you’re fantastic, Janet probably won’t be feeling to great about herself right now, and hopefully she’ll do some reflecting on her actions and learn something.

    If she doesn’t then fuck her. She’s an ass hat.

    (Can you tell that I learnt a new word recently?!)

  21. Angie Muldowney

    Janet is a knob.
    I bet Janet is at the cycling shop right now buying the same bike as you.
    I hope she gets a flat tyre!

    I’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing about how to answer an email from a ‘customer’ who’s desperate to know how I create my map prints, thank you for helping me see I need to cut her off.

    Big hugs!

    PS – Never doubt yourself, this IS a big deal and it’s NOT ok. xxx

  22. Well – Janet sounds like a fucking mentalist …..

    Fatal attraction rings a bell.

    Lauren – this seems to be an everlasting battle of copy cats and copy right thief’s. Have the knowledge and comfort in knowing that you are authentic and genuine (unlike you Janet!). It’s hard to try and be kind without coming across as a bully when some total knob head puts you in a position that is hard not to retaliate.

    Finally before I forget #fuckyoujanet


  23. Well that settles it – American follower here, and now determined customer. Girls support girls (international shipping be darned)! Girls who copy are just cheap knockoffs and no one wants a fake. Good on you for speaking out!

  24. What a brazen dick. You are a fantastic ambassador for small business brands and for creating a humorous Instagram that portrays a fun and strong work ethic. Well done for holding it together when you were speaking, I may have cried 😬
    The audacity.. huh? She needs at least 6 pints of milk tipping over her head and a round of applause for stalker of the year.
    One day.
    x x

  25. What an amazing response this is Lauren, I was welling up. The amount of time you’ve spent being friendly and helpful to f**king "Janet" makes my blood boil. What a piece of work. Well, when it comes down to it…you’ve come out of this hideous situation WINNING!!! We’ve had people try and copy us, not to this horrid extent but it’s sad and pathetic they are so brazen about not bothering to come up with their own ideas eh?!?!

    On a lighter note….as soon as I can stop havering (Border/Scottish word for being indecisive) about teal/aquamarine vs mustardy colours, there’s a Rapunzel scarf purchase with my name written on it…and in my ideal scenario a blanket in each (although the blooming kittens would totally hog the blankets!!!) X
    Sending love to you Lauren.,sorry it’s all been such an exhausting pain in the posterior.

    Carol x

  26. I am absolutely gobsmacked. Seriously, WTF!!?
    Who does this?! There are irritating copycats who lack creativity, but this is a whole other level.
    So sorry you’ve had to deal with this, Just remember Karma is a class A b*tch

  27. Oh Lauren, I’m reading this on the day a good ‘friend’ totally shafted me – it makes you feel sick to the stomach that people are so bloody unprincipled 😡 and, frankly, NASTY. On the legal front, I suppose you could sue ‘Janet’ but as you know, it’s all so exhausting and you can no doubt do without the expense. Can she damage you further? If you’re confident she can’t, then carry on being as special as you are … good luck (and I will be ordering a kit as soon as I get back to the UK!)

  28. Wow, I know where I’m come when I need a battle fort! Beautifully written (I wish I could write like this!). Why do people feel they can copy other people, its laziness, if you were caught copying in an exam you’d be chucked out, it’s the same thing! Your business is great don’t let the ****er get you down 🙃

  29. Wow. Well done for standing up for yourself, for your business and for morals and decency. What a standard and example to set.

    Your creativity and imagination are endless and sadly there are a lot of people who have no genuine talent or imagination to think of their own ideas and create their own style.

    I have no doubt that the aggression and rudeness directed at you are born from jealousy and embarrassment that you have called this person out and exposed her for what she really is.

    Bullies and their nasty tactics and commments will never compete with beauty, honesty, talent, grace, and creative passion. That is you and what you’ve got and built; well done for this amazing business you have created, built and nurtured from scratch.

    I love your blogs and Insta and I admire what you’re doing, you’re such an inspiration. Stay strong, stay honest and please carry on brightening up our day and news feeds with your stories, adventures and beautiful designs. You are original and no one will ever be able to take that away from you.

