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Double Pointed Needles

If you don’t have enough stitches to knit on circular needles then you want to knit on Double Pointed Knitting Needles. It’s another one of those knitting techniques that looks terrifying but is actually FINE (I promise!) Once you’re all set up you basically just ignore the extra needles and work on two – like […]


Stranded colourwork is a knitting technique that means you can use two or more colours. You do this by carrying the colour you’re not using across the back of the work. It’s a lot easier than it looks/sounds so don’t be afraid of a colour work pattern because they can be SUPER FUN! Essentially all […]


Cable knitting always look and sound a lot harder than they actually are, as soon as you’ve got the hang of knit and purl stitches, cables really are an easy step, basically all you’re doing is swapping the placement of some stitches so it creates a twist in the fabric. To do this you just […]

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