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Yarn Subscription Boxes

Lauren Aston
16 January 2019

What’s New?

I’ll tell you what’s new here (Yes, I’m getting straight into it because I’m giddy with excitement!) Here at LAD HQ we’ve launched new Subscription Boxes full of Super chunky yarn! And I’m going to bore you to tears talking about them constantly because I can’t wait for the boxes to be delivered and find out what you think and see what you make!)

OMG how exciting, what’s the deal?

So there’s 2 new boxes; a Seasonal Box and a Bimonthly Surprise Box. They’re two different subscriptions to (hopefully) please everyone who wants yarn delivered to them on a regular basis (Shout out to the ladies in my Facebook Group who help with feedback so we could try to make them as great as possible). Both boxes contain limited edition coloured yarn, you can choose how many hanks you get each month and some boxes contain a treat!

The idea I suppose is that with each box you could knit up a present or two ready for Birthdays, Christmas, a Tuesday. That way you can effectively spread your costs and time out throughout the year, making sustainable and thoughtful gifts that will really mean something and keep you enjoying knitting all year round…or just build your yarn stash! Anyway, I’ll explain each box in more detail…

Both Boxes

  • Start your Subscription by February 1st to get Box One delivered early Feb
  • You get a special link in the box so that if there’s a Limited Edition colour you love you can order more via the secret link
  • For a knitter this is basically the greatest Happy Post we could think of
  • It’s all beautifully packaged (as you’d expect…where’s that sassy little emoji lady when you need her?)
  • Cancel at any time
  • Free UK shipping

Seasonal Box

  • Boxes are delivered every 3 months (Feb, May, August, November)
  • Choose from 3,4 or 5 hanks in each box
  • Every Hank is a different colour
  • The boxes reflect the season (Box one, leaving early Feb is ‘winter’)
  • There’s a mix of Limited Edition Colours and Classic best selling LAD colours
  • Each box has a ‘treat’ (a pattern or accessory you can use with the yarn)
  • equates to £3.33 – £4.80 a week (depending on how many hanks you get) that’s basically the cost of a coffee but this a) lasts and b) Doesn’t make you need the toilet

Bimonthly Box

  • Boxes are delivered every 2 months
  • Choose from 2,3, 4 or 5 hanks
  • All the hanks in a box are the same colour
  • All the colours are a Surprise, so you’ll never know what you’re getting! (we’ve chosen wisely though I promise)
  • All the colours are a Limited Edition
  • Treats are included in your Third and Sixth Boxes
  • Equates to £3.50 – £6.87 a week (depending on how many hanks you get) that’s basically the cost of a meal deal but this a) gives you the satisfaction of making and giving sustainable and thoughtful gifts for a pal or yourself b) is sugar free!

WHat to do with your yarn

So far the subscription boxes have gone down really well (thank you thank you!!) but the most common question seems to be what you can do with the yarn. Rest assured there will be a blog post coming in a few weeks (any excuse to browse Pinterest!) I’m also working on releasing the patterns from my book as just solo patterns and there’s plenty in there that would work well. In the mean time there’s a list of ideas below.

I think the Seasonal box will be super interesting and will hopefully be a real encouragement for everyone to play with colour. All the hanks in it are curated to work well together so you could do any amount of colour blocking. Use a pattern you already have and make it in a range of colours rather than just one solid. If you have a jumper you could make use one colour for the front, another for the back and a third for the sleeves, they’ll look amazing together so to takes the pressure off choosing! And of course the Bimonthly yarn is all the same colour so if you have enough hanks you could make amazing coloured cardigans and clothing. If there’s a colours you’re not so keen on…well that’s the perfect time to whip up a gift for someone else who will love it! Knitted gifts are my favourite because we get to enjoy the knitting and the giving (in the smug knowledge that we’re so thoughtful and they’ll love it so) and they get to open and enjoy it for ever more.

Things you can make:

  • Cold Weather Warmers – Hats, Gloves, Socks, Snoods and Scarfs
  • Fabulous unusual knits – Cuffs (for wrist or boots), Purses
  • Home accessories – Hanging ornaments, Hot water bottle covers
  • Pompoms (pompoms on anything and everything)
  • 2 or more hanks/Mix two or more colours – Cushions, Blankets, Jumpers, Cardigans

With the left overs you could always use every colour from your boxes throughout the year to knit a few rows of a scarf at a time. This would work particularly well with the seasonal box.

Some kits contain patterns (all suitable for beginners) for inspiration and motivation and with Pinterest and Ravelry a click away you’ll never be short of ideas for your yarn!

The Knitty Gritty

(I titter every time I use that phrase)

There’s more information about the Billing, Delivery and Yarn itself on the listings if you’d like to know more and you’re always welcome to email me, I’ll get back to you ASAP. Here’s the listings in case you’d like to have a closer look or possibly start a subscription (eeeek!) I really hope you like them! Thank you!!…


Reasons I’m excited:

  1. I can’t wait for you to see the colours in real life
  2. I want to make them super awesome so that you LOVE opening them and maybe you’ll forget you’ve ordered it and it’ll be an ACE surprise
  3. If I can stick to it too I’ll be more organised for Christmas presents next year having worked on them throughout the year.
  4. Mainly – I’m so excited to see what you make from them <3

Ok that’s all, bye for now!

Take Care,

L x

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