    Wear your crown with pride lady

  30. Wow, just wow. I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this, but as others have said Karma is an amazing thing! Great article, very eloquently written. I love following you in Instagram and as a small business myself, I can relate to so much that you talk about. I have had others make ‘similar’ work to mine and the emails asking questions. Unfortunately they have spoilt it for others, because now I politely respond that my processes are a secret and I don’t share at all, which is a shame. 99% of small businesses are so supportive and sharing, but unfortunately that 1% always spoil it. Keep going and doing what you do and remember, your success is not just your amazing work, it’s you as a person…and she will never ever be able to copy that! Good luck x

  31. Lauren, I applaud you and ability to tackle this awful situation with such style and grace.
    You are an absolute asset to fellow small businesses and it’s encouraging for the rest of us to see you handle ‘Janet’ so brilliantly.
    Now Janet… do one! You should be ashamed of yourself. No doubt you’ll be reading all these comments and let’s hope you finally realise what a complete tool you are.
    Go Lauren… we salute you!!

  32. Oh my goodness, Janet is a total twat. I’ve just come across your page via a story from another small business (more than just) and honestly cannot believe what has happened , it makes me feel ill that people can be so awful, cruel and manipulative and have no conscience about it.
    Keep your chin up my love, you’re obviously such an lovely and genuine person… and karma is a bitch Janet.
    Right, now I’m off to have a good old nosy at your page to see what I can buy! Xxxx

  33. There is two things she cannot steal from you Lauren and that is ‘class & decency’

    What goes around canes around and one day she will hopefully learn the hard way.

    Much love

  34. Is she your stalker Lauren!? She certainly is acting like one… we all know how amazing you are and don’t worry we won’t buy any Chucky knits from anyone else except you. Jealousy is a horrible thing, and that’s what screams out in this blog, feel sorry for Janet she isn’t creative, funny, whitty, or has put everything on the line to make her business so fantastic, she hasn’t got a decent bone in her body! How sad! xx

  35. Oh Lauren, what an awful thing you’ve had to go through! I can’t say how sorry I am that you’ve had to experience this, there’s peace in knowing that you’ve done everything you can to reach out to this ‘janet’ and try to right the situation. You are not a victim, she is just a negative energy taking the easy way out of work and confrontation, you are the champion in this situation, you can hold your head high and sleep well at night, do not let her take your peace, she won’t succeed in life riding off the back of everyone else’s success, and if she somehow does manage to, then good for her! What an achievement….NAATT (in the words of borat) so much love for you chick xxx Fiona (

  36. Such a heartbreaking read but people love your brand for you and a knock off (even if it’s stitch for stitch identical) would be worthless as people don’t just buy your products, they buy into you and wouldn’t want a fake (even at 1% of the price)

  37. Oh Lauren, this is so perfectly put. Feeling for you, being copied is such a horrid intrusion, it’s like robbery but not of things, of a part of you, your ideas, your personality, it’s so bloody creepy. That’s the case here, a bloody creep, I still can’t even believe her showing up for your talk, it’s Single White Female in creepiness 😤

  38. What a Wanker Janet is. I love watching your stories on instagram they literally make me laugh so much. Please never give up, you are a winner.

  39. Well done Lauren for your very eloquent response. As a fellow artist who has been through similar I salute your good grace.

    To Janet I think you need to find your own voice. You are obviously resourceful and gritty and i’m sure that those characteristics can be put to better use developing a product and story that is your own. One that you can feel proud of, because this route will leave you empty and unfulfilled long term because you have not lived and breathed the unfurling of every new leaf!

  40. Oh Lauren, some people are just shits. As a fellow female designer/small business owner I am absolutely raging for you. It is already so hard without wannabes stealing from you. As a fellow human my blood is boiling but am also saddened that such twatty people exist. Good on you for your eloquent post. I adore your work and wish you from strength to strength 😘

  41. What makes it so frustrating is, we as small business owners, just one personal trying to build something from scratch, something to help keep us sane and food on our tables and in our kids bellies is we have to find thousands of pounds to take these situations further legally. Just to write a letter pointing out someone doesn’t have the right to copy you costs us almost £1000(ish) and even then, it’s just advising them to stop. A letter can’t force somebody to do the right thing, we would have to spend a hell of a lot more taking them to court to get back what they have stollen. X
    It amazes me every day the amount of lovely polite customers thoroughly enjoy our work and appreciate our time and ideas. It’s such a awful shame that one shit head overshaddows all of this by having no morals!!
    I feel your pain, I really do. Let’s all hope karma catches up with these people soon!
    Katie (Kreativ-Design)

  42. Lauren..,I knew of the situation but WTAF she’s a loon! Well done you for speaking out! Small business is tough enough let alone wasting time and energy on Janet’s! X

  43. Well done you Brave move and brilliant read. And very educating to those who attempt to copy! Xxx lots of love

  44. I’m absolutely appalled that anyone would go to these lengths to copy someone. She took advantage of you being a lovely person and that really makes me feel a bit sick to think she was communicating with you in that way. Awful Lauren and I hope this person really thinks about what she has done!

