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Knit 1 – through back loop

Rather than working through the front of the stitch as usual, sometimes the pattern will instruct you to work through the back loop of a stitch (which can leave a neater edge if it’s at the end of a row, it’s normally followed by slipping the first stitch on the following row)

Knit Stitch Below

You work a KSB into a knit stitch from the previous row, this pulls your work up, making the rib stand out more and the work squishier. Insert your needle into the centre of the knit stitch from the row below when instructed and knit like normal. On the back it will look like you’ve […]

Duplicate Stitch

Duplicate stitch is a way of sewing a design on top of your knitting, using the yarn to trace the knitted stitches so it looks as though you’ve knit it in. It leaves a slightly raised design (as you end up with two strands of yarn for every stitch) but is really effective and looks […]

Slip, Slip, Purl

Slip one stitch knitwise, (to do this – place your right hand needle into the stitch as if you’re going to knit it, then before you knit it slip it off the left hand needle onto the right hand needle) Slip the next stitch knitwise  (so both stitches are unknit and on the right hand needle) […]

Long Tailed Cast On

There are a few different ways to cast on and this Long Tail Cast on is a nice stretchy one and is popular with knitters. You use the tail of your yarn to create the stitches so make sure you have enough of a tail for all the stitches you want – to do this […]

Loop Stitch

You can find lots of videos on how to do Loop Stitch on youtube – we are working on our own video so will upload that here as soon as we have finalised it. Please note there are quite a few different ways of knitting the loop stitch so have a look around and see […]

Cable Cast On

For the cable cast on, you put your right hand needle through the front and the back of your cast on stitch, before slipping the new loop onto your left hand needle. This is different to a standard knit cast on where you just put your right hand needle through the front of the stitch. […]

Yarn Over

Bring your yarn to the front of your work between your 2 needles (as you would for a purl stitch) then knit the next stitch like normal… where you brought your yarn around it will have created a second stitch.

Double Roll Neck

Doubling over your roll neck is super simple just a bit fiddly. Once you’ve knit to the correct length you need to pick up your cast on stitches one by one and place them on your left hand needle. You then put your right hand needle through both your original stitch (the one that you’d […]

Make One

  To ‘Make’ a stitch is a simple technique: Pick up the bar between 2 stitches Place it on the left hand needle Then knit into the back of it (just like you’d normally knit a stitch but instead of inserting your needle in the front of it, insert it through the back – this […]

Knit in Front & Back of Stitch

KFB is a way of increasing your stitches which is used in lots of patterns to shape your knitting. It’s a nice easy technique: 1. When you reach the stitch you need to increase: knit the stitch as normal but do not drop it off the left hand needle. 2. Keeping that stitch on the […]


Stranded colourwork is a knitting technique that means you can use two or more colours. You do this by carrying the colour you’re not using across the back of the work. It’s a lot easier than it looks/sounds so don’t be afraid of a colour work pattern because they can be SUPER FUN! Essentially all […]


Cable knitting always look and sound a lot harder than they actually are, as soon as you’ve got the hang of knit and purl stitches, cables really are an easy step, basically all you’re doing is swapping the placement of some stitches so it creates a twist in the fabric. To do this you just […]

Mattress Stitch

You’re essentially mimicking the shape of the knitted stitches so it blends in. There’s not really an easy way to write about it but I’ve made some basic videos, they aren’t fancy but I hope they’ll help… (let’s not talk about my terrible nail polish in the side seam video! Top Tip: never buy mushroom […]

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