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Lauren's Top 11

It won’t come as any surprise to you that I found it very hard to narrow down my favourite products because so many of them have a special place to me, however here’s a selection of 11 of my absolute fave products that we sell (and if you’d have asked me a week or two later I’d have to swap it around a bit as we’ve got some CORKERS about to launch – including our new LADvent Calendar which is always one of my favourite products of the year as we put so much into it!)

Special shout-outs to the products that didn’t QUITE make the list: the Simple Scarf which I just don’t think you can ever go wrong with, the new ‘You’re my Vest Friend’ vest which I throw over every dress and shirt I wear lately and the Lounge Socks which are just perfect for autumn and make a killer gift.

But now onto the Chosen Ones that made it…


Merimoh Jumper

I can still remember the feeling developing this pattern. Every time I swapped between yarns I felt so excited to see it growing and changing. I think it turned out so wonderfully, it feels both fun and classic to me, you could dress it up or down and I always love that.

waste not want not

Waste Not Want Not Cardigan

Originally developed for our 2022 LADvent Calendar and a way of using up the remnants of yarn, I love that this cardigan ticks so many boxes - it looks so cool when finished, it uses up what would otherwise be waste yarn and it encourages you to get creative with how you apply your colours!


Frill Seeker Camisole

This is one of the items of clothing I've worn the most since we opened the shop (now I have a reason to dress up a bit and not just sit in leggings and t-shirts all day) - it goes with SO many outfits. Over dresses, shirts, t-shirts. With trousers, skirts, kilts ANYTHING. I blinking love it and I'm particularly fond of it in Cornflower (shown here) such a zing!


The Loop Bag

The loop bag is such a great knit using our Big Cotton Yarn - it's a fun year round shopping bag that can also be used as a casual handbag. It has fabulous circular handles and it's a great pattern that pushes you slightly to use different stitches and techniques but isn't impossibly hard by any means.


The Fika Jumper

I can't believe this design came from my brain. I am SO PROUD of this jumper. My favourite colour combo is this Limited Edition grass green and sage combo that was developed for our Subscription box at the beginning of the year (I worked on it over Christmas..) It's one that looks a hundred times more complicated than it actually is but in truth the shaping and mainly the colourwork are beautifully simple and that make me even more proud.

Jigsaw 5 (1)

LAD Yarn Jigsaw Puzzle

The Jigsaw puzzle was created simply because I bloody love a jigsaw! How could it not be my fave when it's a product designed entirely with me in mind haha! I love the idea that knitters and non-knitters alike get to enjoy some yarny goodness and my fellow puzzlers will hopefully appreciate the image that we chose on purpose to make it difficult.


Luxe Layer Jumper

The Luxe Layer was named that because it just feels classy AF to me. The absolute CLASSIC knitted jumper in DIVINE Mini Mohair yarn... or Alpaca yarn for those of us who's skin lights up when we go anywhere near wool.

I wear my Alpaca version of this jumper on a regular basis and feel so fancy and cool when it graces my bod. I do feel devastated that I can't wear Mini Mohair as the colour selection in that is exceptional (I'd start with Iris) but thankfully the Alpaca is stunning and super soft so I'm a happy chap regardless!


Beginners Blanket

An oldie but a goodie, the beginners blanket is an essential for me, we basically have one in every room. It's a straight forward knit (that's PERFECT to use up your yarn stash or our Subscription box yarn - in fact in comes free with our Monthly Selection box for this very reason!) You can make it any size you like from baby blanket to Super King sized. Winning babe.


Bunny Bonnet

I will never get over the cuteness of these bunny ear bonnets. Seeing my baby run around the garden with her little bunny ears flopping about is such a core memory. I make them for friends kids too as they're such lovely gifts and don't take very long to knit up. They are perfect for Easter but also nice to live in the dressing up box for year round joy.


What a Frill Vest

You know me and a frill! Anywhere I can add a frill - I'm at it! The What a Frill vest is made using our GORGEOUS (and seriously underrated) Big Little Yarn. It's a slightly smaller yarn than our Super Chunky so is a finer finish which I really love. I love this in the Pacific blue (shown here) but also want to make one in Shrimp to feel a bit more spring-time.


Fill Your Boots Christmas Stocking

I couldn't not finish on a festive knit as we're creeping into my favourite season. While the Jumbo Santa Hats will always have a special place in my heart as one of my first Christmas knits, last year we released these zero waste stockings and they were SO addictive to make, I can't wait to knit more this year. It's so much fun using up your remnants and choosing which colours go where - they all look fabulous together in a beautiful mix-and-match way but also the colours you choose and the order you knit them in can still really reflect the person you're making them for, feeling super personal and special.

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