  45. I am so sorry this jas happened to you Lauren! I cant believe that there are people out there that would do this to such an extent! I applaud you for standing up for yourself and your buisness, you have done it so professionally and gracefully. How you kept your cool with the encounter last week, i dont know how you did it!
    Go Lauren!
    Fuck Janet (I really hope she reads all of the blog and the comments)

    Much love

  46. Victoria Palmer

    I applaud you for that response, it’s a belter! What more can I say but well done for having the balls to stand up for yourself and to do it so eloquently too.

  47. Well said Lauren!!
    I’m appalled that someone would do that to you and your business.
    Keep up your amazing gigantic work!

  48. Lauren you’ve handled this with great poise. My daughter has built a successful small business over the last 7 years & so many people say to her they want the same business. No one can really copy a small business 100% as it’s only so successful as it’s a reflection of you the owner & all the love, skill & commitment you put in. It’s this that magic touch that cannot be copied. Someone who bases a business on someone else’s so totally has no imagination or pride. Hopefully ‘Janet’ will now sod off & come up with an original idea! Xx

  49. What. A. Stalker! So sorry to hear this, Lauren. Janet is an absolute bellend. Keep doing you ❤️

  50. This is such an important subject to talk about and shed more light on! I don’t think people understand what it takes to build a business and I don’t think they understand the consequences of ripping people off.
    As a small business owner and designer, I know the heartbreak of somebody ripping off your designs as their own. I am so shocked and so sad for you that ‘Janet’ actually copied your business to such an extent and I hope she reads this and feels guilty and regrets what she’s done.
    Her business will never be a patch on Lauren Aston Designs, your passion and creativity shines through in everything you do. Don’t let it get you down, you’re amazing Lauren, a true inspiration to real small business owners and women 💃🏼

  51. Oh Lauren, this made me cry! Well done you and what a horrible person. I’d however recommend a restraining order inc. social media and events as she seems like a stalker….all the traits and I should know…!

  52. Lauren, you are amazing. Kudos to you for standing up for yourself and small businesses. Do not ever let these imitators get you down! No matter how far they go they’ll never be as good, or unique and as lovely as you.

  53. I’m so sorry this is happening to you Lauren…but I thought your explanation in your blog was outstanding!!…Hang in there….truth and good morals always win out in the end..❤️❤️

  54. Great post! I hope "Janet " does read this! Clearly she has issues, shes borderline stalking/mental/psychopath

  55. Pure jealously is what has caused this plagiarism. Keep fighting and keep being you. You are awesome. This copy cat needs to give up cause there’s only one LAD and she’s ace!!

  56. I’m so sorry you have had to deal with all this. Thank you for sharing. Quite unbelievable that someone is capable of this. Keep being brilliant and brave. X

  57. Ughhh. How lame can this Janet get?
    Janet, I hope you read this. You probably will because, you know, all the stalking..
    seriously, are you completely deprived of any morals? GET. A . LIFE.

    Lauren, keep up the great work.
    Congratulations on the way your are dealing with this thief.

  58. Very well written! Wow, How much she admires you and your work to be willing to try and duplicate who you are and your business. On that side of things, how flattering. On the other side, karma is a bitch and unfortunately(fortunately) karma always shows up! Don’t worry, lies can’t live forever so truth will surface sooner than later and obviously her attempt at your success will fail.

  59. Lauren, thank you for sharing. This feels so manipulative and methodical, I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with this type of person! I’m gonna take a guess that maybe a creative path is not for them. Their inability to create from their own mind, yet they want recognition.. the pat on the back that is so not theirs. This is YOUR business, I hope you never stop doing what you are passionate about. ❤

  60. Lauren you have handled this in a passionate and dignified manner. It’s so heartbreaking that people who clearly have no morals can manipulate a small business in this way.

    Keep doing you Lauren!

