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Why you Need to start knitting your Advent Calendar Now…

Lauren Aston
9 October 2019

Hi Gang!

There’s a definite chill in the air this week and I am HERE. FOR. IT! It feels like great time to start banging on about Christmas knits. I know it seems early but when it comes to the knit kits, some of them (like the advent calendar) take a little while to make so this is actually the perfect time for it. Also, this time last year I had already launched the Christmas collection so it only seems right that we start thinking about your festive knitting projects, because to be honest, it’s never too early to knit up your presents…!!

This year we really want to focus on the gift of handmade – you may not have gathered but we think it’s bloody lovely to make presents for people and it’s especially important at Christmas time. There’s nothing worse then getting a load of shit you don’t need for Christmas and I think generally we’re all becoming more aware, we’re trying to be conscious and responsible to our poor planet and to give more meaningful gifts with more thought, so if you’re a knitter, then basically you’re sorted!

So – first thing on your ‘knitting to-do’ list is our advent calendar! Yep – consider this an instruction from me to you to start knitting it now! This kit is perfect to get going on while you’re busy watching Strictly (or whatever takes your fancy) – make up a stocking (or two) each evening and before you know it, you’ll have the whole lot done in plenty of time to stuff full with even more thoughtful ideas…

The LAD advent knit kit

The kit itself is suitable for intermediate/advanced knitters but if you’re only a beginner, this is still possible for you – it will just take a little bit of time getting used to the shaping around the toe. The kit comes with a ball of red yarn and instructions on how to chain stitch so you can number or decorate your stockings. It contains everything you need to create 12 days of Christmas or the whole advent, and once it’s knitted up it makes a gorgeous heirloom to get out every year.


Advent Calendar


So… where to hang

If you’ve got a mantel, the ‘12 days’ garland fits lovely hung above a fire, or on a bed head. You can artfully hang the whole advent on the wall, or even draped over a ladder. You could even hang the stockings individually on your tree or wind the whole length around the tree if you’ve not got enough wall space for the whole garland – and remember you can make the cord as long or short as you like, spacing them closely or far apart! Or why not arrange some twigs in a festive jug on your dining table and hang the stockings on them? Kids (or big kids) will love hunting for the number of the day and finding out what’s inside the little stocking…!

OK, so once you’ve spent a few hours knitting up your advent calendar, you don’t want to fill it with plastic crap, it kind of goes against why you’re doing it in the first place! So, it got us thinking about what would we most love to find in our own advent calendars? Well first up – obviously there’s chocolate, but if you want to be a bit more inventive then why not try something a bit more personal? Depending on who the advent is for, why not try things like; seeds, lego, homemade biscuits, craft items, mini stationery, play doh or make up? Try to fill it with things you know they will actually use (or eat!)

In the studio, our favourite idea though, is messages. Whether it’s different acts of kindness, games to play, tasks or jobs for loved ones, motivational quotes, or mindful notes – there are so many different things you can pop into the stockings, and whatever age you are, you’ll love reading that day’s note.

There are loads of ideas on Pinterest with free printouts, but we thought we’d do our own, just for you. We’ve created two different sheets that you can print out and cut up to pop into your hand knitted stockings. One sheet is perfect for kids & family, the second is general or you could write your own some lovely paper. You could save your Christmas Cards each year and cut out elements from the front of them and write messages on the back of them to pop in your advent calendar the following year. (Gosh, aren’t you organised!)

Click on either (or both!) of the images below to download them, then cut them out and pop them in your advent calendar!

Mini Stocking Garland

If you love the advent but don’t want numbers, or would like your stockings in a different colour, then our mini stocking garland might be a preferred project for you. You can still use it in the same way – or even use the individual stockings as gift tags for your presents.

Mini Stocking Garland


Choose Colours & Add to Cart

Either garland you choose, we recommend starting to knit now so that you can be sure to have it all finished for the beginning of December (…no, you’re freaking out about how quickly this year is going!)

Please do show me your pics of any advent garlands you make and where you hang them and what you end up stuffing them with! And if you’ve got yourself a LAD knitting project on the go, do come and share on the Facebook group too (It’s ‘Lauren Aston Designs Knitting Club’ on Facebook – exclusive for LAD Knit Kit and Pattern customers.) See you next week for the official (!!) Christmas product launch!

Take Care,

L x

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