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New Massive Mohair Yarn

Lauren Aston
29 April 2020

Hello My Babes


So we launched some new Mohair yarn at the weekend and I’m IN LOVE WITH HOW MUCH YOU LOVE IT! I wanted to give you a little introduction to it as we were originally planning on launching it with a few kits but because of THIS *wildly gestures around* we decided that the world needed fluffy, joyful yarn now more than ever so we just went for it baby!

Meet Massive Mohair

Shiz To Know About The Moh

I’m going to do some quick fire ‘shiz to know about the Moh’ then we’ll look at what you can do with it. Sound good? YEAH I thought so too! Here we go…

⚖️ Each Ball is 100g
📦 Currently on Pre-Order, due in 2 weeks
🧶 Use with 12mm – 20mm knitting needles
⏱ It’s Limited Edition – it will not be around forever!
🌈 Available in 8 delicious colours – we might add a few more if you love it.
☁️ Super squidgy, considerably chunky and fluffy AF
📝 Currently on pre-order (so we can see if you love it as much as we do)
🐐 Made from a mix of fibres from happy Peruvian goats & acrylic

Is It Itchy?

The most common question so far seems to be ‘Is it itchy’ –  If you have sensitive skin (like me) you might find Mohair slightly itchy in which case we recommend wearing long sleeves underneath, but if you’re not so sensitive (like Chloe) it shouldn’t be itchy at all! Chloe’s been wearing the cardigans with bare arms since we made them and I quote ‘I frickin love the cardi!’ she said she didn’t find it itchy in the slightest so I think it’s really down to each of us individually and our sensitivity.

What Can I Knit In It?

What CAN’T you knit in it?! Because it’s so big and chunky you can knit projects up SHARPISH. You can use it with any of our current patterns and because it’s a bit chunkier than our LAD Super Chunky Yarn it comes out a little bigger.

We recommend sizing down if you make any of our existing patterns – even if you use the same size needles as normal.

Here's some we made earlier!....

I made the Drop It From The Top (Down) Jumper in it. I used Citrus (2 balls) and Sandstone (4 Balls) I followed the pattern exactly to make the ‘small’ size BUT I only used 15mm needles (no 10mm).

Meanwhile Helen experimented with the Button (Kn)it Up Cardigan

Helen knit the Button (Kn)it Up Cardigan in a Size ‘Small’ using 6 balls of Jade. It came out a little bigger than usual – it’s more like the Medium in Merino (which is why we recommend sizing down) but BOY isn’t it beautiful. Chloe has bagsied this one which makes sense because it looks so good on her. P.S Don’t even ask me where she found that beautiful denim boiler suit – all her clothes are vitange or charity shop finds and she always looks exquisite.

Here's The Twist....

So next, Helen tried knitting the Mohair yarn on 15mm needles…. Everything else was exactly the same – same Button (Kn)it Up Pattern, size size (Small) same Yarn (Massive Mohair) but this time on 15mm needles…I came out oversized and DREAMY AF…

She ended up using 7 balls of Powder Blue Massive Mohair yarn…. although we’ve had some discussions about this and think that you could easily take 8 rows off each sleeve and some stitches and rows off the body and then you’d likely only use 6 balls.

The 15mm needles make it a beautifully fluid knit, a bit more airy than the 12mm Jade cardigan. Both are beautiful options but really result in quite different finishes so if you’re going to give it a bash I’d say think about what you want the finished piece to look like… loose and slouchy or more full and fitted….


I’m going to leave you with more pictures of our delicious new Mohair yarn and get back to my knitting. I hope you’re having a lovely week, 

Take Care Pals,

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