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Knitting Kit – Knit your own Giant Blanket


If you’ve ever wanted to knit your own Giant Blanket then this Knit kit is perfect for you.

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Knit your own Giant Blanket

If you’ve ever wanted to give Giant knitting a go then this knit kit is for you. It includes everything you need to get started and learn how to knit on giant needles, creating your own Super Chunky Blanket in the colour and stitch of your choice!

Choose how much wool you need to knit a blanket in the size of your choice and then have fun with these giant knitting needles* and super soft yarn. It’s the ideal gift, for yourself or a creative pal, enjoy the process and create a magical giant knit blanket.

If you need any knitting advice we have plenty on our Knitting Knowledge pages that might help and our top tip for this kit is that it’s best used on the sofa (to support the weight & enjoy the TV)

If you’re not sure whether Giant knitting is your bag, I’ve written a few blog posts about it – one called ‘Is Giant Knitting Really That Great?’ and the Other is ‘7 Reasons Merino wool is amazing!’ which might help you decide.

*we are currently out of stock of our 40mm giant needles so this kit contains our 35mm circular needles

How Much Wool?

The quantity of wool you order will determine the finished size of your blanket.  There’s a graphic in the main images with some examples but here’s a breakdown:

  • 1kg wool knits up to approximately 1m x 0.5m
  • 2kg wool knits up to approximately 1m x 1m (as shown in images)
  • 3kg wool Knits up to approximately 1.5m x 1m
  • 4kg wool knits up to approximately 1.5m x 1.3m
  • 5kg wool knits up to approximately 1.55m x 1.55m

These measurements are approximate and it is easy to change the dimensions i.e. 4kg could also make a blanket 2m x 1m. If you’d like more wool to make a bigger blanket please feel free to get in touch, the wool is £50 per kg and 1kg knits up to about 0.5 metres squared.

Please Bear in Mind

Working with unspun Merino wool is a complete joy when you do it right, it is so delightfully soft and once it has been knitted up and processed it becomes an amazingly tactile and malleable soft furnishing, however it isn’t without it’s quirks….

Talk About Tension

Tension is vital when it comes to all knitting, as I’m sure you know. As mentioned above, unspun wool is wonderful to work with but it’s important to remember that it is literally just a lot of loose fibres clinging on together. If you put too much pressure on it, it will pull apart. When you are knitting with it, please keep your tension loose! It will make the process much easier and really reduce the risks of pulling the wool apart – if this does happen, overlap the two ends like you normally would and roll them together a bit to help bond the fibres slightly then continue knitting carefully.

Each is Unique!

Everyone will naturally knit differently and therefore create different finished pieces. If you are after exactly the same blanket you have seen in a picture, it’s probably best to just buy that blanket. But if you are up for creating something of your own and enjoying the process then you will have a ball! Don’t worry that it’s not like the knitting you are used to, enjoy that this is something totally different and totally yours.

First Time Lucky

We all pick things up at different speeds so don’t panic if you need a few practice goes before you get it. The only thing to consider is that the more you use the yarn the more it felts – this will normally not show through in the finished product once it’s been processed but I can’t guarantee that as I don’t know how much you may felt it!

This is Your Baby

When you purchase the knit kit it becomes your baby instead of mine. The instructions within it are guidelines and of course you can change them as much or as little as you like. Whether or not you follow the instructions, if something goes wrong/doesn’t turn out how you expected that is not my responsibility. All measurements and calculations are approximate but I can assure you that these kits have been tried and tested on a number of people without any extra help from me, and each time were a success, therefore I am unable to accept any responsibility for the outcome of your blanket.

Same Rules Apply

Please refer to my Care page to see how to take care of your blanket once it’s been knitted. Most importantly, please remember that these are natural products made from un-spun wool which means pilling may occur. Pilling is a natural result of friction so the more you use the blanket, the more it will wear – just like if you have a nice woollen jumper you would avoid wearing it all day every day so that it can have a longer lifespan. When cared for properly, unspun wool blankets can have long lifetimes and keep you cosy for years. Spot clean any spills and dry clean when necessary.

Just for you  

Just one final point to mention and that is that I’m a small business trying to spread the joy of Giant knitting and I really hope you love it but please do remember that the patterns and instructions included in this Kit are made for personal use only, and should not be used or replicated for resale in any capacity as that would be an infringement of copyright.

Further info

(If you can take any more!)

Lead times vary depending on the stock of wool, generally the colours available for delivery straight away are – natural white, mink/blush, bright pink, mid grey, light grey & mustard. I hope to get all orders out within 2 weeks max but if you’re in a rush please do contact me first to discuss what’s in stock.

Merino wool is amazing to work with, it dyes really well so is available in a huge range of colours, it’s luxuriously soft wool that is beautiful on the skin. It’s a warm, natural fibre that retains heat whilst still remaining breathable (hence I can still knit in Summer without overheating!) it’s hypoallergenic so it’s great for sensitive skin. It comes with a higher price tag than some other wools but is worth it.

Possibly the most important part of the kit is the instructions for how to process the wool after its been knitted up (to give you an idea – the instructions have 10 steps and only 2 of those are actually knitting!) The way I process the blankets I sell is my secret ingredient but I’ve developed a more basic ‘at home’ version in the bathtub so you can do it yourself! (woo hoo) The knitting itself is much easier than you think, don’t let the huge scale put you off – it’s so much fun! If you drop a stitch you certainly know about it. The main thing to be aware of is your tension. As with all knitting, tension is vital – try to keep your tension quite loose and don’t pull the wool too hard when you’re knitting as it may pull apart. (more info below)

If you’re after a bigger or smaller blanket or another colour just let me know and I can set up a bespoke listing just for you, so that you can knit the blanket of your dreams!


1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9kg, 10kg

This Giant Knit Kit includes;

  • Giant Merino yarn (amount of your choice)
  • Pair of Giant 40mm Knitting Needles (or 35mm circular)
  • Knitting instructions for different stitches
  • Processing instructions

You can now choose to have your yarn in a hank or a ball!

Our Great Balls of Yarn are beautifully wound so you can start knitting straight away. Instead of spending your valuable time winding them yourself when you could be starting on your latest project, or having the worry of tangling up while you’re knitting, these balls are expertly and beautifully wound by us, for you.

Each hank/ball is around 200g (and 130m) and is best knit on 10mm-15mm needles.

If you choose to stick with hanks of yarn, most of our customers find it easier to wind them before knitting. Snip the ties holding the hank together and you’ll find the end of the yarn. Pop it over the back of a chair, a door handle or your knees and wind into a ball, before starting your knitting.

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