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We’re getting so busy in the studio I thought it would be a good time to cover a few FAQ’s (especially since when it gets busier, our inbox gets full quickly – so hopefully this can help answer some queries and save you some time waiting for us to reply!)


Q's about Orders:

How long for my order to be sent out?

Our despatch times vary depending on the time of year and how busy we are but we’ll always be going as fast as we can I promise! 

Normally we’re really on top of orders as it’s our priority to get you knitting ASAP but sometimes we have to wait on deliveries etc

In general we ask for:

– 1-3 working days for Mini Mohair or Super Chunky knit kits & yarn

– 1-2 weeks for Jumbo and Giant yarn products

– Up to a month for commission knits (Giant Knit Blankets and hand knit cardigans etc) 

We’re hoping to add despatch times onto the website in a more obvious way but for now hopefully this helps. 

If you ever need anything urgently (for a birthday etc) then please let us know in the notes section of your order and we’ll do our best – if it’s REALLY IMPORTANT that it makes it on time please email us first to check we can manage it.

Where is my order?

If your order status says ‘Packing’ it means it’s on our list and not left us yet. We’re trying to keep our Contact Page up to date with rough despatch times and updates if there’s delays so that’s a good place to check if you think it’s been there a while. I also try to give updates on Instagram stories when I can but appreciate not everyone will see those!

If your order status says ‘Despatched’ then it’s on it’s way to you and you should have received an email letting you know. If the value of your order was over £30 you will have a tracking link on your despatch email which you can click on to find out where it is. We do not have control over Royal Mail so if there is an order stuck in the system RM advise us to leave it 30 days before it is considered lost. 

If it’s been a strangely long amount of time since your order was despatched please check both your tracking details and that the address on your order was correct. We will always do our best to help as much as possible.

Can I add to my order?

We are more than happy to add to your order once you’ve placed it – in fact we postively encourage it!

As long as your first order is still in ‘processing’ or ‘packing’ (so we’ve not already sent it) just place a second order and let us know in the notes at checkout that you’d like us to send them together. Please let us know the order number ie ‘Please send this with order 12345’ so we can match them up easily. We can then refund your postage on the second order if applicable.

Can I return my order?

We hope you’re in love with your LAD order but if for any reason you’re not happy with it, as long as it’s in the same condition you received it then we will gladly take it back for exchange or refund within 30 days of you receiving it.

If you could let us know it’s coming via email and whether you’d like an exchange or refund we’d appreciate a heads up. And please pop a note in to explain as whoever in the studio might not know what to do with it otherwise.

Our address is:
Lauren Aston Designs Ltd
The Old Ticket Office,
Holman Way,

Please note we do not cover return postage or the postage paid on your order.

Where's my pattern?

All of our knit kit’s now come with a PDF download of the pattern and on each listing you have the option of adding a (free) hard copy to your order.  

Regardless of whether you tick the box to receive a hard copy or not, you’ll receive a PDF version. This can be found in your order confirmation email as a link. If you have an account with us (and you were signed in when you order) your link will also be in your account in the ‘downloads’ section.

The same goes for pattern purchased, if you purchase a pattern by itself it is always a pdf download. They can be found in your order confirmation and in your account. 

Why is international shipping so expensive?

We ship all over the world and if for any reason your country isn’t showing on the delivery page, just drop us an email.

Shipping costs have recently increased, with the biggest increase being to the US. We price all of our shipping on the weight of the item, using the Royal Mail calculator. We add a small amount to cover our packaging, but aside from that we don’t make any profit on shipping. If for any reason it ends up being less expensive than quoted, we will refund the difference.

Q's about Patterns

It looks like there's a rib on the cuffs of the sleeves but I can't see it on the pattern?

Short Answer: Just follow the pattern babes. It’ll all make sense soon!

For a number of reasons we often design our items to cast off on the cuff, so when you start knitting the sleeve, you’re knitting the shoulder part of the sleeve and as you go on you will come to the rib at the end.

Why are the short sleeves longer than the large? Is that right?

Short Answer: It is indeed right. 

We regularly get asked, when knitting a dropped sleeve jumper or cardigan why in some patterns the smaller sizes have more rows for the sleeves.

This is because with a dropped sleeve design, the ‘body’ of the garment covers the shoulders and some of the arms. Since the body panels are narrower for smaller sizes that seam where the sleeve joins is higher so we have to knit the sleeves longer to compensate.

We all have a similar arm span whether ‘small’ or ‘large’ so because the larger the size jumper, the wider the body means that the sleeves don’t have to be as long. So when the pattern says ‘add ** extra rows for medium and *** for small’ this is why.

I've never knit before, can I make the cardigan?

OK so, plenty of brand new knitters have started with the Dreamy Oversized Cardigan so it’s definitely doable but we always recommend starting with a smaller and super simple project to get you into the swing of things.

Any of the kits below are great for introducing you to knitting if you’ve never picked up needles before .

Having said that, if the Caridigan is the only thing you want to knit and your determined, it’s certainly possible! Our facebook group is amazingly friendly, encouraging and helpful too (we’re always here to help of course but the facebook group will give you varied perspectives and if we’re busy or it’s out of our working hours they’re often quick to reply)

I hope that’s helpful pals, I’ll try to update the FAQ’s whenever new ones pop up that might be relevant.

Take Care, 

Lauren x

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