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5 Easy Summer Knitting Projects

Lauren Aston
5 August 2020

Hello M'Darlin's

How on earth are you? 

Since we’re actually in August now – I think it’s safe to say that none of us know how that happened – I thought I’d talk about some of our Summer knitting projects. I’m also neck deep in planning Christmas launches so thought it would be a nice change for me to chat about something less festive things for 5 minutes. (2020 Christmas knits are still top secret but you can see last years Christmas launch here if you fancy!?)

I’ve pulled together a collection of our best summer knitting projects in case you want some inspiration and thought that on the blog we could have a quick run through of 5 super simple knitting projects that are perfect for summer and particularly east knit kit’s that are ideal for beginner knitters, if you’ve never knit before these are all great starting points.

We’ve just launched a brand new sweater kit and pattern that is great for summer so I might as well kick off with that one hey? 

This delicious Head in the Clouds sweater is knit on 20mm knitting needles (they chunky) so as a result it’s lovely and airy to wear making it perfect for cooler summer days and evenings. I love making this one as it’s so quick to knit (thanks to the massive knitting needles) and really easy to wear once it’s finished. 

It’s a really simple knit kit with a Boatneck neckline (similar to our popular Beginners Boatneck Jumper) and there is also an option for more confident knitters to ‘level up’ on the neckline and make a round neck (similar to our Drop It From The Top Down Jumper.) It has beautiful striped balloon sleeves and you get to choose any 3 colours of Super Chunky Yarn (or just 1 or 2 if you prefer) to make it in! (we love talking about yarn colours so you’re always welcome to email us if you aren’t sure if a combination would work)

The PERFECT quick and easy knitting project for summer birthdays. Our Chunky Knitted Crown is fit for kings and queens. It’s been a super weird year so wishing someone a special Happy Birthday – or just a Happy Tuesday – with a hand knitted crown can really brighten up their day.

It’s a speedy knitting project, perfect for brand new beginners, I LOVE knitting crowns, they’re such fun projects and tend to really put a smile on peoples faces. I know we’re talking Summer but for Christmas I like to make everyone at the table their own crown (in their own colour) instead of the paper versions. It’s so fun to see everyone wearing them and it’s cool to be kind to the planet obvs.

Now, I love the animal print cushions but I have to say, this Classic Duet Cushion has a special place for me. It was the first homeware kit I designed and I stand by the ‘Classic’ in the title. You just can’t beat a simple 2 colour cushion! It’s so easy to knit and SUCH a great way to get used to the basics of knitting because you keep repeating stitches so you really get the hang of them. 

Choose two colours of our Super Chunky Yarn (I love the tonal ones like Duck Egg and Emerald as well as contrasting like Black and White) then if you get bored of one colour or want to put it in another room you can flip it over and you’ve basically got a second cushion. 

I know I know, you’re probably bored of seeing The Dreamy Oversized Cardigan by now but it’s my favourite summer attire. It was born from my suffering through many a BBQ…  when the temperature drops and you want that perfect chunky knit to throw on and look chic AF but genuinely be cosy and warm. It came to me like a gift from the BBQ gods and I went with it and haven’t looked back. It suits all body shapes, sizes and although the Mink Blush is always the most popular it looks incredible in bold colours too. 

I’m sure it can feel intimidating if you’ve never knit before to launch into a project like this but I promise, it’s simple knitting, we have images, videos and a facebook group full of supportive souls. So many people have started with this oversized cardigan and absolutely smashed it. It makes me very proud! 

You got me, it’s not knitting but who doesn’t love a pompom? Our DIY pompom kits are the perfect summer project and if you’ve never knit before…. you don’t even have to learn now haha. Pompoms are easy to make and so much fun to use. When we first launched them I wrote a blog with heaps of suggestions and a pinterest board for inspiration on what to do with them should you want some ideas.

Our pompom kits come in 5 colour ways of our Super Chunky Yarn and you can make around 13 pompoms from them. We also sell different sized pompom makers should you want to go big (or small) – these are especially handy if you already have a yarn stash you want to use up.

Is that enough Knitting Inspiration for you?

Hopefully that will help to give you an idea on what you can be knitting over the summer, especially if you’re a beginner looking for easy knits. We have a Summer Knits collection with a whole load more inspiration but these 5 are great starting points if you’re new.

Lauren x

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