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Sewing up your knits

Unless you’re knitting on circular needles, or your design advises otherwise, one thing all our patterns have in common is that you’ll have to sew the pieces together when you’ve finished knitting. Each knitted element becomes attached to another element to form the shoulder seam, the arm hole and the side seam. We try and […]

Knit 1 – through back loop

Rather than working through the front of the stitch as usual, sometimes the pattern will instruct you to work through the back loop of a stitch (which can leave a neater edge if it’s at the end of a row, it’s normally followed by slipping the first stitch on the following row)

Knit Stitch Below

You work a KSB into a knit stitch from the previous row, this pulls your work up, making the rib stand out more and the work squishier. Insert your needle into the centre of the knit stitch from the row below when instructed and knit like normal. On the back it will look like you’ve […]

Duplicate Stitch

Duplicate stitch is a way of sewing a design on top of your knitting, using the yarn to trace the knitted stitches so it looks as though you’ve knit it in. It leaves a slightly raised design (as you end up with two strands of yarn for every stitch) but is really effective and looks […]

Long Tailed Cast On

There are a few different ways to cast on and this Long Tail Cast on is a nice stretchy one and is popular with knitters. You use the tail of your yarn to create the stitches so make sure you have enough of a tail for all the stitches you want – to do this […]

Attaching Bag Handles

We show you how to attach our round handles to The Loop Bag. Stitch a loop around the handle and through each centre and side of each knit stitch, below the cast off edge.

Cable Cast On

For the cable cast on, you put your right hand needle through the front and the back of your cast on stitch, before slipping the new loop onto your left hand needle. This is different to a standard knit cast on where you just put your right hand needle through the front of the stitch. […]

Tension and Gauge

What even IS tension? Essentially tension is just how many stitches and rows you fit into 10cms. It’s how we check if our knitting will be the same size as the pattern. Say for instance we both knit the same pattern in the same yarn, using the same size needles but you pull your yarn […]

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