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Reasons to sign up to our Yarn Subscription

Helen Rose
19 January 2022

Hello lovelies!

Gosh, it’s been a while hey? I’m so sorry about that – what with the Christmas surge at the end of the year and the January catch up it seems like I’ve completely dropped the ball on the blog front… I’m sure you’re all devastated ;p

Anyhoo, I appreciate it’s super late but I hope you all had a lovely Christmas/New Year and managed to rest a little, avoid covid and generally indulge in everything and anything you needed to…

I thought I’d start the year with a post all about our Yarn Subscription /s. We’ve got a couple of choices (so far) and as they’re going out in the post in a week or so, it’s the perfect time to introduce you to them! Let’s dive in shall we?

Yarn Subscription? What's that then?

We launched our subscriptions a couple of years ago because we wanted to offer some limited edition colours of yarn in an affordable way. We find it so hard to limit our stock colours because there are so many beautiful shades out there, (us? Finding it hard to make decisions?! 😜) that we thought we’d offer a selected limited range as a subscription based offer.

What this does is gives you a chance to try new colours, and if you love them, buy more from our secret shop (which is only accessible to subscribers.)

We have two yarn subscription choices – a seasonal and a surprise.

Surprise Subscription

Our surprise subscription is perfect for those of you who  – you guessed it – love a surprise!! You will receive a box of Super Chunky Merino yarn through the post every two months – the colour is a complete surprise and you can choose between 2-5 hanks.

Some of the colours in our past surprise boxes have included some specially dyed colours, so they really are super limited edition to you!

Why sign up to the surprise box?

The Surprise Subscription box is perfect for you if you;

  • Love a surprise!
  • Love to get regular yarn delivered to your door every two months – choose from 2-5 hanks
  • Want to try out some brand new limited edition colours 
  • Want to space out your yarn purchases throughout the year!
  • Would love to have access to the secret yarn shop where you can purchase all our previous limited edition colours
  • Get free patterns and goodies in the sub box (depending on biz donations)

What can I do with my surprise yarn?

Depending on how many hanks you get in your surprise box, you’ll be able to  knit most of our patterns in the limited edition yarn.

Or whether you just keep adding to your Yarn Stash, or make gifts throughout the year is up to you.

If the element of surprise is a concern then rest assured we’ve really looked at which colours our customers love and what we think you’d like. If one month isn’t your fave shade then it’s a perfect opportunity to whip up some hats, scarfs, snoods, cushions – or maybe a cardigan for someone as a gift. Aren’t you nice?!

Seasonal Subscription

Our seasonal subscription is the right choice if you’d like to see what colours you’re getting before they arrive – but unlike the seasonal box you’re getting one of each colour rather than all hanks being the same colour.

The Seasonal Box is delivered every 3 months, the colours are selected to reflect the season and you can choose 3, 4 or 5 hanks in your box.

Just like the surprise box, the seasonal box has a selection of beautiful limited edition colours mixed in with our stock colours.

Why choose the seasonal box?

The Seasonal Subscription box is perfect for you if you;

  • Want to know what colours you’re getting before they arrive
  • Love to get regular yarn delivered to your door every three months – choose from 3-5 hanks
  • Want to have a range of different colours to complement the season
  • Would love to have access to the secret yarn shop where you can purchase all our previous limited edition colours
  • Get free patterns and goodies in the sub box (depending on biz donations)

What are this year's colours?

We can’t lie – we’re so excited about this year’s seasonal colours! We think they’re some of our most beautiful yet and can’t wait to see how you use them!

The first box has a definite Valentines feel to them and we have a gorgeous new pattern we’ve knit in all 5 of them to show them off in all their glory…

We’ve also got some gorgeous ideas to use the future box colours with too! As subscribers, you have first dibs to some of our new patterns as well as having some lovely extras included to. You can find out more about those goodies here.

As an aside – if you have your own business and would like to donate to our sub boxes then do let us know! You can find out more here.

What to make with just one hank?

One of the main questions we get asked about the seasonal box is ‘what can we make with just one hank?’ Well, to be honest, you can make so many things with a single hank or why not use a few hanks in different colours for one project?

Small gifts are perfect, you could make hats, gloves, snoods, cuffs, purses, home decorations, hot water bottles, pompoms and loads more with just one hank, or mix two or more colours and knit up a cushion, a blanket, a jumper (with different colours on the front, back and sleeves!)

Use any existing pattern and get creative with your colours. Or if you want more hanks in one colour you can visit the secret shop and stock up on your favourites!

We will always try and provide you with inspiration and motivation for ideas, and with Pinterest and Ravelry a click away you’ll never be short of ideas for your yarn!

We’ve even got an inspo board on Pinterest with ideas for you – check it out here!

We LOVE our sub boxes, and love to see what you knit with them, the colours this year are dreamy AF and not available to our regular customers so it’s super special! When you get your first sub box you’ll get a postcard with our secret shop URL and password (current subscribers please note the password is changing this month so remember to check your box for the new one!) and then you’ll be able to shop allll the limited colours. What’s not to love?!

If you’ve got any more questions before you sign up, please do email me and I’ll help as much as I can,

See you next time LADs,

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