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Loop Stitch

A stitch technique to add a fluffy brim to our Super Chunky Santa Hat.

You can find lots of videos on how to do Loop Stitch on youtube – we are working on our own video so will upload that here as soon as we have finalised it. Please note there are quite a few different ways of knitting the loop stitch so have a look around and see which one you find the most comfortable. The instructions below explain the technique we used.

You will be knitting into the same stitch twice. With the first, start as you would a knit stitch, but when you wrap your yarn around your needle, create a loop by wrapping the yarn around your left hand thumb or finger in front of your two needles and place your yarn back through the two needles where it has just come from. So you will have your two needles with a loop of yarn in between them at the front. You then insert your right hand needle back into the same stitch and knit as normal (if you find it easier to transfer your loop to the right hand.) Because you have knit into the same stitch twice, you will now have two stitches on your right hand needle. As if you were casting off, bring the first stitch over the second and drop off the end of your right hand needle.

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