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14 Quick and Easy Knits

If you’re after some super speedy and extremely easy knitting projects then we’ve got you covered. Last minute gifts, yarn stash busters or just something to fill an hour or two… look no further friends. Here are my favourite quick and easy knits…


Simple Snood

Perfect for absolute beginners, and uses just 1 hank of yarn... you'll be snug in approximately 2 hours with this snood.

fingerless gloves

Fingerless Gloves

Using 1 ball of our washable Big Little Yarn these fingerless gloves can easily be made in one evening. Add texture or stripes to your hearts content!


Classic Duet Cushion

Using less than one hank of Super Chunky Yarn per side, this beginner friendly cushion cover uses just knit and purl stitches and can be whipped up in around 3-4 hours.


Face Cloth set

Not only are they super simple and really speedy, the No Scrubs Face Cloth and make up wipes make great gifts! One ball of Big Cotton yarn will make a full set sharpish!


Christmas Sack

Feeling festive? Our Super Chunky Christmas Sack can be made in around 4 hours! Using 2 hanks of Super Chunky Yarn (and an additional colour if you're personalising.)


Squidgable Scarf

To be honest, all of our Scarves are quick and easy so it doesn't just have to be squidgable. They tend to use 2 balls of Super Chunky Yarn and work up really fast so you'll be able to leave the house in warmth in no time at all!


Beginners Blanket

Obviously this one depends on how big you're going, our general rule is 2 hours for every hank of Super Chunky yarn so you could have a gorgeous lap blanket in record time or a mahoooosive super king sized cover in... well it would take a bit of time but still much much faster than if you made it on 5mm knitting needles.

A simple pattern that can be adapted to make any size you like, and a perfect Christmas, new baby or Birthday gift for a chilly friend.


Santa Hat

Our best selling Christmas knit - The Jumbo knit Santa Hat. Now here's a fun one! It works up in no time at all thanks to the really big knitting needles and uses only basic techniques (but warning; you won't want to stop once you start!)

cuffs 2

Claudia Cuffs

Named after Ms Winkleman herself (we'll tell you why one day!) These super cute cuffs use Mini Mohair and basic stitches (with one increase stitch to create the flare) they're fun and fast and if I do say so myself... rather fabulous!



Knotted Headband

Another corker for an absolute beginner, out Knotted headband is a brilliant way to use up your yarn stash really quickly and it makes a really sweet gift too!


Chunky Knit Crown

A total winner, especially at Christmas time but also for Birthday babes. Our Chunky Knit Crowns are ideal for beginners, use minimal yarn and can be whipped up in about 30 mins!

My favourite thing to do is make one for everyone around the Christmas table, I love choosing which colour is *them* and wrap them up, they then triple up as place settings, favours AND replacements to the paper crowns in the crackers.

tree garland 5

Spruce it Up

Another lovely and quick knit for Christmas, the 'Spruce it up' Tree garland uses simple stitches and each tree takes around 15 minutes - not only can you make them into a garland but you can use them individually as place settings, gift tags and tree decorations!


You're My Vest Friend

Not a 15-minute-quick knit but a fairly fast one none the less! Use up the Big Little Yarn you have by making this cute and cosy vest. Suuuuper simple and goes with so many outfits.


Feelin Pine Garland

You can't get a more simple tree garland than this beauty! Make it as long or as short as you like, use one colour or work through your stash to make it multicoloured. Then Dec the Halls honey!

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