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Yarn storage solutions

Charlotte Froud
14 June 2023

Hello Pals!

A few months ago we were curious and asked on Instagram stories how you like to store your yarn. We weren’t expected so many replies! And also so many sneaky yarn stashes that you are hiding out there (we love you!). So, we got this idea to share some of our favourite yarn storage solutions which hopefully might inspire your own collection. 

Hay Coloured Crates

We are obsessed with these multi coloured crates from Hay, available here. They come in a variety of sizes and stack beautifully so you don’t need to hide them out of sight. If you’re really organised then you could match your crates with the colour selection of yarn – wouldn’t that be satisfying! Super stylish and also affordable. 

LAD Bags

We couldn’t not include our very own LAD bags. With a selection of sizes and also phrases you can gather the full collection. If you don’t have a lot space they are really good for slotting into little corners or under the bed perhaps. We also have Christmas collection of LAD bags if you have festive colours that you want to stash away for later in the year. 

Ikea Wooden Crates

Next up, these fantastic Ikea wooden crates. They can stack on top of each other so as you keep collecting yarn you can just keep on buying more. They look lovely natural but also painted! Why not try a matte or chalky furniture paint for a fresh, fun, Scandi look. 

Ikea Kallax

Now, if you are yarn fanatics just like us then maybe you might opt for the Ikea Kallax option. We love stuffing these full of yarn in the studio and soon in the shop as well! We love to order them so they look extra fantastic. Now this one isn’t for the secret yarn stashers because it will become a feature in your room! Works as a great room divider if you have an office you can slot it into. 

We hope that gives you something to think about! Happy yarn organising. 

Take Care x

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