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Blocking is a term that is used in knitting which means to ‘finish’ your knitted item by wetting it to retain its correct size and shape and to even out stitches. Most yarns can be blocked using steam or water, but all are different so it is best to check beforehand.

Blocking your LAD knits isn’t necessary, but some of our customers like to block their items as it can reduce pilling in the long term.

Because our merino yarn is extremely delicate, we don’t recommend wet or steam blocking options – we suggest using the Spray Blocking method.

How to Spray Block

Lay your item on a dry towel on a flat surface. Spritz / mist with a spray bottle of room-temperature water until the whole surface is damp. Pull the item into the desired shape and pin if desired (but we don’t find that this is necessary). Leave the piece to dry completely.

And that’s it! Your knit is finished and you can move on to your next project!!