  61. Wow. Just wow. I agree with other comments that she seems like a total stalker – even down to buying exactly the same furniture for her studio??! Really creepy.

    Good on you for calling her out so eloquently and you know you’ve got a gang of supporters behind you if you need them.

    Take care Lauren & #knoboffjanet xxx

  62. My heart breaks for you Lauren. Janet you are a piece of work! Karma will be coming my friend, to both of you 😘❤️ Xx

  63. So sorry you’ve gone through all of this shit Lauren. People need to accept accountability and put in hard work, lots of time and dedication to make a business work. You have a loyal client (and supplier!) base so keep your chin up and walk on by – well done on a very composed blog post concerning a really crap situation!

  64. So well written Lauren. It truly sucks that this happened but it sounds like you’ve handled it like a boss. Thank you for sharing this as well as your passion and authenticity. May your business continue to grow and flourish.

  65. Well done for writing this, not easy and you have handled it with such dignity.
    It took approximately 3 minutes to find out who ‘janet’ is via the Facebook search box. It’s sad that she doesn’t put the same amount of effort into thinking up and developing her own ideas as she does clearly trying to ‘emulate’ you.
    You’re a one off, I love your insta grid and stories (not in a stalkerish way!!) please don’t let her dull your sparkle and definitely take it further. It’s absolutely not OK.

  66. What a awful person! Your a much better person than me because I don’t think I could have kept my cool and probably would have blown my lid. Happy Friday! X

  67. Lauren,

    This is just truly awful. I really feel for you that someone has so carelessly stolen and mimicked your work. When small businesses are built, they’re built and created from your heart and soul, they are the essence of you and your hard work. For someone to take this away and pass it off as their own is heartbreaking.

    This sounds like a good case for copyright and plagiarism, does Janet realise the cost of your education, the cost of setting up your business and the potential loss of earnings that you could perhaps claim for? That said, I understand that you now have closure on this and I think you have handled this with as much grace and dignity as one can in this situation.

    Continue to hold your head high and do the great work you do.


  68. I have such admiration for you writing this, such amazing strength of character and such eloquence.
    Having been the victim of a narcissist and gaslighting recently I know how much it can affect your mental health, it crept in to every aspect of my life, but you do get over it eventually and even start to feel sorry for your "attacker" because that is what these people do, attack, often from a position of lack or fear. In hindsight I wish i’d stood up to my attacker and shouted the odds as loud as her but i decided to stay quiet and wait out the storm. I wish i bloody hadn’t fuck staying classy, be more Lauren i say 😀 Fuck You Janet!

  69. Wow what an account. Janet seems to be a greedy, bullying stalker. Well done for standing up to her, good luck in the continuation of your business.

  70. Janet, if you are reading this. Google narcissistic personality disorder.
    So sorry you had to encounter a Janet, Lauren.
    You’re doing the right thing writing about it, it’s clearly going to affect your wellbeing. People like her just will never get why they are in the wrong.
    Shes better left forgotten.
    Sending hugs x

  71. Sorry Lauren you’ve had to endure this vile Janet, who obviously has no standards & has proven to be a true snake. 🐍Well done for this post & how you have addressed the matter. I hope you finally reach peace & Karma works in your favour soon 🙏 Keep being you & dont let anyone get in your way X jag

  72. Lauren she may try and copy your work but she can’t be you and people follow you because of you not just your work! People like this parasite will move on to someone else because she doesn’t have integrity! You have integrity and decency and she can never take that away from you!! put this person back into that folder you made! 👌🏻 Keep doing what you do!!! 💖

  73. Gosh so sorry Lauren for the stress and sadness this has caused you, I met you at a workshop and thought you were such a fun , clever and inspirational young lady , whilst I trying to knit a wobbly Santa hat ha be brave keep going, the truth will out in the end , I’m afraid Janet may think she’s onto a winner but it won’t last, your established Lauren and have a following , when I watch your insta I laugh so much , I do t even relate it to knitting , perhaps you should be a comedian part time to pay the solicitor fees 😳

  74. Well fuck me what a manipulating, vile, narcissistic asshole she is! I’d be happy to light her up for her ‘gas lighting!’ You are a most beautiful, lovely lady, so genuine with a heart of gold, kind caring and professional with a fantastic business you Lauren my lovely should be so extremely proud of yourself.

