Knit Kit - Advent Calendar

Knit Kit - Advent Calendar

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Knit yourself or a loved one a super special advent calendar to enjoy year after year!

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Advent Calendar Knit Kit

Why not make yourself or someone you love a super special advent garland this Christmas? A thoughtful keepsake to bring out every year to fill with gifts or messages and hang on your wall, mantel or around the room!

Everything you need is included in the kit - Choose from a ‘12 days of Christmas’ or the full Advent garland. The kit comes with a ball of red yarn and instructions on how to chain stitch so you can number or decorate your stockings. Once you’ve whipped them up you can fill your wee stockings with gifts, treats or messages for you or your family. Create beautiful memories and relive the joy year on year knowing you’ve made something so marvellous and thoughtful - my word, you’re great!

This advent kit is made with hypoallergenic Merino wool yarn, it comes in Natural white with a ball of Ruby Red for the embellishment. If you’d like to make mini stockings in a different colour, there’s another listing in the DIY section for just that!


Skill Level:



approx. 15-20 mins per stocking


Knit, Purl,some basic shaping + ‘pick up and knit’ (all explained on the pattern and on my Knitting Knowledge page)

Finished Size: 

Each stocking is approx. 13cm long and 6.5-9cm wide (depending on area measured)

Be careful not to waste too much yarn as you go as there should be just enough for your kit.


The Kit includes:

Either - 200g Natural White Merino Super Chunky yarn by Lauren Aston Designs (12 days garland) (available in hanks or balls**)

Or - 400g Natural White Merino Super Chunky yarn by Lauren Aston Designs (Advent garland) (available in hanks or balls**)

50g Ruby Red Merino yarn

Pattern for mini stocking

Instructions for Chain stitching the number on

(optional) Tapestry Needle - let us know if you want a tapestry needle & how to knit guide in with your order. To save on waste we aren't putting them in unless specified in the notes section.

(optional) Pair of 10mm needles

**You can now choose to have your yarn wound into a ball to save you time!

Our Great Balls of Yarn are beautifully wound so you can start knitting straight away. Instead of spending your valuable time winding them yourself when you could be starting on your latest project, or having the worry of tangling up while you’re knitting, these balls are expertly and beautifully wound by us, for you.

Add on’s

Why now add a selection of pompoms, tassels and metal initials to mix up with your miniature stockings and make your Advent Calendar truly unique!? Use the listing below to add any and all of these decorations to your order…

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For knitting tips, how to's and tutorials, please visit my Knitting Knowledge page.

I now have a Facebook group for those of you who have bought a kit or pattern from me, so please do come show me your knits and chat with the kind and friendly community of knitters already in there. They’re always happy to talk knitting and offer any advice if you have questions.


Although we check and double check all patterns as thoroughly as possible, occasionally a mistake/misprint slips through the net, normally it’s obvious so shouldn’t hinder your project but just in case it’s best to mention it. Please feel free to let me know if you spot anything (unless it’s already listed below) We regularly reprint patterns to keep up with any mistakes but below are any corrections we’ve ever made on this pattern:

- Row 17: should read ‘P12, Pick up and purl 4 stitches, Purl to end of Row’