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New Beginners Knit Kit

Lauren Aston
30 January 2019

Oh Hello There!

This week I come to you with YET ANOTHER NEW PRODUCT I know, we’re on a roll! I can’t quite believe it – however I’m also a bit concerned that the blog’s turning a bit salesy (Gross!) so next week I’m determined to do something that isn’t a new product – if there’s anything you fancy just let me know! I’ll even put a form at the bottom of this post to make it easier (plus I always like inspiration/ideas for posts haha!)


Show us the Knew Knit Kit!

OK so the newbie this week is *drumroll please!* The Beginners Boatneck Jumper Knit Kit. It’s been a loooooong time in the making (I’m so sorry to everyone who’s been waiting months!) but it’s finally here as a knit kit (from £50) and a pattern (for £7.) It’s currently on Pre-Order while I wait for the printing to arrive but it should be ANY day now (yippee) so they’ll be leaving very soon!

Firstly I’m super excited about it as it’s one for brand new beginners to learn the ropes (they’re my favourite patterns because I love it when someone picks up knitting needles for the first time and realises they can do it!) and secondly I’m so grateful for how it’s gone down so far. It’s a lovely simple pattern (also my faves because you can do it in front of the TV) but hopefully stylish, classic but with a bit of personality…

Key features:

Let’s break it down into bullet points (cuz they’re easier to read than all my writing)

  • For brand new beginners (Includes how to knit instructions)

  • Simple and stylish boxy fit with contrasting coloured sleeves

  • Can be made into a boatneck OR an off the shoulder jumper

  • Instructions for Cropped (as pictured) or Long Jumper

  • Pattern has sizes for S/M (UK 8-14) & M/L (UK 14-18)

  • Available as a pattern and knit kit

  • Simple stitches that can all be found on my Knitting Knowledge page

  • Adorable packaging & Free UK shipping

  • Access to the supportive and friendly Facebook Group Knitting Club

As ever – the hardest part is choosing your colours! (more on that below)

Choosing your colours

Obviously choosing your colours is totally up to you. It’s so personal and with a staple piece like this you really want it to go well with the other key pieces in your wardrobe. I absolute adore seeing which colours you choose (It’s my favourite part of the knit kits – all the ooooohing and aaaahing that goes on in the studio as we put them in the boxes is magic, then seeing your pictures afterwards is the actual greatest…) I try not to give my opinion because it’s nothing to do with me and so much is down to your personality, style and colouring. BUT on this occasion I do have a Top Tip (based on a mistake I made whilst sampling the jumpers)…

LAD’s Top Tip: I recommend going for a darker colour on the body and a lighter colour on the sleeves.

If I was to choose I’d select my favourite two colours and make sure they’ll go nicely together – for this I’d suggest either colours that are tonal or contrasting – last year when I introduced the Cushion kit I did a blog and included some images and information about mixing colours that might be helpful, Show Me!

Once I’d chosen my two colours I’d figure out which is darker (normally obvious but sometimes if you go for two bold colours it’s hard to tell in which case I’d say they’re about even) and order the darker one as Colour 1 (for the main body) and the lighter as Colour 2 (for the sleeves) …There’s just something about the balance of it. Having darker sleeves and a light body can seem a little off….having said that – if you do it the other way round I bet it would look fabulous and I’d be happy to be proved wrong so do let me know!

P.S First person to go Bright Pink and Candyfloss will go on the wall of great decisions (ok, we don’t have one yet but I’m 100% starting one!)

What’s in the box?

If you order a Boatneck Jumper knit kit this is what you’ll find in the box (as well as pretty packaging and a woollen bow)

  • 600g/800g (depending on the size you order) Super Chunky Yarn in the colours of your choice by Lauren Aston Designs

  • Knitting pattern

  • ‘How to Knit’ instructions

  • Tapestry needle

  • *Optional* 12mm knitting needles (35cm long)

(If you’ve previously ordered a Cardigan or Jumper kit they use the same 12mm long knitting needles so you wouldn’t need the needles in this)

 As you can see - this is actually the cardigan kit - I’m waiting for the printing to arrive for the boatneck jumpers then I can take a picture but this gives you an idea of the packaging. :D As you can see – this is actually the cardigan kit – I’m waiting for the printing to arrive for the boatneck jumpers then I can take a picture but this gives you an idea of the packaging. 😀

Styling your badass Jumper

Again, if you’d like a post on how to style your jumper just let me know (I don’t want to patronise you by assuming you don’t know how to wear clothes but I know I often find it useful from other brands and the Cropped Jumper Blog was one of my faves.)

The Boatneck jumper looks incredible with a shirt underneath (and the collar out – I also like to do up my collar and wear a necklace underneath – like you would a bowtie) It looks GORGEOUS under dungarees, fab with a skirt – especially the Off the shoulder neckline with a pencil skirt and of course it’s so easy to wear with jeans and I can’t resist a culotte.

When you’re choosing your colours it’s good to think how and when you might wear it as that can have a bearing on the colours you go for, for instance – I would wear my granite and mustard boatneck casually with jeans and dungarees, if I wanted to wear it with skirts, culottes and kind of ‘out’ more then I’d go for tonal greys, Pink and Candyfloss or maybe Emerald and Mid Grey – just based on my style and other clothes I could wear it with.

Bore Off already

OK I’ve gone on for long enough now, you get it – it’s a jumper, it’s for beginners, GREEEEAT. I’ll leave you with the links below in case you want to investigate further. Hope you’re having a magical week, I’m off to work on a new Toolkit (Define your Audience, it’s a bloody good one!) and then I’m starting to pack the Subscription boxes! We’ve been sent so many treats by wonderful small businesses so all of the subscription boxes will not only be filled with yarn but also a mx of greetings cards, foodie treats, prints, keyrings and MORE! It’s incredible! I’ll fill you in soon, THANKS TEAM!

Take Care,

L x


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