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Increasing is used in lots of patterns to shape your knitting. It’s a nice easy technique:

1. When you reach the stitch you need to increase: knit the stitch as normal but do not drop it off the left hand needle.

2. Keeping that stitch on the RH needles, knit the same stitch (from the LH needle) again by putting your RH needling into the back of the stitch

3. Drop that stitch off the needle in the usual way.


Another way to increase your stitches is to ‘Make’ a stitch, again, it’s a simple technique:

  1. Pick up the bar between 2 stitches

  2. Place it on the left hand needle

  3. Then knit into the back of it (just like you’d normally knit a stitch but instead of inserting your needle in the front of it, insert it through the back – this helps to twist it the right way)