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5 Yarn Colours & What To Knit With Them

Charlotte Froud
14 September 2023


So, a few weeks ago we asked over on socials which yarn colours you wanted to see more knits in. After a HUGE response we thought we would select the colours that popped up the most to give some inspo from some of our LAD knits and knits that have been shared by our wonderful customers. So the five of our stock Lauren Aston Designs Super Chunky yarn colours that we have selected are (drum roll please): Mink Blush, Bright Pink, Pewter Brown, Forest and Scarlet. 

Mink Blush

You love Mink Blush! It’s always been one of our best selling yarn colours and according to Instagram, you still can’t get enough of it. A couple of knit’s that we have whipped up in this colour include the also best-selling Dreamy Oversized Cardigan and the Bobble Optional Hat. It’s a really fab neutral colour which can be spiced up with something brighter or kept with other muted tones for a chic, sophisticated look. 

Dreamy Oversized Cardigan

Bobble Option Hat

Our lovely LAD community have tried knitting the Snood, a striped version of the Roll Up Knit Down Jumper as well as the Dreamy Oversized Cardigan in this fab dusky colour. 

Snood | Laura Black (LAD FB Group)

Roll Up Knit Down Jumper | Sophie Joanna (LAD FB Group)

Dreamy Oversized Cardigan | Lynne Redman (LAD FB Group)

Bright Pink

Sticking to the pink (ish) tones we move onto Bright Pink (one of my personal favourites). The LAD’s have used this beauty to knit the Not Your Basic Stitch Jumper, the Knotted Headband and fabulous leopard print spots on the Leopard Cushion Cover.

Not Your Basic Stitch Jumper

Knotted Headband

Leopard Cushion Cover

And our fabulous customers have knit the Roll With It Jumper, a sexy stripe of the Head In The Clouds Sweater and the fantastic Bobble Bomber cardigan. 

Roll With It Jumper | Kerry DB (LAD FB Group)

Bobble Bomber | @mrscassiopeiak

Head In The Clouds Sweater | Sarah Fletcher (LAD FB Group)

Pewter Brown

So then we move into Pewter Brown, a very popular choice of colour. A very earthy and natural tone in which the LAD’s have knit the ‘Hood Life’ Bonnet & Hood and the Knit More, Waste Less Jumper.

'Hood Life' Bonnet & Hood

Knit More, Waste Less Jumper

You’ve also knit the Dreamy Oversized Cardigan and the Roll With It Jumper in this fabulous colour. 

Dreamy Oversized Cardigan | Liza Lewis (LAD FB Group)

Roll With It Jumper | Lorraine Ahearne O'Brien (LAD FB Group)


We love the green shades here at LAD but the Knotted Headband, the Roll Up Knit Down Jumper and the Cropped Cable Knit Jumper have all looked fantastic in Forest. Such a wearable colour!

Knotted Headband

Roll Up Knit Down Jumper

Cropped Cable Knit Jumper

And you lovely lot have used the Forest to knit the Cable Knit Jumper and the Dreamy Oversized Cardigan

Cable Knit Jumper | Kay Elston (LAD FB Group)

Dreamy Oversized Cardigan | Kerry DB (LAD FB Group)


Last but not least we have the wonderful Scarlet shade. At LAD we have knit the Shake Ya Pom Poms Jumper, the pop on the Colour Pop Hat and a stripe of the Rainbow Roll Up Knit Down Jumper in sexy Scarlet. It’s a real statement colour and we can’t get enough of it. 

Shake Ya Pom Poms Jumper

Colour Pop Hat

Rainbow Roll Up Knit Down Jumper

The lovely LAD group have knit the Chunky Knit Crown and the stripes on the Roll Up Knit Down Jumper in the lovely Scarlet. 

Chunky Knit Crown | Sophie Nicole (LAD FB Group)

Roll Up Knit Down Jumper | Kate Blenkinsopp (LAD FB Group)

We hope that gives you lots of inspo to think about if you’re considering your next knitting project. Don’t forget to tag us in any photos with the #sharewithLAD or post on our Facebook group. We LOVE seeing your knits!

Take Care x

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