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New Collection Launch

Lauren Aston
18 October 2017


It’s finally time! I’m so excited to launch the new collection and see what you think, I’ve been working on it for just under a year and pulling it all together until, well a few minutes ago if I’m honest (organised as ever.)

It’s a real divide of both sides of the business with loads of new DIY products – that go hand in hand with my new book – as well as some capsule Ready Made items. I’ve tried to focus on doing a few things well rather than getting too distracted so there’s a few select additions that I hope you’ll love.

I’ll do a whistle stop introduction but each item will be linked so for more info just click on the image to visit the listing and hopefully it’ll tell you everything you need to know. If you still have questions you know you can always comment below or drop me an email (I’ve undoubtedly left out some crucial information somewhere haha)…oh Crikey, I guess there’s no more putting it off, I hope you like it all!…


Ready Made

The Rapunzel Scarf

Let’s start with the Rapunzel scarf as that’s the worst kept secret on my Instagram feed having done a giveaway for one earlier this week! Available, of course, in all the colours and shown here in Crimson and Mink Blush. It’s a simple plait effect scarf that can be worn long, wrapped once or even twice to get really snug. Possibly the easiest yet mot dynamic scarf yet since it’s so quick to throw on and style in a number of ways. 

+ Available in 30+ colours – £55 

 Rapunzel Scarf in Crimson Rapunzel Scarf in Crimson

 Rapunzel Scarf in Mink Blush Rapunzel Scarf in Mink Blush

Pom-Pom Blanket

I’m definitely cheating with this pom pom blanket because I haven’t yet had time to list it but I love it so much I thought I’d let you have a peek at it now while I’ll prepping it. It’s going to be a little lap blanket, in any colour with a selection of pompoms you can choose yourself. I love love love it and can’t wait until I’ve finished finalising the details. It should be around £230 

 Sooooon to launch! Sooooon to launch!

Tree Toppers/Bottle Cosies

Now we’re onto the Christmas specific products (the ones I’m always most excited about!) Let’s start with these little beauties – The Santa Hat Tree Toppers, you’re probably familiar with the Red one by now (as I show it off at every opportunity) and this year it’s joined by a matching ‘Elf hat’ for double trouble. Perfect to top your tree in either red or green and also available as a set so you can use them as bottle cosies on your Christmas Table or spruce up your gift bottles with some chunky knit fun. (I like to keep some around for unexpected visitors with presents so it looks like I’ve made an effort when I hand over a bottle in a random gift bag…There’s an insight into my personal life!)

+ Available in Green and Red £18 per topper or £34 for the set

 Tree Toppers/Bottle Cosies  Tree Toppers/Bottle Cosies

Chunky Knit Wreaths

I’m beyond excited about these beauties, the new Chunky Knit Christmas Wreaths are available in 4 festive colours and with numerous options, choose from small or large, add a bow or fairy lights and hang it from the beautiful leather strap (there’s even a hole cut out the back of strap so you can hang it simply and quickly on most nails or screws) I shan’t spam you with images of these as there are lots of options, I’ll just set the scene with some fairy lights …

+Available in Small or Large. Red, white, green and Candycane with optional Bow and/or Fairy Lights Starting at £40

 Large White wreath with fairy lights   Large White wreath with fairy lights

New Colours 

The final thing to note for both ready made items and DIY is that there are some new colours about…(spot them if you can!) a couple of pinks/reds, a few greens, an orange or two, and a fabulous Aquamarine. 

 New Colours - Crimson,Rose, Aquamarine, Cinnamon, pumpkin, Jungle and Moss New Colours – Crimson,Rose, Aquamarine, Cinnamon, pumpkin, Jungle and Moss


Do it yourself

For any knitters or beginners out there, prepare yourselves, there’s a lot to take in here (it’s taken me by surprise) so let’s start with the new wool. I’m now selling 3 different sizes of yarn (all beautiful Merino wool as I love it so.) In size order, biggest to smallest we have Giant, Jumbo and Super Chunky. The giant you are familiar with, it’s what I make the blankets with and uses 40mm needles. The Jumbo is new, It’s the middle weight yarn, the one I make cushions and santa hats with using 25mm needles and finally, the Super Chunky is a new ‘smaller’ yarn that I used a lot in the Knitting book and is for 10-12mm needles.  

 Here's a visual to make life simpler

Here’s a visual to make life simpler

Jumbo Yarn

(I’m skipping the Giant yarn as you already know it and just introducing the Jumbo yarn to start with…) The new Jumbo Yarn is also used for a number of projects in the knitting book, it’s a lovely middle ground for chunky without being gigantic. Ideal for both soft furnishings and accessories, it grows really quickly and the needles (also out now) are easy to use once you get going. Like the giant ones they can feel a little clumsy to begin with due to the larger size but you soon get used to the feel of them and then you’ll be away, whipping up scarves, cushions and santa hats in no time! 