    Good for you for speaking out sweetheart. You are a force to be reckoned with and quite right that you out the bitch for her plagiarism! Her behaviour says more about her as an individual. Shame on her, disgusting behaviour taking so much from you for her own gain.

    Keeping being you Lauren because you’re awesome! Sending you virtual love and hugs from one strong woman to another. 😘😘😘

  75. Wow… simply wow.

    Dear Lauren,

    I feel ashamed, and I’m not even Janet. Hahahha
    So proud of you. So smart and strong. NO ONE can take it from you, Lauren!

  76. Oh my good god!!!! The brazen hussy!!!!!! 🤭 You are simply a wonderful human being for just being you!!!! Not just with your knitting, which I am loving doing (or trying to at least!! 😝), but for letting us into your day to day personal snippets of your life,through IG, that sometimes are sooo hilarious, that I laugh out loud (“big milk” incident!!!) keep being the strong individual that you are and keep doing what you are doing, so that we get the pleasure of being “friends” of yours and enjoying what you do best!!!!!

    Luv & hugs
    Rosie xx

  77. I’m so incredibly sorry to read all the above – I can relate to much of this – we’re in a culture of copying and it’s awful. You kindly gave so much of yourself here and so much free advice – it’s what many creatives do as they expect customers to act in a decent way. My heart goes out to you (and all others that have also been hurt in a similar way) xxx

  78. I read this late last night and it’s still playing on my mind. What an awful situation to be in. I cannot understand the audacity of Janet. What a talentless, underhanded cretin she is. To steal your ideas by feigning interest and then brazenly sit in an audience in your eyeline. How dare she! You’re an inspiration to all small businesses.
    You are unique and that’s why you have so many followers and the LAD Army! Sending hugs ❤️.

  79. TEAM LAD 100% all the way!
    Fuck you Janet! What a rude horrible cow. Karma’s a bitch Lauren don’t you worry, we’ve all got your back 💪🏻💛

  80. Jesus. Joseph. And Mary.
    Janet Janet Janet – if you get to read this – what planet do you actually live on?! Can you not see the amount of people that (genuinely) do admire Lauren and her hard work and the inspiration she ignites? Don’t you realise the supports she’s going to get when you utterly rip her off? You’re as bad as the crappy Chinese rip-offs on Etsy (yes that’s a photo of a Vivienne Westwood wedding dress and no, it’s not gonna look like that for £200 😳).
    Lauren – you are amazing. That is all.

  81. I also read this late last night and just felt the need to actually comment.
    I rarely actually read blogs and I am not actually a customer (I would love to be but I just can’t afford it) but I love your Instagram and think you are amazing and funny! You make me smile and your work is incredible!!!
    Janet is a total twat and needs to have some serious words with herself about her morals and the sort of person she is because it’s totally not on!
    I really hope you are able to get through to her with your very calmly worded blog if nothing else.

    Keep on being you and sparkle, cycle and knit away because you are bloody brilliant and we all love you! Xxx

  82. Fuck you, Janet! She needs a decent thunder-punch to the throat. Not that I condone violence….but for Janet, I would. Keep on keeping on, Lauren! X

  83. I just loved reading this! Janet your an arsehole!
    The way I see it, your little business is going going to continue to do well because it started with true love, dedication and from a good place.
    Janet’s on the other hand will turn to absolute shit! Because she is an arsehole!
    Keep doing what your doing, your amazing! 👌🏼👌🏼🤗🤗🤗💕

  84. Wow that was such an upsetting read. I think nowadays, if people feel they can make a buck out of something, they really don’t care how they go about it. I have seen this happen quite a few times in the crafting/sewing industry and it is hard to bear, but I think the woman involved will not care that you have written that, if she thinks she can get away with it. I would name and shame. Stick to the facts, outline what happened, no personal opinions, but name her, it’s the very least she deserves… Chin up.xxxx

  85. Louise Rawlings

    Just got totally absorbed in this piece after seeing it shared on Facebook. As a fine artist I know that sick feeling of being copied….sending you my very best wishes and I really hope this gets sorted. Copiers never win in the end…….there’s only so far you can get riding on someone else’s coattails

  86. Stay strong Lauren, I totally believe in Karma. Having been copied it feels invasive but what you have gone through is even worse, the nerve of some people. Sending hugs.

