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We’re In and We’re Off

Lauren Aston
1 March 2017

As many of you already know, we made it through the move on Friday and are now settling into our lovely new home and enjoying the extra space it has to offer. Thank you so much for the many well wishes we’ve received, it’s been brilliant fun to hear your stories of moving highs and lows and the inevitable internet issues to help assure us it will all come good in the end!

I’ve already torn up the carpet that was in my studio had a beautiful faux-wooden laminate put down that I want to stare at all day.

No sooner than we get the floor down and the curtains up we’re off out and about again. At some ungodly hour tomorrow Alex and I head out on an adventure to Cuba for our belated honeymoon, to do a bit of exploring and then hit the beach hard. After a truly wonderful but manic 6 months I can honestly say that I’ve never looked forward to a holiday more. A panicked ASOS order at 10pm last night has seen some of my packing made easy (although i’m still fuming that I forgot to put the 1 pair of fabulous pink trousers in my bag so was baffled when they didn’t arrive today…cue rethinking entire holiday wardrobe in a strop) and my amazing new rose gold bag arrived today too!

So here’s the deal with orders and enquiries – Harry and one of his favourite humans will be around to oversee everything so orders are (as ever) more than welcome, lead times have been extended to around a month and so no orders will be going out until I return, If you have an outstanding order that hasn’t left already (you should have received an email notification) then i’m afraid I didn’t manage to get to/finish it yet. As soon as I’m back I will crack on as fast as I can.

Enquiries will be answered by the lovely Sally as much as possible and I will *Very Occasionally* be checking my emails (as I still don’t know how to turn my out of office on) so that’s pretty much it for now!

So for now, all cuban recommendations will be received with thanks and anyone who can tell me how to shake a cold in 8 hours I will love forever. 😀 I’m sure I’ll be posting plenty of pictures on Instagram Stories so hopefully catch up with you over there. If not, then i’ll see you on the other side lovelies, where I’ll hopefully be tanned and glowing from so much rest on the beach.

Take care!

L x

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