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Treats Take Two

Lauren Aston
3 April 2019

Hello Lovers!

I’m dropping in from my holiday in St Ives to report back on the amazing treats that went into this months Subscription Boxes… The second Bimonthly subscription box left this week, full of yarn in an amazing colour – I’d love to tell you but don’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone yet to open theirs!

Subscription Boxes

So as you may know we’ve started subscription boxes so you can get beautiful yarn delivered on the regular. We have two subscriptions – a Bimonthly Box which is 2-5 hanks of a surprise colour of yarn delivered every 2 months or a Seasonal Box which is 3-5 hanks, each a different colour (that work beautifully with the season) delivered every 3 months. I asked fellow small businesses if any of them wanted to put anything else into the boxes as treats to the subscribers (an awesome bonus for our magical customer and a way to share other fantastic businesses with them – hopefully a win-win!)

The response has been epic and we’ve been lucky enough to put some incredible treats in the boxes – I’ve also got a stash saves up ready for future boxes (so if you’ve sent something and not seen it leave yet, fear not, it’s in the queue and I’ve got some kind of plan..) We do also have a years worth of boxes to fill so are always up for more treats if you’d like to send anything here’s the link with more info…

For clarity – {AD} all of these items have been gifted by awesome brands, not to me but for our subscription customers. The quantities all differed depending on what each brand wanted to send as I left it entirely up to them so the contents of each subscription box was and will continue to be varied. I told the brands I would ask subscribers to share the things they liked and that I would try to do a blog post and post on social media when I could as I really want to help them spread the word about their business far and wide. Nothing shady and no strict agreements, just mutual love. I think that technically this makes this an Ad (although to be honest I’m not sure, so I’m just going to pop it here anyway haha)

Anyhu, here’s the dreamy treats that went into this months boxes, if you spot anything you like please head over to social media to give them a follow and say HI!

All credits shared below…

New York Prints: Tom Laird Illustration

Rainbow Stitched Card: Kitty Ricco

Creativity Bookmark: The Little Picture Company

Discount card: The English Beagle

Leather Earrings: Jemma Marston

Discount Card: Patch Kit Co

‘You’re Pretty Cool’ Print: AV Typography

Oversized Paperclip Pompoms: Pomp Pom

Planning Stickers: Project Plan

‘You’re Awesome’ Card: Flat102

‘Happy Centre of Attention Day’ Card: Made by Shannon

Another gorgeous treat I forgot to mention last time (They arrived just as I was packing the boxes and I was so excited I put them straight in without taking a picture *fool*) were these magnificent felt ball magnets from Felt Fancies

Thats All For Now

I’ll just leave these links below on the off chance you want to sign up to a subscription box #nopressure and I’ll get back to my rainy holiday (It’s my actual heaven)

L x


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