  87. I’m incredulous at the heinous and brazen audacity of a fellow woman, stealing the ideas, gifts.and talents that are a representarion of your beautiful humanity. I felt sick reading this, and understand your reasoning.that this terrible selfish cold woman has passively aggressively gas lighted you.Yes, yes she has.
    What a parasitic boil she is. and her blankets will be weaved with her energy too, yuck.

    Lauren, keep doing you. You rock

  88. FFS… Lauren PLEASE listen to your friends, family and best half… your work is awesome and you fight for it x Speak out… you go girl… down with Janet.

  89. Good for you for pouring your heart out so eloquently and with such grace. I don’t know you personally so am in no position to make any kind of subjective remarks, but just felt I had to comment because your narrative is so profoundly inspiring.

    I am the head of a HR team in a consultancy company and the majority of our client base are SMEs who have worked their arses off and sacrificed such a lot to build up their businesses from nothing (including my own MD). I have the greatest of respect and admiration for such individuals; you are the cornerstone of what makes Britain Great.

    I first came across you via NOTHS and after ordering some of your fabulous Christmas creations, have been saving up my hard earned pennies to treat myself to a matching chunky blanket and cushion combo. After reading this post though, I’ve decided to fuck it and charge them to the credit card!

    Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re doing great. And don’t let anyone ever tell you any different.


  90. I also have a small business. I am from Colombia and God, people is not always trying to copycat, but they want everything you have; your suppliers, your inspiration, the work, the ideas and somehow we as good people always end up giving what they want, even if we truly don’t want that, it just happens, because we don’t think someone is going to take advantage of our kindness.

    That Janet person has no respect at all, that person wanted everything easy. I think it is okay to create a business with chunky knits, but ripping off your designs, asking you for your knowledge and doing the same designs that you do is so wrong!! And threatening you buy sewing, it just cross the line.
    I am glad you wrote this, because some of us will think more when answering those types of questions.

    My dad said to me one day that he was trying to make a mechanic piece, everything was one the books, but a small thing that makes everything comes to live was not there. And that day, I got it, you should left some things out, so people can think and solve it by themselves, we have a saying here "Don’t give everything chewed".

  91. This is awful, I’m so sorry this happened to you! I’ve not been following you for long and I haven’t bought anything (yet… I’m saving for a house so I plan a purchase in the future!) but I follow because your photos are beautiful and you seem so lovely. It’s horrible that someone would be so vindictive as to do this, especially when ‘Janet’ speaks about supporting other women in business… not so fucking supportive of you JANET!! I hope she reads all these comments and sees the support you have. You seem like you have closure and obviously no one knows what other action you’ve taken but I would consider seeking legal advice if you haven’t already!
    Love your designs and keep doing you!
    Laura x

  92. As a fellow creative (artist) who may start her own business one day, this was so so important to read!

    I love that you have built your beautiful business around your positive core values and it empowers me to think I can do that too one day. And I completely hate that someone took advantage of an that.

    I am shocked by ‘Janet’s’ behaviour but I also realise there are many, many more Janet’s out there and you speaking out helps other creatives learn the lesson.

    I hope as a making community we can help all makers recover and grow stronger after completely horrid moments like these.

    Keep making and sharing because you’re completely and utterly fab!

    Best wishes,

  93. You should feel very proud to be you, you have handled this perfectly!!
    As for her, I feel sorry for her…she clearly WANTS to be artistic and creative…but obviously isn’t. That cannot be fulfilling.
    As frustrating as it is, forget about her and just be confident in the fact you have a thriving business based on your own knowledge and talent…something she will never be able to do.

  94. I am truly sorry that you have had to go through all of this, and that your family have had to watch you do so.
    You have obviously had to work incredibly hard with very long hours in order to get your business to the stage it is now, and you most certainly deserve your success.
    The copycats of this world, lack the drive, inspiration, talent and the hard working mentality, which you definately have.
    Keep going, you’re doing great! x

  95. I don’t have much time to write (sick toddler needs to get to bed), but just want to say – YOU ARE WONDERFUL. I wish you a lifetime of all the good things! Manipulators are awful. But you’re soooo much better than that brazen b***h! Sending love from Melbourne, Australia xx

    Ps – Not sure who this other business is, but just to be sure, I simply won’t buy any chunky knitting from anyone other than YOU! 💕💕

  96. I’m so so sorry that this has happened to you! I’m a HUGE fan of your work and your hilarious IG stories (that make me laugh out loud every day – I particularly lost it at the tandem bicycle) and I feel so angry for you that someone would have the balls to do something as awful as this!!!
    I hope that Janet reads this and finally gets the hint that everything that she has done is definitely not ok and finds her own unique style to start again fresh with the huge apology that you most certainly need.
    Stay strong Lauren and never change. Big love (and big milk! 😂) xxx

  97. Karma is a bitch if Janet thinks for one second this will not catch up to her it well and truly will ……keep your head up cause you are amazing at what you do …….your IG stories make us laugh so much…….you are you and no one can take that away from you.

