Giant 40mm Knitting Needles

Giant 40mm Knitting Needles

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These beautiful pine knitting needles are perfect for knitting your own super chunky projects or giving as a gift to an enthusiastic knitting who's up for a challenge!

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Giant Knitting Needles

Handmade in England these giant knitting needles are ideal for your huge chunky creations. At just under 1 meter long they can knit blankets over 2 meters wide (and as long as you want!) They are designed to be used with the Giant Yarn which is available here.

These amazing needles are hand finished with wax to keep the lovely blonde wood showing and give a smooth finish.

I use mine everyday and i'm still not bored of knitting! I find it easier to use them either on the sofa or sitting on a low seat or stool so that they can rest easily on the floor. It's also helpful to have a wall or something heavy to but the end of your big knitting needles up to.

If you're really ready to up your giant knitting game you could get a Giant Cable Knitting Needle too! It can be a bit of a challenge to knit with on a such a huge scale but the result is always worth it! Plus the knitting goes by so quickly you don't need to struggle for long!

These needles are really fun to work with and are great if you already have the wool. If you're starting from scratch you may want to try the Knit Kits - Each of my items is hand processed after its been knitted up which helps bond all the fibers together and essentially is the quality finish on each item rather than simply knitting and leaving it. I've developed an at home version of this process which is available only in the knit kits. If you're after all the information and everything you need to know in one go then the knit kits offer it all.


I now have a Facebook group for those of you who have purchased from me, so please do come and show me what you're knitting!



Needles available:

1x Pair Giant knitting needles - 40mm diameter and just under 1m long

1x Single Cable knitting needle - 40mm diameter and just under 1m long