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Knitting Our Roll Up Knit Down Jumper

Hello Pals, You’ve probably seen or heard (because we have not stopped shouting about it) that the GLORIOUS Queen-of-knitwear herself, Claudia Winkleman wore our Roll Up Knit Down Jumper on Season 2 of the traitors recently. It’s even been coined as ‘Claudia’s Green Jumper’ and we couldn’t be more proud!! Claudia wears size Medium in […]

Whats on the LAD’s Christmas Lists?

Hellohoho babes! It’s sneaking up on us isn’t it?! You still have plenty of time to order from us, everything is still in time for Christmas (unless it has the ‘arrives in Jan’ badge on it – we’ve added this to try and make it as clear as possible.)  I thought I’d collate some of […]

LADvent Crossword

Hello babes How are you?  This week I’m coming at you with a non-knitting activity to entertain you! On the back of our LADvent Calendar this year we included a crossword puzzle – we like to keep you entertained so that every inch is fabulous fun! With a month to go until you can open the […]

2023 LADvent calendar – patterns revealed!

Hello my babes! How ARE you angels? I’m so excited to chat to you today because I finally get to spill all the secrets about the product we spend most of our year working on! (and you know how bad I am with secrets, I just want to tell you everything immediately!) Yes – today […]

Our Knitting Advent Calendar for 2023

Hello lovelies How are you friends?  This weekend we launched the Pre-order for our 2023 Knitting Advent Calendar aka LADvent (I imagine you know by now but I did have a few people ask the other day so just to clarify; LAD = Lauren Aston Designs and we like to merge that with anything we […]

10 reasons to visit our shop!

Hello friends, So, our shop is officially opening July 1st and we are BUZZING!  The LADs are already working from there getting it organised and sending out online orders since we moved out of our beloved Topsham train station studio on Friday last week *sob!* but we’re excited for the next chapter and can’t wait […]

Coming Soon: The LAD Shop

Hello lovelies First and foremost I want to invite you to our Grand Opening! Our Lauren Aston Designs brick and mortar shop will be opening its doors in Exeter, Devon on July 1st and we’d LOVE for you to come and celebrate with us.  Of course you’re welcome to join us anytime after then too […]

Designing our New Studio

Hello lovelies How are you? Are you may have seen we are soon to open a new LAD shop in Exeter at the Quay and we are soooo excited to welcome you in! At the moment we are neck deep in paint and decision making which is a mix of utter delight and sheer panic! […]

LADvent Yarn Advent Calendar Revealed


Hello my LOVES It’s been way too long since i’ve done a blog and so *she’s baaaaaack* to talk about something exquisite… you know it, (it could only be one thing but also the title probably gives you a clue 🙄😂) it’s LADVENT ✨ For the uninitiated, LADvent is our Advent Calendar – this is the […]

LAD Knitting Club FAQ’s

Hello Pals! How are you my friends? I thought I’d drop in with some exciting news this week!…. We’ve been wanting to host a Knitting Club evening for a while and we’ve finally managed to pop a date in the diary so can now invite you along. YAY!!! Tickets are available here and I thought […]

How We Designed The Purl-fect Vest Top

Hello Pals! How are you? We’ve been really busy in the studio with our Business Birthday and with about 2948 new patterns we’re working on and we’ve forgotten to post on the blog for weeks… so sorry about that! It’s just tooo damn exciting here! I thought I’d drop in with a little diary I […]

The LAD’s Answer your Q’s

Hello lovelies! This week for the blog it’s Q & A time… You may remember Lauren asked on stories to see if anyone had any burning questions for us here at LAD – well, in case you’re interested 😝 – we’ve finally got round to answering them!  Q: Who makes the best cuppa? Lauren: The […]

Love Letter from Lauren

Hello pals! How the devil are you? I thought I’d pop in for a quick catch up as it’s been nearly a YEAR! What’s new? Well, way back in February I made a person. She’s exquisite, I’m so bloody clever. Since then it’s been a juggle figuring out parenthood (turns out it’s mainly about googling […]

2021 LAD update

Hello Friends How are you? I hope you had a blinkin’ wonderful Christmas and New Year despite the strange circumstances. I thought I’d drop back in for the first blog of 2021 (and my last for a little while!) as I wanted to give you a little update on things here at LAD. I’ve got […]

16 Product Launches Later

Hello You Babes How are you? I hope you’re keeping well,  I’m going to dive straight in this week as we’re so busy we don’t have a moment to spare!  You may have noticed that we’ve been launching new products every single week since August, we planned to do this until December and were magnificently […]

Meet the Team

Hello Babes, How are you?  Well, you might have seen on social media that this week I finally let the cat out of the bag… turns out i’m pretty pregnant. I’ve a tiny person due to join our family in January and although I was very nervous to share the news (for a number of […]

Small Business Product Pricing

Hello Pals, How are you? I had something else planned for today’s blog but last weekend I posted some stories on IG about pricing and it sparked a really interesting conversation in my DM’s that I thought it would be good to touch on it here (so it won’t be deleted after 24 hours!)  What […]


Hello Friends I hope you’re all keeping cosy and well.  We’re getting so busy in the studio I thought it would be a good time to cover a few FAQ’s (especially since when it gets busier, our inbox gets full quickly – so hopefully this can help answer some queries and save you some time […]

Stash Busting Knits

Oh Hey There! Welcome back, I hope you’re keeping well. I can’t believe it’s already the middle of September, when did that even happen?! Since August, we’ve been doing weekly product launches of fabulous new knit kits, yarn and ready made delights! It’s basically a roll into our Christmas launch, rather than launching them all […]

5 Glorious Hair Accessories from Indie Brands in the UK

Hello Pals You might have seen that we’ve recently launched some new Mini Mohair yarn (i’ve you’ve been anywhere near the homepage you’ll have seen i’m overexcited about it) and with it we’ve created 3 new patterns and knit kits (yay!) We launched a Scruchie set, a Scarf and a Headband here’s a little peek just uncase…. […]

How to read a Knitting Pattern

Knitting Pattern

Hello pals! How on earth are you? It’s been a gloriously rainy day here which I have absolutely loved. It’s a knitting on the sofa kind of day – which has been perfect as that was on my to-do list (new patterns, HELLO!) Since it’s been such a great day for knitting I thought I’d […]

5 Easy Summer Knitting Projects

Hello M’Darlin’s How on earth are you?  Since we’re actually in August now – I think it’s safe to say that none of us know how that happened – I thought I’d talk about some of our Summer knitting projects. I’m also neck deep in planning Christmas launches so thought it would be a nice […]

Let’s Talk Tension

Oh Hey Pals! How are you? I hope you’re keeping well and able to enjoy the lovely weather – I’ve been making the most of it and sitting in the shade 😂 You might have spotted that we’ve launched an updated version of our bestselling ‘Dreamy Oversized Cardigan‘. We were finding that about 7% of our […]

5 Etsy Finds for the Home

Hello Friends I’m so sorry I abandoned you last week. I’ve made the decision to only do a blog once every 2 weeks going forward but I forgot to tell you! I’m trying to come up with some ideas that make them useful rather than just being a space for me to chat. As much […]

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