  98. It makes me really sad that this has happened to you. I love following your Instagram, quite often it’s the highlight of my lunch break watching your stories. Please don’t let this damage you. K.

  99. Very well said and I love your business and one day I will order a blanket or a knit kit from you once I’ve decorated my dressing room but I regularly watch your stories and you always make me laugh and one day I will also work for myself as it’s my dream and I can’t understand why someone would not want to do it for themselves rather than copy someone else, keep doing what you doing and being from Devon I’m pleased you live here and promote how lovely it is, much love Chantel xx

  100. Hey Lauren, wow just unbelievable but honestly when I read this all I could think was, ‘jealous stalker!’ Why else would she turn up to see you and follow your stories? And have all the same stuff as you? She sounds to have major issues and I’d keep a log of any further contact and seriously ignore her now. If she is some crazed stalker she’ll thrive on ANY contact, good or bad so the best thing to do now is not waste anymore time on her, and if she does turn up at any event you’re at, ask for her to be removed. What you do is fab, focus on that now and banish Janet from your life!! Good luck Hun xxx

  101. Well donde you! I imagen how bad time you had, when someone breaks your trust is horrible no matter who this person is. I hope you start to feel better soon. Love Flor

  102. Well done Lauren. You are a superstar and Janet is just not worth it!
    Keep doing what you’re doing, cos you’re doing a fantastic job.
    Becky x

  103. Well said. In this case imitation isn’t the best form of flattery, it’s the worst. And while your authentic business and the products you make will be full of heart and soul, the things made by a copycat never will be. The sad thing is for Janet, which she probably doesn’t even know yet, is that she will always be trailing in your wake. She will be scrambling to work out what you have done when you come up with new ideas, things she can’t achieve on her own without help as she doesn’t have the knowledge and talent. So why even bother. So tough luck Janet, you’ve been caught out. I hope you enjoy your soulless business and no-one buys a thing from you.

  104. There’s nothing so horrible as betrayal. The violation of trust and confidence is something everyone encounters at some time in their lives. Despite the knowledge of the existence of betrayal, it still comes as a huge shock to have to acknowledge that you have been betrayed, especially when you would never behave that way towards another. It’s a most insidious act…and to admit that you have been betrayed can potentially make you feel extremely vulnerable…how could you have allowed something like that to happen?
    You didn’t initiate it, and you sure as hell didn’t deserve it…those that betray rely upon your shocked silence for the success of their little, mean, back stabbing scheme.
    They don’t expect you to speak out. That would be having to admit that they "did you over /ripped you off"…and you weren’t clever enough to see it? Surely that should make you feel somehow reticent to say anything, even guilty that you had accused them of such a thing.

    NO! Well done for speaking up. You deserve to be treated better, and that’s what you SHOULD expect. Well done you.

    You were creative enough to start your business in the first place. Janet fed off you like a leech. Her creativity will soon dry up…yours will continue.

    All the very best. From strength to strength. Love, Kath

  105. Lizzie Heptinstall

    Janet sounds like a desperate, lonely, unimaginative cowbag. I hope her knitting goes mouldy before the dog wees on it. Go home Janet-you’re not welcome here 😠

  106. I know what it’s like for people to copy, time and time again.
    Will they ever learn? Who knows.
    I can’t imagine dealing with someone who cannot see that what they are doing is so wrong, and who has pushed it this far.
    Saying that,
    You’re completely right in feeling this way and posting this.
    Your genuine love and passion for what you do and what you have built can never ever be copied.
    And that is always worth so much more.
    Big love to you and your wonderful business. 💖

  107. Fucking Janet. This is so bad I really hope she understands the extent to what she’s done. Bloody well written though Lauren, she doesn’t deserve the time of day!!! XXX

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