We’ve got a fresh new site…

Hello loves! You may have noticed things are looking a little different round these parts… well for the past 357 months (it feels like lol – not really, it’s been about 6 months 😜) we’ve been working on a brand spanking new version of our website! There are a number of reasons why we have […]

Visit Our Knitting Studio!

visit our knitting studio

Hello Pals! I’m so excited for this weeks blog, I’ve been bursting to tell you what we have planned… Save the date – 19th November 2022, because LAD HQ is open for visitors! We’re opening the doors of our Devon Knitting Studio and we would absolutely LOVE for you to come visit, shop and knit with […]

Mental Health & the power of Community

Hello loves, On Monday 10th October it was Mental Health Awareness day. A day to acknowledge the importance of looking after our mental health and raising awareness for the things you can do to support yourself and others in their mental wellbeing. It is widely reported, and we have spoken before, about how positive knitting, […]

LAD Knitting Club FAQ’s

Hello Pals! How are you my friends? Ithought I’d drop in with some exciting news this week!…. We’ve been wanting to host a Knitting Club evening for a while and we’ve finally managed to pop a date in the diary so can now invite you along. YAY!!! Tickets are available on our website and I […]

Meet Team LAD – Introducing Charlotte

Hi Gang! We hope you’re having a fab week so far. At the end of our Pattern Makeover blog post we hinted that we may have a new team member here at LAD which is very exciting. She started working for us on a very casual basis at the end of the last year updating […]

How We Designed The Purl-fect Vest Top

Hello Pals! How are you? We’ve been really busy in the studio with our Business Birthday and with about 2948 new patterns we’re working on and we’ve forgotten to post on the blog for weeks… so sorry about that! It’s just tooo damn exciting here! I thought I’d drop in with a little diary I […]

The LAD’s Answer your Q’s

Hello lovelies! This week for the blog it’s Q & A time… You may remember Lauren asked on stories to see if anyone had any burning questions for us here at LAD – well, in case you’re interested 😝 – we’ve finally got round to answering them!  Q: Who makes the best cuppa? Lauren: The […]

Love Letter from Lauren

Hello pals! How the devil are you? I thought I’d pop in for a quick catch up as it’s been nearly a YEAR! What’s new? Well, way back in February I made a person. She’s exquisite, I’m so bloody clever. Since then it’s been a juggle figuring out parenthood (turns out it’s mainly about googling […]

Gifts you can start knitting now for Christmas

Hello loves Hope you’re all having a wonderful week? We’re tentatively mentioning the C word this week 🙊 We probably wouldn’t normally until the end of the month but we’ve had so many of you getting organised with ordering decorations that we thought we’d jump right in! It is getting nearer and nearer by the […]

Meet Team LAD – Introducing Lauren

Hello lovelies! Hope you’ve all had a great week?! We’re all doing really well – the studio is getting busier by the day and we’re excited to share some new designs with you soon..! Last blog post I said it was the final of our Team LAD posts, but then Lauren asked me if she […]

Meet Team LAD – Introducing Claire

Hi Gang! It’s that time again – yep, blog week, and is it just me, or does it come round quicker and quicker each time?! I’m sure something is going on with time at the moment because all of a sudden we’re almost in October and yet it feels like yesterday it was the start […]

Meet Team LAD – Introducing Chloe

Introducing chloe

Hello loves! How ARE you??! I wanted to say a massive thank you for your amazing response to our British wool and our new Cosy Cable Cardi – we’re over the moon you love it as much as we do and I can’t wait to see your pictures of what you knit with the yarn. […]

Meet Team LAD – Introducing Helen

Introducing Helen

Hello loves! This week, we’re carrying on our introductions of all of Team LAD, and this week, it’s me! 🙈 It feels a little odd writing this as myself, but let’s just go with it and see where we end up, shall we?! Needless to say – it’ll be an interesting trip down memory lane […]

Meet Team LAD – Introducing Sally

meet team LAD

Hello lovelies! Hope you’re all having a wonderful week? We are over the moon with the reaction to our latest knit kit – the Big Cotton Easy Tee – what gorgeous colour combinations we’ve seen go out, it makes us so excited to see your finished knits!  We’ve been meaning to do a blog series […]

Looking after your knits

looking after your knits

Hey LAD’s! How are you all? It’s looking decidedly like Autumn out there at the moment rather than Summer, so you may still be wearing some of your knitwear, but this week I’m going to talk about looking after your knits when you’re not wearing them during the warmer months So, shall we dive in?! […]

Knitting accounts we love to follow on the ‘gram

knitting accounts we love to follow

Hello loves! How ARE you?! Things are all good here at LAD HQ – we may not be too busy with orders (now the sun’s out the knitting seems to have slowed down) but there’s loads going on behind the scenes. Last week we had a Christmas photoshoot for a well known lifestyle mag 🙊🙊 so […]

What is Black Pound Day?

Hello loves! This weekend, both Lauren and I did our usual Instagram browsing (separately!) while sat in the sun, and unbeknownst to each other, ended up buying exactly the same fan by La Basketry (pictured above)! It is part of their new Summer collection and so will now obviously be part of the standard LAD […]

Which knitting pattern suits my skill level best?

skill level

Hello lovelies! It’s been another busy few weeks here at LAD HQ, with lots going on behind the scenes. We’ve had team meetings about new designs and new yarn 🙊 as well as more creative content and even some festive ideas (it’s never too early in our world!) Plenty to be announcing soon, but first […]

Mental Health Awareness Week – how craft can help

mental health awareness

Hello loves, This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and this is something very close to our hearts here at LAD. This last year especially has been tough on a lot of you, and we have had so many messages telling us how much knitting has helped you during lockdown. It’s not surprising that more […]

Knitting on Circular Needles

circular needles

Hey Gang! How are you?! I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine (if you’ve got it) as much as we are here at LAD HQ! The warmer days are wonderful and we’re loving being able to meet up with a few friends again. Lauren is still busy being brilliant new mum to gorgeous Livi so it’s […]

LAD Yarn Alternatives

yarn alternatives

Hello lovelies! How are you?! I hope the sun is shining where you are, and you’re starting to meet up with friends again after a long few months! Three of us actually worked together in the studio this week (Helen, Sally & Claire) and it was so lovely to see other humans again 😂 I […]

Top Tips for Sewing up Your Knits

Hello loves! Hope you’re all doing okay and enjoying the slow onset of Spring! I’m personally loving the longer days and the milder weather – plenty more opportunity to get outside while it’s light! I’m absolutely thrilled to say that after a few months of intermittent stock levels that we are back fully stocked and […]

LAD joins Ribblr!

Hello LAD’s! I hope you’ve all had a good couple of weeks – the talk of things starting to return to ‘normal’ seems to have hit us all in different ways. I certainly hope you’re coping okay with both the anxiety and excitement of it all. We’re here for any knitting or self-care support you […]

Small Biz Photography Tips

Hi! Chloe here… Hi 👋 I’m Chloe here from team LAD, and I do the majority of Laurens photography when she is off designing soft squishy knits for you to create. So small business owner, its the beginning of the year and if you are anything like me you have started to make an exciting […]