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LAD Christmas 2019

Lauren Aston
23 October 2019

Hello Ho Ho Ho!

Welcome to the LAD 2019 Christmas Blog! I’m am BUZZING that I can finally talk about Christmas and I can share some of the newness and updated…ness with you!

Shaking it up

This year we’re doing it slightly differently. I made a decision back in January that I’d rather bring out just a handful of new corkers rather than a boat load of mediocre products. When I looked back I felt like I introduced loads of new products last year but didn’t really give them a chance because it had been SO WEIRD what with my operation and moving into the studio so I felt like 2019 was a great time to take a breath, focus on our existing range and really refine it. We’ve tried to take real notice of what our customers are after and this year are introducing products we think they’ll truly love. We’ve also brought out more products throughout the year this year than ever before and I’ve been LOVING the immediacy of knitting something then developing it into a kit and watching you knit it.

Less Shit, More Substance

Another thing that’s been high on our list this year is not bringing out loads of useless ‘stuff’ for people to waste money on. With our poor environment in such a state we don’t just want to add to that, we want our products to be sustainable, sentimental and full of substance. Knitting is a BRILLIANT way to tick all these boxes and making your own clothes is a great way to create sustainable fashion….so why would we want to counteract that with unthoughtful products?

So, What’s new?

Well, based on what our customers have been loving this year…we obviously had to launch something leopard print, some subscriptions and a whole load of yarn. Then we’ve updated a lot of our existing products and tried to bring some more inspiration on how to use your knits.

So shall we dive in? Click on any of the images to learn more about them…

DIY Kits…

Build That Yarn Stash

Let’s start with the most fabulous one… for our seriously dedicated knitters we are bringing you the yarn stash to beat all other yarn stashes… “The Ultimate Yarn Stash Bumper Pack” – this rainbow stash is equivalent to over 34 hanks of yarn, and it has every single colour of LAD Super Chunky yarn, including some limited edition colours. It includes different quantities and amounts of all the colours perfect for a variety of patterns…in fact, you could knit ALL of the LAD patterns out of this one stash and have yarn leftover!

You can never have too much yarn!

If The Ultimate Stash is a bit much we have some smaller (but still huge) stashes. Available in two glorious colour ways – “Goes with Everything” or “ Bring the Zing” our Yarn Stash Bumper Packs are equivalent to 15 hanks of yarn but again include a mix of colours and quantities of Super Chunky Yarn. The colourways are totally dreamy and hopefully tick everyone’s boxes and this stash is an incredible gift for yarn lovers everywhere…or you could use it to knit ALL of your Christmas presents!


Give a Project Or Two

Our next offering came from an afternoon in the studio dreaming up gifts we’d like to receive….beautiful projects in the post every month? OH GO ON THEN! This listing is for 3 months of projects – you can choose between Beginner projects (for someone who’s new to knitting or who’s never picked up needles before but wants to give it a bash) or intermediate projects (for someone who’s already addicted!) Over the course of three months we will send them a beautiful package of projects to build their confidence and tool supply, including everything they need to whip up at least one project a month.


The Gift That Keeps on Giving

After many requests we’ve also made our Subscription boxes a giftable option. With a one-off payment you can send 3 boxes of a yarn subscription to a pal. Choose how many hanks and which type of subscription (Seasonal or Surprise) they’ll receive and we’ll do the rest!…

Not a Basic Knit…

One of our new kits I’m excited to launch is the new ‘Not Your Basic Stitch’ Jumper knit kit. It’s one I’ve been working on since January, it’s an advanced pattern (that will be free in our November Seasonal Subscription Boxes) that’s full of texture! The kit comes in a single colourway, or the pattern has got instructions to knit it in up to 5 colours in case you have a stash to work through.


Everything’s better with Rainbows

Our final little addition is a set of Rainbow colours to our pompom kits. You can make a pompom rainbow… and then add them to your cushions, blankets and clothes. Hang them off branches, off the tree, attach them to presents or make them into earrings… whatever you fancy, either way they’ll look incredible because they’re rainbow coloured pompoms.

Ready Made Knits…

A Roarsome Christmas

Let’s start with the Leopard Print Stockings of Dreams. We’ve given our best selling Stockings a bit of a wild makeover and made them leopard print.

Say My Name

We’re also bringing some more personalisation on our White and Granite Christmas Stockings – you can now have an initial stitched into them….

 Sorry about the shit pic, we’re working on a new one!

Sorry about the shit pic, we’re working on a new one!

Commission Knits

Not brand new but I’ve never mentioned them before (WHAT?! WHY NOT?!) We’re offering Commission knits of our best selling knit kit designs. The most popular one is the Dreamy Oversized Cardigan but we also sell the Cable Knit Jumper, the Button (kn)it Up Cardigan and the Pompom Jumper. We will only be making these for a little while longer this year as don’t have the time once Christmas Madness properly hits so if you want a commission knit in time for Christmas please order soon 🙂








That’s all for now

That’s all for today folks, I really hope you like the handful of options we’ve brought you. There are still a few more to come but I’m leaving them to have their own day rather than putting them in with everything else because they are so utterly fabulous! Let me know what your faves are and if there’s any gaps in the collection that you think we’re missing.

Thank you, as always for your amazing support. We couldn’t do it without you <3

Now pass me the mulled wine! Take Care,

L x

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