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Introducing: Sock it to me Lounge Socks

Lauren Aston
20 May 2020

Hello You Babes

How are you doing this week? It’s been a beautiful sunny day here and now I’ve got an evening knitting ahead of me so I’m in my happy place!

I’ve been so looking forward to this week’s blog because (you may have guessed from the title and the massive picture…) I get to introduce you to the new Sock Kit! *yaaaas!*  Shall we dive straight in so that we can look at the BEAUTIFUL pictures Chloe took and talk about how lush chunky knit socks are?!…OKAY THEN!….

Talk to me about these socks...

I’ll do a quick intro then we’ll go through a few FAQ’s that have come up:

The Socks are a pattern from my Super Chunky Knits book. They are an Intermediate – Advanced pattern mainly because they’re knit on Double Pointed Needles (more on that below) You can get the pattern alone, get it in the book or as part of the knit kit. The pattern gives options for different sizes and lengths of socks and you can go for two or even three colours….. how to choose?!

OK, so the main questions I’ve had so far are: 

How hard are they really?

So honestly, I wouldn’t try them if you’re an absolute beginner. The needles – although easier than they look – might still be a touch confusing if you’re brand new and also there is some manoeuvring of stitches and things that might just end up frustrating you if you’re brand new. However if you’re used to a bit of knit, purl, shaping and maybe you’ve used circular needles before then I’d so you could give it a good bash! The pattern talks your through round by round and there are videos to help plus our magical magical facebook group.

Can I use Magic Loop Technique with Circular Needles?

So basically you can use magic loop technique for almost anything (essentially it’s just knitting on circular needles but ignoring the cord) but I really would recommend just giving into your fear of double pointed needles because you wont have to grapple with the cord each round. It will likely be quicker and easier with DPN’s. Check out the video below and hopefully that will help 🙂

Can I make them different sizes?

Yes absolutely, the pattern helps guide you through. The pattern is written for UK size 5-6 feet as a guide, but has clear indication on where and how to make them bigger or smaller.

What's in the box?

The socks are made in different colours using around 150g of yarn so they’re perfect for busting through your yarn stash. If you get a knit kit, it will include:

  1. The pattern
  2. 100g Super Chunky Yarn for your ‘Main Colour’ (colour of your choice) 
  3. 50g Super Chunky Yarn for your ‘Accent Colour’ (colour of your choice)
  4. 2m Waste Yarn
  5. Optional: Additional 50g ball to make longer socks or striped socks (colour of your choice)
  6. Optional: 4x 10mm double pointed knitting needles  
  7. Optional: tapestry needle 

Tell me more about DPN's

Basically if you don’t have enough stitches to knit on circular needles then you want to knit on Double Pointed Needles. It’s another one of those knitting techniques that looks terrifying but is actually FINE (I promise!) Once you’re all set up you basically just ignore the extra needles and work on two – like you normally would. There’s more info on the Knitting Knowledge page and here’s a video…

So that’s basically it! We’ve got a lush new sock kit and I’m obsessed with them. Thank you for the incredible orders and support with them so far. It’s been our best product launch ever (you guys really love a sock!) We’re still working on some other new bits that I can’t wait to share so, I’ll see you next week for more!

Take care pals,

Lauren x

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