Our Ethos

Our Wool

We source our yarn from happy sheep. Although we’d love to use British farms to provide us with wool, we only use Merino wool (due to its many magical properties and the fact that Lauren is allergic to a lot of other wool), Merino sheep are not native to this country so the wool itself if provided from farms around the world, however we are very careful where we do source our fibre from. Our Merino is from South America and the South African Cape and we don’t buy from farms that mules their sheep. 

The best quality wool comes from happy sheep.  If a sheep has a poor diet and general poor health its fleece will suffer; Both the quality of life for the sheep and the quality of wool it produces are hugely important to us. We have strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure that we can trust them and their practices.

Sometimes questions are raised about the shearing of sheep and their treatment in that respect. Merinos are known to have very baggy skin (the more skin there is, the more wool there is), so shearers have to pay attention to what they are doing as they shear but they are all trained well to do it as efficiently and kindly as possible and the sheep are a lot happier once their 5kg fleeces are off!

Our Values

We are really aware that we need to do our bit for the environment. We try to source our supplies responsibly and as much as we can from the UK. We aren’t perfect and we’ve got a long way to go - if there is anything you can suggest for us to reduce our impact then we are all ears!

Some of the ways we try to make a difference are;

  • using reusable & recyclable packaging (we are working on making it all 100% sustainable)

  • giving profits from certain products to charity

  • promoting a slow fashion lifestyle and using our platform to encourage sustainability

  • encouraging mindfulness and mental health awareness through the enjoyment of knitting

  • growing our own awareness of what we can do to lessen our impact on the world

  • educating ourselves on inclusivity and representation in business

  • supporting the local community by providing as many jobs as we can

  • promoting community and friendship with our customers - we want to nurture relationships rather than focus on sales

If you would like to talk to us in more detail about any of the above points, or can offer us any advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch.