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11 Clothing Patterns you can make with 4 hanks of yarn

We’re so obsessed with our Monthly Selection Boxes we wanted to pull together some patterns you could make with them. Sometimes you’ll have yarn left over and others you may have to think creatively on how to apply your colours but with selections this good… you can’t go wrong!

Think stripes, colour blocks, a different shade on the front and back, 50/50 colour change and go absolutely WILD babe. Here’s some inspo for what you can make…

1. Merimoh Jumper

The Merimoh Jumper is ideal for mixing up your colours, you could use 1 solid colour of Mini Mohair between and alternate each of your yarns for the Super Chunky sections.

2. Thomas the Tank Top

This straightforward knit looks amazing when you mix up the colours. You could save one colour exclusively for the trims and alternate the other three throughout the body or use them all and then mix up the trims as well. So many options! My only advice would be not to do more than 3 rows of one colour at once.

3. Head in the Clouds Jumper

The Head in the Clouds jumper uses 3 colours already, if you shake up the colours slightly it'll work so well with your monthly selection box. I'd suggest 2 colours for the striped sleeves and then splitting the next two colours to either the back and front being solid (but different shades) or going 50/50 on the front and back.

4. Little Layer Waistcoat

A really cute knit where you'll have plenty of yarn left over to use in another project. You could randomly stripe it or colourblock using a colour for each front panel, one for the back and then the final colour for the trims round the arms and neckline.

5. Roll Up Knit Down Jumper

Using 4 hanks of yarn the Roll Up Knit Down jumper pattern will work perfectly. Keep your stripes the same as the pattern and alternate your colours a few times or make them wider and just have 4 stripes of colour in total.

6. Cosy Club Poncho

Designed originally for our Seasonal subscription box our Poncho is a great way to mix all your colours in a simple, beginner friendly- and super cosy- project. The pattern talks you through using multiple colours so you'll be sorted in no time.

7. Waste Not, Want Not Cardigan

This fun remnants pattern is a great way to use up plots of colours, you could knit it all in stripes, random or uniform or personally I'd choose one colour for the solid colour at the bottom and then alternate the other three randomly above...

8. Drop it from the Top Down Jumper

A nice intermediate pattern to apply some fun colour blocking to. The Drop it from the Top Down Jumper already used 2 colour but there's nothing to stop you using 4.... You could either work 4 chunky stripes OR knit the top one colour (as per the pattern), the bottom of the body another and then knit your two sleeves in your other 2 colours!

9. Beginners Boatneck Jumper

A wonderfully simple knit the beginners boatneck Jumper would be ideal to mix up your colours. I'd suggest the front, back and each of the sleeves in a different colour to really show off all your colours, to tone it down slightly you could lose one colour (I don't know how you'd choose!) and do the sleeves matching and the front and back in different colours.

10. Super Purlfect Vest Top

You won't need much yarn for this one at all so you'll be able to spread out your colours however you fancy! Stripes, blocks, with 2, 3 or 4 colours! It's a quick and fun knit that works over loads of clothes for a lovely layer.

11. The Weekend Sweater

I think this one speaks for itself - the Weekend Sweater looks amazing with thick stripes in different colours, and if you have enough yarn you can even make a patch pocket for it.

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