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Double Pointed Needles

If you don’t have enough stitches to knit on circular needles then you want to knit on Double Pointed Needles. It’s another one of those knitting techniques that looks terrifying but is actually FINE (I promise!) Once you’re all set up you basically just ignore the extra needles and work on two – like you normally would.

You tend to get Double Pointed Needles (DPN’s) in sets of 4 or 5 and your pattern will tell you how many you need. My video shows 4 needles so my explanation will be for 4 (but if you have 5 just add an extra one in)

Use just two of your needles to cast on like normal, then divide the stitches evenly across 3 of your needles (or divide across 4 if you’re using 5) simply slip them onto the other needles (You can cast on to each needle individually if you prefer, I just find this way easier). Arrange your needles in a triangle with the tips overlapping and as with circular needles make sure the case on edge isn’t twisted. Pull the tail of your working yarn across from the last stitch and, using your free needle knit into the first stitch (like on circular needles.) Knit all the stitches on your first needle onto your working needle. What was the first needle no longer has any stitches on it so this now becomes your working needle. Use your working needle to knit all the stitches from the second needle, then knit the stitches on the third needle and you’ve completed a round! You may want to use stitch markers to mark the beginning and end of your rounds.

That’s basically it! It definitely looks more complicated than it is! Happy knitting….