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Stash Busting Knits

Lauren Aston
16 September 2020

Oh Hey There!

Welcome back, I hope you’re keeping well.

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of September, when did that even happen?! Since August, we’ve been doing weekly product launches of fabulous new knit kits, yarn and ready made delights! It’s basically a roll into our Christmas launch, rather than launching them all in one go like previous years we thought we’d eek it out for longer… but I didn’t want to get too Christmassy too soon so we’re trying to slowly start sneaking festive bits in when it feels right. Having said that, 2 weeks ago we had to launch a Christmas knit because it’s ready made so we’re only doing them for a limited time. We’re offering Personalised Mini Stockings ‘Made for you’ for September only (and making a limited number of them – we’re nearly at capacity but there’s still a few slots left)

When launching them I was really nervous that people would be mad we’d gone in on Christmas so early. But I was delighted to learn most people feel ready and raring to go with all the Christmas knits we can squeeze in. Of course it makes sense that after such a shit show of a year we’d all be looking forward to something magic to enjoy together. ANYWAY, I went off on this tangent because I wanted to say that – turns out, you’re well up for Christmas knits and now is the perfect time to start knitting. Whether you’re making gifts, decorations or just want to bust your yarn stash to make way for more. Speaking of which….

We have something very exciting coming soon that you might want to clear some space for… It’s launching in October and very limited so lets just say it would be ADVENTageous for you to be on our mailing list if you’d like to be the first to find out. 


But for now, let’s get back to some serious stash busting! I wanted to give you some ideas for when you have a great big stash of yarn that you want to use up. As I mentioned, now is a great time to get working on some gifts, stocking fillers and decorations in preparation for Christmas. 

If you get our Yarn Subscription boxes hopefully this will give you some inspiration to how you can use up your limited colours too…

Ultimate Stash Busters

These two patterns are perfect for busting your yarn stash, use as many colours as you can get your hands on and go absolutely wild. They’re both super simple and pretty quick. The blanket is a great beginners project for learning to knit and the pompom wreath doesn’t even require knitting!…

Get Creative

The other thing I really love to see is when you get super creative with colours. If you have lots of hanks in just one colour (ie from our Seasonal Subscription Boxes) then take a simple jumper pattern and mix it up with all your colours. Some really simple ways to mix colours are stripes, colour blocks, a pop at the top of a jumper, different coloured sleeves, Rainbow effect or the front and back being different colours… the most important thing is to choose colours you love together and just go for it!  Here are some patterns you could really jazz up….

Well, I hope that’s helpful! We’ve got loads more inspo over on Pinterest for knitting projects and our ‘Sub Box Ideas’ board really focuses on mixing colours imaginatively…

Take care pals, 

Speak soon! 

Lauren x

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