+ Jumbo Yarn £27 per ball (500g)

+Jumbo needles £20

 Jumbo Yarn in Bright Pink, Midnight and Light Grey  Jumbo Yarn in Bright Pink, Midnight and Light Grey

Cable Knitting Needles

While we’re on the needles I will quickly just touch on the new Giant Cable knitting needles (40mm) for those ready to up their knitting game into giant cable knits. They don’t have the normal ‘V’ in them to hold the stitch because it’s not really needed when working in this scale (it’s big and complicated enough anyway, let’s at least keep the needles as simple as possible!) Cable knitting in this size is a bit awkward I must say however the results are so striking I always feel it was worth it, also because of the scale it knits up so quickly so doesn’t take very long to do anyway. Win Win! 

+Cable Knitting Needle £20

 Giant Cable knitting needle

Giant Cable knitting needle

Knit Your Own Santa Hats

A side note from one knitter to another – I’ll be honest and tell you that this one was not a decision I took lightly. This pattern is my chunky knit baby and the finished article is possibly the product I am most proud. Last year I was inundated with both orders for the hats and requests for the pattern. I felt a bit possessive I admit and didn’t want to share it (I’m an only child after all!) I’m happy to share it with you but the trouble is – there’s always someone that does something naughty, whether that’s put the pattern online for free or start a business selling them *facepalm* but after thinking about it long and hard, I really don’t want you lovely ones to not be able to use it just because of a few naughty ones, so I have released the pattern FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY (sorry to shout, but that bit really is important) so that you can share the chunky knit, santa hat joy along with me.

The details – There are two ways to go about making your own santa hat – It’s available to buy as a single pattern as a download if you already have wool and needles or you could get one of the new Santa Hat Kits which provide the wool and pattern, there’s also options to add the needles (and save £5 from buying them separately) AND you can also add more wool to make as many Santa Hat’s as you wish so that the whole family can feel festive! The more hats you make from 1 kit, the cheaper each one becomes. 

+ Available as a pattern for £6 or as a knit kit from £30 

 Santa Hat Knit Kit 
Santa Hat Knit Kit

Super Chunky Yarn

I’m so excited about the super chunky yarn, it may not be as impactful as the giant or jumbo yarn however, it’s beautiful to work with, still very much on the chunky side and available in a gorgeous range of colours. As ever it’s 100% merino wool so hypoallergenic. It’s also a great yarn for people learning how to knit – it’s size works really well for this as you can clearly see the stitches and it knits up quickly so you won’t get bored knitting a scarf for months, instead you could whip one up in a week. It creates a lovely squishy texture that is extremely wearable (for anyone who feels that the bigger ones are just a bit TOO BIG.) I used it for at least 9 projects in my book as I just LOVED working with it. 

+ Super Chunky Yarn £15 per hank (200g) 

 Super Chunky Yarn in Forest
Super Chunky Yarn in Forest

Super Chunky Bundles

There’s also a number of bundles available to help save some pennies there’s a bundle for Super Chunky Yarn so the more hanks you buy, the more you save. And a bundle or two to purchase the book (once it’s released next month) and get yarn with it. These are ideal gift sets for a knitter/beginner who can get started straight away! 

+Bundles start from £27

Off cuts 

While we’re getting crafty let’s talk about the boxes of Offcuts (the ones I’ve been promising for a year) I’ve separated them into 5 colour ways so you can choose your favourite then let your imagination run wild! It’s a mix of the Giant and Jumbo yarns all 100% merino wool, which is brilliant for felting. They’re also great for adding textures into weaves as well as fluffing up your gift wrapping, pom pom making or even as decorations if you style it out. The colour ways available are: Unicorn, Christmas, Brights, Pink&Mink and the oh so beautiful Tonal. They’re a fraction of the price you’d normally find the weight of the wool because they’d only be going to waste so I’d rather you have some fun with them, therefore the cost just covers the time and postage to get them to you 🙂 

+Offcuts are £7 per box  

 Unicorn offcuts
Unicorn offcuts


What’s that?? STATIONERY?! ohhhh yes! I’ve kept this surprise to the end. This year I’m branching out of my comfort zone to bring you some essential stationery… The 2018 Cosy Calendar and the necessary notebook for all ‘Procrastiknitters’ (get it?!) 

The Calendar: is a slim line beauty that fits basically anywhere with enough room to fill in your events and occasions – ideal for the kitchen or next to your desk (where I keep mine) Each page has a snug image and monthly mantra to keep you entertained and inspired (less Cheesy and more ‘you can do this’.) 

+ Slim Line Calendar £10

The Notebook: Made exclusively for us by Love Give Ink (fellow small business owners and notebook and stationery extraordinaires) these fun and fancy free notebooks are pure quality, filled with 140 lined pages to write pattern notes, to do lists and any other procrastinating techniques you can think of.

+Procrastiknitting Notebook £14

Workshops under wraps

The final surprise is still under wraps and being worked out but I can reveal that I’m doing some chunky knit workshops with one of my absolute FAVOURITE shops… Joules! We’ll be knitting Santa Hats in a couple of my local stores (in the South West) in November and early December. Details will be on their website soon and I’ll keep you posted of course! 

So that’s all folks

I really really hope you like it and that there’s something in there that makes you happy. I know it wasn’t hugely Christmassy but don’t forget the Stockings and Santa Sacks from last year, they’re timeless Christmas items to bring out year after year and for gifts there’s always blankets, cushions, DIY knits and some scarfs 😛 

Now I’m off for a glass of wine and a kip!

Take care, 

L x

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