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What to start knitting now for Christmas

Helen Rose
11 November 2020

Hello lovelies

I’m handing over to Helen this week as I’m flat out in the studio packing your orders (THANK YOU!) so I’ll leave you in her capable hands!


Thanks Lauren 💖

I’m feeling the weight of responsibility but it’s something I’m going to have to get used to as I’ll be doing a few more of these while Lauren is on her baby holiday (!) so let’s dive in!

Well there’s no denying it’s been a tough old year for many of us, for oh, so many reasons, and now, a week into another lockdown for England, it seems as if it’s been a year of many uncertainties.

One thing we can rely on though, is Christmas (yep, I’m going there) and although it might look a little different to usual this year, it can still be full of love and thoughtful gifting. The studio is incredibly busy at the moment as it always is this time of year and we love to see everything you are buying – for yourself or for loved ones. I’m normally a super organised Christmas fiend – one of those really annoying people who are sorted by November, but this year what with everything that has been happening this year – I’m just struggling to get it together! 

I keep trying to get myself in a festive mindset but I don’t know about you – it’s all a little overwhelming right now! Anyway if I start my Christmas knitting it may help me get in the vibe. That and a Christmas spotify playlist in the studio – Lauren, it HAS to happen this week!

So – for you and (especially) for me, I thought I’d just give a few ideas of what to start knitting now, to be ready in time for Christmas and get in the mood – just in case you’re feeling like I am!


We’re all desperate for some joy right now, and what better joy is there, than to get Christmas-ify-ing your homes earlier than ever?! If you start knitting now, you’ll have decorations totally sorted by the beginning of December (or whenever you want to start decorating – I’m totally not judging here :p)

Stockings & Sacks

You’re going to need some spacious stockings to fill with all the lockdown buying you’ve been doing (OBVS from small indie businesses, no amazon nonsense thank you!) and we’ve got some glorious receptacles whether you want to go jumbo or super chunky – they’ll look incredible under the tree stuffed to the brim!

For the Tree

Whether you go big or small, fake or real, you’ll want to make your tree look extra special as you’re going to be spending a whole lot of time looking at it, what with no parties to go to! (Am I helping you feel better here?!)

For you

It’s incredibly important that you feel good about yourself this Christmas – look at everything you’ve gone through this year! So to show the world how great you are, there’s not much better to Instagram yourself in than a santa hat and a Christmas jumper that you made All. By. Yourself… Smug Christmas selfie – sorted.

Okay, so to be fair...

…my first blog post is really rather picture and product heavy, but I’m just easing myself in gently here. Plus, you don’t want me to take up much of your time waffling on because you need to get on with your knitting. I see you – I’m totally there too. Now, sod the Buble, it’s got to be Mariah and I’m going in on the rainbow jumper. You?

Helen x

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