Box of Balls

Box of Balls

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The perfect random selection of Super Chunky Yarn balls for your multicoloured projects…

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Box of balls

This multicoloured selection of Super Chunky Yarn is so much fun. With a box of different coloured and sized balls you can knit up a scarf or make heaps of pompoms. It’s deliciously soft and ideal for encouraging you to get even more creative with your woolly projects, just see where the mix of colours and quantities takes you!

Your box will include a selection of different colours from our glorious range of 20 shades - we can’t guarantee they’ll all be included but we do promise to give you a fun and fabulous collection of colours that work well together. Each ball with be a different size/amount all adding up in total to either 200g, 300g or 400g (depending on the amount you choose) give or take 5% (as each ball is a different weight it won’t necessarily be bang on) you might get some much bigger than others which is all part of the fun!

The idea for this box was originally born from me knitting a scarf with all the scraps I had left over from other projects, it resulted in one of my favourite makes EVER and seemed to go down well on Instagram so I thought we’d make them available to you too! In the end I created a colourful and fun scarf that I absolutely loved making - it was so enjoyable selecting which colours to go in which order, choosing the ones that worked well next to each other and letting the amount of each ball dictate how long the section was. Due to the size of the yarn it knits up wonderfully quickly so you can whiz through projects in no time!

Like the rest of our yarn it's 100% Merino wool which also means it's hypoallergenic so perfect for knitters with sensitive skin and is best knit on 10mm-12mm needles. This Super Chunky yarn is used for 9 of the projects in my Knitting Book and nearly all of the patterns available on the site. You could easily make the patterns in multicolour from this box (maybe just knit your ends in so you don’t have to sew them in after!) 

I now have a Facebook group for those of you who have purchased from me, so please do come and show me your knits!



200g - equates to 1 hank of Super Chunky Yarn. With 200g you could make plenty of smaller projects such as a snood, a shorter scarf, hats, gloves etc

300g - equates to 1.5 hanks of Super Chunky Yarn. With 300g you could easily make the above or a longer scarf, a Hot Water Bottle Cover.

400g - equates to 2 hanks of Super Chunky Yarn. With 400g you could knit a long scarf (like mine!), a cushion cover or a sleeveless jumper!

Optional Extras:

You have the option of adding 12mm Knitting needles (‘short’ 25cm)

You also have the option of adding the Scarf Pattern - the pattern has instructions for one colour but you could simply introduce the colours as you get to them.


Aquamarine, Black, Bright Pink, Candy Floss, Cinnamon, Damson, Emerald, Forest, Granite, Heather, Light Grey, Lilac, Mid Grey, Mink Blush, Mustard, Natural White, Navy, Pewter Brown, Ruby Red and Scarlet

Please note that not all colours will be included in your box! We’ll put in a lovely selection of as many as we have though!


Blend: 100% Merino Wool
Yarn Weight: Super Chunky 1/1.5nm
Length: 130m approx
Hank Weight: 200g approx -/+ 5%
Needle Size: 10-12mm
Tension/Gauge Stitches per inch: 3
Tension/Gauge Rows per inch: 3
WPI: 7